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“Reality Shrugged”…

It seems Team Obama aim to ride this class-warfare thing right into November. Now we are hearing the POTUS will go on the attack regarding “Bain Capital” this Tuesday. Well I say bring it… Now I know there are those who cringe at the thought of defending Capitalism, but I’m not one of them, and I’ll tell you why.

After doing my best to get past the “Biden effect” last Wednesday, I heard Congressman Ryan say something he says religiously on the trail, and that is Americans will have a clear choice in this election. This is as true in 2012 as it has ever been in American politics. Rhetoric aside, “We the People” must choose what kind of country we will leave our kids. Will it be an ever-growing “nanny state”, brought about because we were too complacent and lazy to heed the lessons of history? Or will we take back our schools, our city halls and our inalienable rights, so we may at least give the next generation a fighting chance?

No matter how you slice it, Capitalism is the engine which provides and Liberalism is the engine which costs. There are many ways to tweak this reality. But in the end, government must always turn to the private sector for its worth. And without a healthy and vibrant private sector, there is no government sector. Simple math… I am no conspiracy theorist, but I would encourage my readers to peruse a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. In it you will find Collectivism and Statist topics that read as if straight from 2012, even though the book was written in 1957. It might at least make you second guess the Chris Matthews platform for America.

Anyway, Biden did make one thing very clear during the debate, and that was his boss’s vision for our country is measured largely in terms of phony empathy and unrealistic theory. The very notion you can create a “lean military fighting force” for example, is Liberal fools code for massive “Carter” style equipment and personal cuts at the expense of national security. Moreover, if anyone believes this will not result in massive job market and ultimately economic bleeding, just ask the stunned folks in Ohio, who could have sworn they heard the VP throw the M-1 Abrams out with the bath water.

Look, we can do this together. We have compromised and done it before. But if the bi-partisanship these Leftist ideologues are speaking of looks anything like the “my way or the highway” application of the last four years, then the cost is simply too high. Mitt Romney for President.

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It’s only the first debate…

Just a couple of observations. (If) we are to believe the polls, Governor Romney did exactly what he needed to do and took the fight to the President. He was on message, articulate and described what is the most basic but important part of this election, “the vivid contrast” between two visions for America. And while the President did seem a bit disinterested and smug, that actually didn’t surprise me one bit.

Now I won’t get into why I feel the POTUS is not necessarily the “likable” guy many folks seem to think he is. I might just let the recently revealed tapes of a couple of very divisive speeches he made before he was elected speak for themselves on that matter. Consequently, I definitely got the feeling the Obama camp was trying mightily not to appear outside of that “likability” comfort zone. Let’s face it, Romney pretty much showed that’s really all they have. Arguably however, this is only the first debate. And judging from the “Shame Stream Media” response thus far, they will be out in full force today to spin this to the President’s advantage as best they can.

The simple truth is that in November, “We the People” will in fact have to do exactly what Governor Romney said last night, and choose between two very different ideological directions for our country. One thing is for certain after watching last night’s contest though, and that is neither of the candidates  attempted to hide theirs. Using only this as a benchmark, I score the night a tie.

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The Eye of the Storm…

My wife and I renewed our wedding vows this past weekend and then traveled to our favorite Block Island Bed and Breakfast to recharge our batteries. It’s amazing how some quiet time on the beach can promote introspection. The ocean has always been a friend to me, and I’ve run back wounded to the sea many times. It also doesn’t hurt to be married to a like-minded soul. This trip had special meaning though, and our son’s future was a huge part of that. Things are changing in our country and I’m becoming more and more aware of what we as a nation seem increasingly comfortable with leaving behind. It’s almost as if there are forces at work lopping off huge chunks of our cultural identity and no one seems to care. Ironically, as we head back to the mainland and I turn on the news for the first time in a few days, I see things getting steadily worse, yet the President’s poll numbers are getting steadily better.

For too many reasons I’m sure, there is a growing segment of the U.S. population who are completely comfortable with barely an, or even no effort at all. These entitlement voters have either been convinced or have convinced themselves the “American Dream” is dead and buried, and they are now somehow owed their “fair share” at the expense of someone else who earned theirs. Social mainstays that are the foundations for all which has made us unique and exceptional, are now routinely manipulated and attacked as “out of touch” by revisionist anarchists with only selfish motivations. Progressive politicians are rewriting our founding documents in order to establish and maintain an environment were even change for the worse can be viewed as favorable so long as you can blame all the negative results on something or someone else. And the simple truths of God given and inalienable rights are called into question when they stand in the way of wealth redistribution and/or some perceived utopian fantasy world without accountability. Yes, it is a sad day in America when a man with as many secrets as President Barack Obama can slip in under the radar and alter the course of freedom, because so many Americans are asleep at the wheel, and still others have simply surrendered their reason at the altar of Left-Wing Progressivism.

