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“Left Wing Media” way out of line…

130417220526-boston-marathon-single-image-cutDespite a flood of emails, I have hesitated out of an abundance of reason to comment on the events of last week. I think it wholly appropriate at this juncture however, to recognize the exceptionalism of city, state and federal law enforcement, as they relentlessly pursued this unconscionable evil for the sake of society, as well as the heroic efforts of EMS and civilian bystanders who risked their own lives and ran immediately to aid the wounded at the scene of the bombings. As for the doctors and nurses of some of the finest hospitals in the world, your expertise and readiness were immeasurable in terms of their value during that nightmare week. God Bless all of you!

Having said that, I also wanted to express my disdain for those members of our corrupt media culture who foolishly and irresponsibly injected their political agendas and ideologies into the discussion over how and why this event occurred, in some cases even before some of the victims had been transported to the hospital. These disgraceful individuals were not back room pundits either, but rather on-air personalities who frankly, should wear the label “enemy combatant”. Their blatant disregard for all things appropriate and respectful is just more evidence of the decline of modern journalism in our country today. Consequently, the rejuvenation and/or re-emergence of the true American spirit will only take place when objectivity and the pursuit of truth and reason are returned to the so-called “main stream media”.

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One coward in custody. Well done..!


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Standing with Boston…

Standing with Boston today, praying and remembering the lost and wounded. America’s finest LE professionals are on the case to be sure. If you feel you have information or (video) that would be helpful in bringing the cowards who perpetrated this heinous act to justice, please call 1-800-CALLFBI, no matter how small or insignificant you feel it may be.

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“Gangnam” idiot…


Somebody give this chub a cupcake…

I guess the question is, how much does Kim Jong Un believe his own press. I mean really, who invited this politically inept chub to the party anyhow? Regardless, it is important to note that while several retired generals have expressed confidence recently, in a documented plan to take out the portly little “gangnams” entire air force in less than five days, he still might be able to get off an estimated 500,000 rounds of artillery within in the first (hours) of a conflict with the South. Moreover, there is far less confidence North Korea hasn’t developed technology for its shorter range missiles, which would allow them to be tipped with tactical nuclear war-heads and subsequently launched into Seoul.

So, the fact that many U.S. administrations have allowed this little Communist turd and his forefathers to grow in strength, ultimately forcing us to the negotiating table every time they take a Viagra pill while watching dubbed versions of American war movies, will mean little to the soldiers and/or civilians who may be killed or wounded as both sides flex their muscles in this latest game of Korean chess.

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Filibuster Fallout…

john_brennan_apRand Paul put the “represent” back in representation recently, with his old style “filibuster” on the floor of the Senate. Evidently this didn’t sit well in “Obamanation”. Following a very short and terse letter from AG Holder, another Constitutionally challenged glory seeker, basically acknowledging he was asleep in U. S. History class, John Brennan eventually took “the oath” of office for the position of CIA Director with his hand on a copy of the Constitution without Amendments. This crew just can’t get it right, not even when trying to be sarcastic.

Now any lack of understanding/outright ignorance on the part of President Obama and company in terms of our Liberty and the documents which outline it, should come as no surprise to anyone who is not completely and utterly brainwashed. Leaving out the Bible and any hint of recognition of a higher authority than one’s self however, speaks volumes to the arrogance and abuse of power tendencies of this Administration. What’s more, all efforts made by the White House to frame the argument(s) of our day, make these facts plain. The inmates are clearly running the asylum…

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“Saving American lives”…

anwar-obama-drone-460x307Listening to “School Boy Jay Carney” talk about these drone strikes is like watching a Jason Bourne movie. “Your missions will save American lives”. Good grief…

The problem is this administrations track record in terms of the Constitutional rights of “We the People”. Everything they do stinks more of political reasoning than anything else. All roads seem destined only to prop up this President, usually by way of an end-run around the (Bill of Rights). Hell, they vaporized al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son along with him.

You know, I listen to Libs every day fight with me about how the POTUS was sent by God to right the wrongs of GW and Ronald Reagan. Frankly, all I have been able to discern with clarity, is that he’s an inexperienced community organizer from Illinois, who doesn’t know the first thing about actually being President. I see a man, ideologically content to remake the office into his own personal shooting gallery, with American citizens now clearly on the “kill list”.

I am all for the use of these drones as an effective way to light up these terrorist bastards when they least expect it. That said, and given President Obama’s propensity to gorge himself at the trough of power, I think it’s time for some serious oversight.

Hey, do you hear something??? Oh sxxt…….—————————


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Above The Law…



Sometimes politics is frightening. As I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answer questions about Benghazi on Capitol Hill yesterday, I was struck by the audacity and anger she displayed at having her version of events called into question. Even more alarming was the suggestion that the negligence and politics of the Obama Administration during that time is somehow no longer relevant. This speaks volumes for the indifference and disdain these folks have for our Constitution, as well as the governmental process necessary and vital to the survival of our Republic. Mrs. Clinton was clearly offended, and attempted to portray herself as a victim advocate, instead of a department head with critical responsibilities. Crocodile tears were flowing as she spoke of “greeting the flag draped caskets” of those lost when they arrived at Andrews AFB, and then disavowed any knowledge of the “talking points” she spoke when addressing the families that very day.

