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Indifference on a Presidential scale…

Barack ObamaListening to the same tired talking points from the POTUS yesterday was as it always is for me, nauseating. Not surprisingly, there was the all too familiar elitist condescension as his remarks dripped with disdain for his critics and political opponents. What was striking this time, was that even in the face of a legacy which will most certainly be bracketed by unprecedented acts of corruption and ideological warfare, the President of (our) United States seemed indifferent, unapologetic, and even arrogant. Nevertheless, his inexperience and non-negotiable style have cost the President in terms of how he is perceived here and abroad, and have handicapped this nation’s overall standing as well as the future potential of its posterity.

In his remarks I did not hear a President humbled by the raging scandals playing out on his watch. I did not hear a leader accepting a stitch of responsibility for the actions and tone of his Administration during these crises. I did not hear a man willing work with Congress for the betterment of “We the People” and/or to resolve the critical issues of our time, but rather I heard a headstrong ideologue anxious to press a bad position no matter the cost, and willing to re-write the pages of history as it happens to reflect his version, to change the truth if you will, in order to fit the narrative of a failed agenda.

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Amnesty is expensive…

4_bill_richardsonFormer New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson should stick to what he knows. Unfortunately, that’s not a whole lot. Senator Ted Cruz is doing something right however, as he has invited the wrath of the one-time presidential candidate, who champions everything having to do with amnesty just short of complete forfeiture of most of the Southern United States to Mexico. Moreover, Richardson’s creepy affection for all things North Korean has always troubled me a bit. Nevertheless, the former governor “doesn’t feel Cruz is Latino” because he opposes amnesty, and he’s “rude” to his fellow Senators. Really?

Look, Washington politics has taken on a form and function most political observers would say is alarming. Consequently, if the Senators candid approach to addressing the cesspool that has become “The Hill” is somehow offensive to Progressive fools like Richardson, I say tough “you know what”. We don’t have 6 cents to cover the cost of amnesty aka (insanity), never mind $6 Trillion Dollars.

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1-20-13, The Inauguration of Apathy…

Inaugural_platform-001_s640x427Whether you agree with him or not, Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of The United States for a second term. The backdrop of this inauguration however, will be one of uncertainty and disillusionment to be sure.

We are living in a time of choices like we have never faced, and they are not necessarily ideological choices. Nevertheless, most Americans must now decide whether they will recognize and accept the factual evidence of our national “situation”, or whether they will choose to ignore that evidence, blame someone or something else, and hope the “situation” will correct itself. Here are some undeniable truths to consider though, if you have the intestinal fortitude…

Our overall economy has already morphed into an over-extended and dormant entity on life support, chugging along at what would normally be considered a pathetic pace. Stocks are up though they are critically overvalued paper, and lack the raw capital which once calmed a long term investor. Unemployment remains under-reported and elevated because of uncertainty over the rising costs associated with owning and running a business. Ideological taxes and benefit burdens threaten to blow up middle America, with a recent report from a former GAO Chief predicting Obamacare may very well collapse the entire economy. (Note: Most credible analysts who aren’t drinking the Obama Kool-Aid support that prediction.) And as a nation, we spend nearly twice what we take in, with our debt now growing beyond our realistic ability to pay it off of our great-grandchildren’s backs.

In full view of all of these facts many have simply chosen to dig in their partisan heals and spit into the proverbial fan. Politicians for life on both sides of the aisle have put us on a collision course with financial Armageddon, and there seems little “We the People” are prepared to do about it. Moreover, Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in a President tomorrow, who lacks both the life experience and historical grasp to lead us back onto the right avenue, a demagogue, drunk on perceived adoration, and who is content see this college experiment through to it’s inevitable conclusion, even if it means the United States emerges but a shell of its former glory.

Now some will call me a racist for my conclusions. Still others will call (me) the partisan, and I will undoubtedly argue against this foolishness to the bitter end. That said, what we are facing here is a mathematical certainty with unimaginable consequences, which can no longer be denied or framed as just some radical doomsday prediction. The hard numbers are now in plain sight. Make no mistake, I too am stunned at how quickly this country was lulled into a catatonic 1960’s mentality, unable to see reality or reason, blinded by rhetoric, and selfishly willing to deny their posterity.