Alas, I suppose I must continue the fight despite the growing number who continue to fly in the face of fact and history. I would tell you though, I think Kirk Cameron got it right at the end of the movie “Monumental”, a short film I think every American should watch with their children close by…

“The responsibility to secure freedom for my family lies in my hands. For 400 years we’ve had the strategy. We’ve got the game plan. And its produced a nation that is healthy strong and free. And every time we’ve strayed from it, we’ve suffered the consequences. The seed that grew this nation is faith in God. That faith produces character. A character that produces great courage. Courage to self-govern. Courage to guide and educate our children in the right world view. And the courage to elect today’s liberty men and women who will take the torch from our forefathers.The answer doesn’t begin at the White House, it begins at your house. I’m no longer gonna sit on the sidelines. I’m gonna get involved. And I know there are millions who feel like I do. As for me and my family we’re going this way. The way of our heroes, who fought against all odds and changed the world. The time is now. Join me, and together we will secure a monumental future for our children…” – Kirk Cameron —-Amen!



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OMG!!! The truth is so painful for the Left…

49 percent of Americans pay no income tax. 47 percent receive government assistance, more than half of which is (Welfare related). And nearly 40 percent of those who are able to work, are now unemployed or looking for work. Wake up people, this is the sad reality of President Barack Obama’s America.

Now I will argue till I’m blue in the face about who is responsible for these numbers, and I won’t absolve either party. But I also won’t cut off my nose to spite my face and continue down a failed path because some dolt thinks the President is a nice guy. Our children’s America is slipping away, and Barack Obama’s policies are providing additional ice. Lying about, or dismissing the facts for political gain is irresponsible and tantamount to purposely jeopardizing our kid’s future.

Message to the union hierarchy, Liberals and Progressives: Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it. And thank you Governor Romney for telling the truth and stating the obvious.

Oh, and shame on the “Lame Stream media” for getting wrong, (again)…

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Cowboy Diplomacy vs. Vegas Diplomacy…

Apparently the President’s “chickens have come home to roost”. The policy of apathy and apology is a flaming disaster. Even SOS Clinton was stunned and heard to say “how could this happen”?

So how does the POTUS respond? He misrepresents and lies regarding Governor Romney’s statement concerning the attack in Libya, blows off yet another “intelligence” briefing, then jets off to Vegas to raise some campaign cash calling Ambassador Stevens’ death “a bad day”. Mr. Obama’s strategy for addressing a monumental failure of policy and leadership, which in this author’s opinion resulted in the coordinated murder of 1 United States Ambassador and 3 Diplomatic/military attaches’ on the anniversary of 9/11, appears to be to do more of the same.

Nonetheless it is ironic, that with memories of the DNC Convention still lingering, and all the attempts to portray Mr. Obama as somehow foreign policy savvy, that we now see the complete ineptitude of an inexperienced political creation way out of his league. Even more ironic though easier to reconcile, is that the press feels it is unacceptable to question the Administration or the POTUS regarding foreign policy during a campaign cycle. This from the same bunch of dolts that couldn’t print enough of then Candidate Obama’s distortions about President Bush’s foreign policy initiatives. Heck, the “Lame Stream Media” unwittingly gave us all of the one liners and sound bites we now use against the President. Turns out Obama in his own words is a treasure trove of material.

Ultimately, my advice to the President at this time would be this. You have just lost a senior and well respected diplomat to a terrorist attack, and there must be accountability. Your Administration is the laughing stock of the Middle East and most everywhere else but the U.S. East and West Coast. I beg you please, do your Constitutional duty Sir and protect the interest and safety of the American people here and abroad.

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The true “Standard Bearer”…

Listening to President Clinton speak, is an exercise in analytics. He is masterful and boring all in the same framework. He is a consummate politician and has made an art form out of playing the crowd. The problem always arises however, when we must break down and analyze closely, what he is saying.

Putting aside his often palpable disdain for the POTUS for a minute, one needs to understand that for Bill Clinton the man, there is always an underlying strategy. He himself loves to boast of his accomplishments, most of which came as he tactically switched sides in “94” and left his own party stunned and wondering about his motivations. Simply put, Clinton understands politics like Barack Obama can only dream of. And this is exactly why many Americans still believe he was a great President.