So as I watch and listen to President Obama take the oath of office once more, and I hear him swear to uphold the Constitution of this nation once again, and then I listen some more as he will undoubtedly rehash much of the old “Hope and Change” diatribe, I will be considering my sons and our children’s America. Regrettably, my conclusions will be the same as they were in 2008. The President is not the problem. We are…

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Enough said!!! Now go and vote your conscience!!!

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Let the battle begin…

I did my level best to keep an open mind during last night’s debate, which is more than I can say for some of my email detractors. You folks really need to consider anger management classes. With that said, I think not many minds were changed by this last meeting of President Obama and Governor Romney. I did feel the President sounded more like the challenger rather than the incumbent. But overall, the stark contrasts between the two men and their ideologies was only reinforced.

I have framed this election for the last four years as a battle for the soul of this country. I stand by that assessment even more steadfastly today. In the end, folks will have to do a great deal of gut checking when they go into the voting booth. And while there will always be the party loyalists who vote their emotions instead of on the basis of truth, this election will ultimately be decided when clear-headed individuals make a conscious choice in terms of where they see our country in twenty years.

With the debates now over, I cannot remember a more divided America. Sadly, this is our own doing and not that of some political boogie man conjured up by either side. We have failed in so many ways to safeguard that which was entrusted to us, and are therefore left to fight over what the founders had intended to be so much more clear. Our value system is in chaos and the minority has paralyzed an entire culture, because so many have chosen apathy and political correctness over the time-tested principles of individual liberty and accountability. Dependency is now revered and success is demonized. Revisionist history is the norm and few of our children are learning the greatness of America or of those who gave their futures to keep it that way.

Nonetheless and in the simplest of terms, for Governor Romney to become President there must be enough voters out there who understand, our current direction will erode and eventually erase the exceptionalism which has made The United States the greatest arrangement for mankind in all of human history. And for President Obama to remain President, there must be enough voters who have become comfortable with a globalist, big government, big debt and “live in the moment” application. On November 6, 2012, the world will know whether “We the People” shall rise up from adversity once again, and unite to leave our children a better future as we have done for generations, or whether we will simply be another political punch-line, remembered only for the missed opportunity of having learned the lessons of history. Please put any ill-conceived or resentment filled rhetoric in its proper place and vote your conscience this November…There is much at stake…

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A week for the history books…

The week ahead promises to be nothing short of dramatic in a political sense. So to kind of sum up, I will give you my take on some of the hot button issues.

I’ve been listening to Democrat pundits for the last two weeks try and explain away Eric Holder’s refusal to surrender certain documents to Congress regarding “Fast & Furious”. Now the obvious dilemma here is the Terry family is demanding answers to questions about their sons murder, and rightfully so. What I found interesting however, is the explanation by partisan Democrats that Republicans are simply grandstanding for political reasons, and that Holder has already turned over thousands of documents. In truth, the “documents” turned over were literally thousands of largely redacted and blacked out emails and papers which actually contained little or nothing about the shooting, who authorized it and at what level did the chain end. In that matter, the POTUS has now come to the rescue of his friend / AG and claimed “executive privilege”, apparently to prevent any incriminating disclosures. Ultimately, someone gave their “blessing” to the “gun walking” which was not part of the original operation, someone in a high office. And it was that gun walking that led to Agent Terry’s death. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well it is. Come clean Mr. Holder, and admit that something went very wrong in the Justice Department on your watch. Now a Border Agent’s family is left to ask why their Law Enforcement hero son was murdered on the border of his own country with weapons put in play by his own side. Release the documents or be held in contempt of Congress Sir. Next >

This is an easy one. Arizona reserves the right, Constitutionally and legally, to protect its border and uphold standing Federal Immigration Law if the feds themselves don’t do it. I believe the Supreme court will agree. Having said that, I concur with Senator Rubio in that I don’t believe Arizona should be the national model. The problems which exist there are exclusive to the region and therefore present LE officials with additional challenges for which they need appropriate “latitude”. Next >


And finally The “Affordable” Care Act. Arguably one of, if not the largest federal power grab in American history. An expensive, unsustainable and by every account, unworkable entitlement program that will bankrupt our children and ultimately destroy the greatest healthcare system known to mankind. It is my hope that the Supreme Court will strike it down as the Constitutional overreach it is. Regrettably, the President’s play to enact feel good portions of the law ahead of the full onslaught of its huge cost will make it difficult to transition to true comprehensive healthcare reform in the future. Moreover, Republicans and Democrats alike will seek to make political hay over the decision, and the truth will most likely be lost in the mix.

Anyway, have a good week people… 😉

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The politics of immigration…

In an election year everything is fair game, though how a candidate frames the argument is often the deciding factor as to whether or not it helps their cause. There is something to be said about the fact that President Obama stole a bit of Senator Rubio’s thunder with his recent executive order concerning children of illegal’s, and how it will eventually play into Governor Romney’s stance on the border. I myself have written at length about my own conflicts when debating immigration, and executive orders for that matter. There are also questions about how difficult it will be down the road to enact comprehensive immigration reform now that the POTUS has jumped the political gun.

Ultimately for me, it came down to the President’s own words and mannerisms during his little impromptu in the Rose Garden. Now I know many will flood my email box with hate mail about how I just don’t like Mr. Obama, and how I’m a racist Republican hack. But the truth is, the President is his own worst enemy when off the cuff. I’m not going to go back and forth on this except to print a post from my Facebook account in response to a local radio personality’s post on the POTUS’s order, which for good or bad sums it up:

Matt Allen WPRO 630 AM, Rhode Island:

Matt, President Obama is revered as a great orator by many on the Left. In fact, he is an unapologetic and idealistic politician of the first order. Born of Chicago politics, condescending and elitist when challenged, and off balance when not reading from script. Appropriately, “We the People” have the extraordinary and unique power to fire him in November, but will we? This election is not about The President or Governor Romney so much as it is about us Matt… I suspect it has always been that way… Enough said…

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Manipulating the vote 2012…

I have written much about how the Liberal Wing of the Democratic Party has manipulated the minority vote in our country over generations. In fact 98% of black voters voted for President Obama in 2008 and 91% still support him today. This statistic by itself represents the magnificent job the Left has done in placating too and coercing this demographic. I have also written about how the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have done nothing but inflame the issue with negativity and racial bias, thus only complicating meaningful progress over the years. These two clowns and others like them have gained much both in fame and fortune portraying themselves as champions of the cause of racial equality, when in fact they have simply made their bones on the backs of those they claim to speak for.

Now I will certainly not attempt to address the complicated issue of race in America 2012, but I watched a documentary piece recently which really sums it up for me. Take out the emotional and often factually devoid arguments of the Progressives and you are left with two simple truths. 1. There is no substitute for individual effort, and 2. While there are obstacles, those obstacles are very often man-made.

This post is not meant to bait or invite unwarranted or unproductive argument, but rather it is simply an effort to plead with the so-called minorities in America, and remind them that if there really is a Black, White, Latino, Italian, French, Irish, Mexican or any other America, then it was created by someone who wants you to keep them in the seat of power. We only benefit from equality if we stop letting political charlatans on both sides of the aisle (and in the WH) convince us we are different. If we are to believe their pandering and divisive rhetoric, where then are the results of decades of one party solutions to the plight of “minority America”?