I personally believe “Bubba” was a decent President if only because he could read “We the People” like very few Presidents could, and “We the People” were somewhat better off because of it. However when we look at some of his actual as well as philosophical policy nomenclature, we find things like the adaptation of the 1977 “Community Reinvestment Act”, the deregulation of 1932 GlassSteagall, all of which some would argue paved the way for the unethical and misguided lending practices, which are in fact a major root cause of all our current economic bleeding. And we also see the “paper tiger”, high leverage businesses of the late 90’s, in it for lopsided short term gain, and with no real foundational liquidity to carry them through to the other side of any recession.

You won’t hear much about these and other “inconvenient Clinton truths” from the Dems. Instead (he and they) are far more comfortable with the mythical status, built around the philandering former Commander in Chief. A myth so convoluted, and yet fostered as if Biblical, that it far overshadows the current POTUS, eclipsing him as any sort of “Standard Bearer”. Clinton himself is the real Standard Bearer, and he is content to hold that title, at least until (2016). Hillary???

Ultimately, I will not watch the President tonight, as I only see a man bent on changing what I understand should never be changed. I only see a man with limited if not clouded life experience, whose persona has been hyped beyond even his own ability to sustain it. Frankly, too much is at stake. So I will read the excerpts tomorrow looking for what I know I will find, and write about that. In the mean time, I will listen to Clinton’s speech again and ponder Charles Krauthammer’s analysis in which he refers to the lengthy diatribe as, “Sprawling, undisciplined and self-indulgent…

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The Liberal frustration with “truth”…

When the President of the United States begins one of his press conferences by essentially misleading “We the People”, I simply turn off the T.V. or the live stream, because I can’t bear to listen to the rest.

He’s starting off today with the “worst recession since the Great Depression” stuff, which is debatable on so many levels, and quickly transitioning into how his administration has created 4 million jobs and seen 27 months of positive job numbers. The sad reality for so many Americans under this President is that the size of the American labor force has shrunk to its lowest per-capita level in decades down to 58.4 % from 65.5% when Bush was in office. That disparity alone obliterates any job creation under Obama at all! Moreover, the “jobs” he boasts of are a part-time at best substitute to the stable and full-time employment of the past, and have cost the taxpayers of this country literally (T)rillions of dollars in the form of so-called “stimulus” spending.

In the face of indisputable fact as well as irreconcilable numbers, our President has chosen confrontation with the opposition party and “the blame game” in place of the “hope and change” he promised to bring to Washington. Consequently, “We the People” continue to pay the price for this ideological and dangerous gamesmanship.

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“Total Recall”… NOT!

I think the sentiment of the people in Wisconsin was simple. This recall thing just didn’t meet the threshold.  It was seen, even by some Democrats as vindictive and misguided. Regardless, Governor Walker pummeled his opponent for the second time winning the recall election handily. What has been amazing to watch however, is the vitriolic response by the losing team. I think their downright nasty whining is symbolic of where the Left is today. Damn the voice of Democracy when it does not suit us.

Let’s look at this realistically, it wasn’t even close. Say what you want about what the Republicans spent, but Bill Clinton “in the house” couldn’t even get it done.  And frankly I’m getting awfully tired of the Libs crying about fundraising and the like. Their “standard bearer” is the poster child for political big money. Oh well, it’s always okay when they do it…

On the matter of big labor, I just want to set my Left leaning friends straight on a couple of things. First off, I walk the walk. I have been in unions most of my working career, and the big ones no less. I served in a number of capacities over the years and fought the big fights like you all have no idea or concept. And all through that time I was always able to do something many whom I served with could not. I remembered I was a tax payer and a worker as well. I always understood what my father, (a business man), told me. “Be careful how hard you push”.

He meant that in plural terms. From the stand point of the private sector union, “be careful not to close the damn company you work for Sherlock”. And from the standpoint of the public sector union, “don’t forget your a damn tax payer too. That’s not a bottomless pot buddy”.

Look, what I’m trying to say is I have been both behind the gun and in the crosshairs on this issue, and that knife cuts both ways. The bottom line in this case was the unions wouldn’t budge and Walker made a promise to the voters he kept. It was the most widely covered union protest and recall in American history so the money just doesn’t matter. The voters of Wisconsin witnessed the whole deal in real-time and have now spoken. Questioning their intellect after the fact is simply sour grapes and frankly sounds a bit un-American…




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