Oh, and if your argument is that the opportunity does not exist equally for all in this country, ask the President of The United States how he became the most powerful man in the free world. E Pluribus Unum… No excuses…

Watch or be content with complacency and a lack of knowledge…

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Tax lies and coal in Sheriff Joe’s stocking…

I know I said I would be back after the holiday, but there are a couple of issues which demand a response before I go. I understand the President will read a few letters today which he and his class warfare WH have solicited two days before Christmas, concerning what some Americans could do with the forty or so dollars they might lose if the (“temporary” “tax holiday”) payroll percentage reduction is not extended. Now maybe the President should be asking what some of those same Americans might have been able to do this Christmas had the shovel ready jobs he promised panned out, but I digress. The truth of the matter is the “temporary” tax break is something the President never intended to be permanent in the first place but is now championing like he somehow supports (tax cuts). FLASH: this President has spent more of your money than any in U.S. history and is on par to raise taxes (if elected again), to levels no American could possibly fathom. Many words come to mind as I ponder this whole debate and the President’s as well as the Liberal Democrats roles in it, but there is only one I can use to describe them in light of my stated “blog decorum”.


Warning, Right Wing Rant – Please feel free to fill in the blanks “off post”.


To borrow the POTUS’s worn-out line, “let’s be clear” about something: Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done and continues to do his duty. He is enforcing the law of the land and keeping his jurisdiction safe. In doing so he has interfered with the Obama Justice Department’s policy of appeasement and amnesty with regard to illegals living on the U.S. side of the Southern Border. Now there will be those who trumpet the upward tick in deportations on Obama’s watch, but those numbers are quickly negated by the scores of illegals allowed to move freely about the Southern States in direct violation of Federal Law. Enter the high profile Arpaio and his like-minded Lawmen. In doing his job on behalf of the citizens and as he is sworn to do, Arpaio has brought the wrath of a Federal Government embarrassed and agitated by the fact most Americans side with Sheriff Joe. Not only has the border issue cost this country time, money and the blood of innocent Americans and their Border Agents, but it has become the pivot point concerning any comprehensive immigration reform on the table at this time. Now, Eric Holder will waste additional boatloads of taxpayer cash attempting to paint Arpaio as a racist in Federal Court, money which could certainly be used to enhance border security. Again we see this bunch of college upstarts flying in the face of common sense and justice with lies and Progressive propaganda, and using your money to do it!

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Border cover up…

Agent Terry's family bids him farewell.

You had to know that Democrats like Diane Feinstein and company would try to spin “Fast and Furious” into an anti-gun thing. Problem is they have their “facts” confused as usual. Seriously, from Holder on down you have to wonder if these folks could find their way out of a paper bag with two hands and flashlight, that is until you look at the history and know there is and has been an agenda for some time.

Assertion: 70 percent of the firearms recovered from crime scenes in Mexico come from U.S. gun stores.

Fact: That number is extrapolated from federal weapons “traces” only, and in many case the traces are doubled and even tripled up in the collection process as they are often derived from three or more agencies. Additionally, even BATFE is reporting that with the exception of “Holders guns”, most seized weapons are older weapons traced to legal

Agent Zabata's bullet riddled vehicle.

military sales to a number of Central American nations over the years, and had probably made their way into the hands of the cartels simply by way of the highest bidder. (I would add here that in both cases where we are looking at American officials killed by the cartels, (Agents Terry and Zapata), “Holders guns” have been the only ones implicated). Oh and one more thing, it is understood by even the most partisan hack having anything to do with the border firearms issue, that Russia has been and will continue to be a huge influence by way of illegal arms and ammunition sold to the Mexican drug cartels. As I have said many times, those bastards would sell gasoline to arsonist if it turned a profit.

Look, this is simple. Holder and his anti-gun cohorts on the Hill, in another failed effort to portray anything related to the Second Amendment as bad for America, made a big huge boo boo with this “Fast and Furious” gig. Consequently, it’s looking more and more like their negligence got some fine Americans killed in the process.

So don’t be fooled by the desperate smoke and mirrors campaign launched by Eric’s buddies in Congress. The facts tell a very different story. And that is why in this author’s humble opinion, if the President of the United States continues to stand in defense of the Attorney General and does not accept the truth about (Operation Fast and Furious), ultimately he will be complicit in the deaths of those two brave Americans who gave all in defense of the homeland against the scourge of the drug cartels.


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