I would have to say that Clinton’s testimony was the most significant display of contempt on the part of a politician called to account that I have ever witnessed. When taken in the context of the President’s partisan and divisive Inaugural Address just a few days earlier, I think it’s fair to say this bunch feel they have been crowned, not elected, and are somehow above the law.

If it were I who were elected and charged with the responsibility to ensure governmental accountability, I would have stated the following in response to the Secretary’s “outburst” when pressed about why the American people were lied to.

I understand you’re upset Madam Secretary, but please look into that camera and tell those folks you spoke so tearfully of earlier, that information regarding how their loved ones died doesn’t matter! I have nothing further Mr. Chairman…”

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1-20-13, The Inauguration of Apathy…

Inaugural_platform-001_s640x427Whether you agree with him or not, Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of The United States for a second term. The backdrop of this inauguration however, will be one of uncertainty and disillusionment to be sure.

We are living in a time of choices like we have never faced, and they are not necessarily ideological choices. Nevertheless, most Americans must now decide whether they will recognize and accept the factual evidence of our national “situation”, or whether they will choose to ignore that evidence, blame someone or something else, and hope the “situation” will correct itself. Here are some undeniable truths to consider though, if you have the intestinal fortitude…

Our overall economy has already morphed into an over-extended and dormant entity on life support, chugging along at what would normally be considered a pathetic pace. Stocks are up though they are critically overvalued paper, and lack the raw capital which once calmed a long term investor. Unemployment remains under-reported and elevated because of uncertainty over the rising costs associated with owning and running a business. Ideological taxes and benefit burdens threaten to blow up middle America, with a recent report from a former GAO Chief predicting Obamacare may very well collapse the entire economy. (Note: Most credible analysts who aren’t drinking the Obama Kool-Aid support that prediction.) And as a nation, we spend nearly twice what we take in, with our debt now growing beyond our realistic ability to pay it off of our great-grandchildren’s backs.

In full view of all of these facts many have simply chosen to dig in their partisan heals and spit into the proverbial fan. Politicians for life on both sides of the aisle have put us on a collision course with financial Armageddon, and there seems little “We the People” are prepared to do about it. Moreover, Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in a President tomorrow, who lacks both the life experience and historical grasp to lead us back onto the right avenue, a demagogue, drunk on perceived adoration, and who is content see this college experiment through to it’s inevitable conclusion, even if it means the United States emerges but a shell of its former glory.

Now some will call me a racist for my conclusions. Still others will call (me) the partisan, and I will undoubtedly argue against this foolishness to the bitter end. That said, what we are facing here is a mathematical certainty with unimaginable consequences, which can no longer be denied or framed as just some radical doomsday prediction. The hard numbers are now in plain sight. Make no mistake, I too am stunned at how quickly this country was lulled into a catatonic 1960’s mentality, unable to see reality or reason, blinded by rhetoric, and selfishly willing to deny their posterity.

So as I watch and listen to President Obama take the oath of office once more, and I hear him swear to uphold the Constitution of this nation once again, and then I listen some more as he will undoubtedly rehash much of the old “Hope and Change” diatribe, I will be considering my sons and our children’s America. Regrettably, my conclusions will be the same as they were in 2008. The President is not the problem. We are…

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Benghazi footnote…

I’m quite sure I don’t understand the comparison being drawn between the unfortunate and tragic deaths of brave security contractors in an Iraqi war zone, to the attack on our consulate in Benghazi Libya, an area the Obama Administration had all but called stable and “operationally secure”. Frankly, the notion that a coordinated al-Qaeda terrorist attack on an embassy compound resulting in the murder of a United States Ambassador and his attaché as well as two CIA special operators coming to their rescue, is somehow to be seen in the same light as an operation in a combat area, put in play to augment and/or replace a stressed U.S. military presence on the ground providing logistical security in that area, just tells me the effort to make Ambassador Steven’s murder go away continues at the highest levels. It also tells me that the idea this would be swept under the rug with the re-election of Barack Obama as President was not altogether bluster by those who knew better. What will be sickening to watch however, is how the politicians who originally championed this for what it was, will now run for political cover to save their own place in the game instead of fighting for what they know is right.

Tragically, the truth may be lost forever. And those who either dropped the ball, or worse yet purposefully manipulated the situation on the ground in Libya so as to not jeopardize this Liberal President’s failed ideological vision for “peace in that region”, may very well never face justice or have to explain their reasoning to the families of those lost.

I must admit, I am not disheartened by the election results so much as I am the disintegration of any remaining honor and integrity at the highest levels of our government under this President. Though, I did expect it…

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Main Stream Media AWOL, FOX to the rescue…

Once again it’s Ed Henry and Jonathon Hunt of FOX News who “dare” to ask the pertinent and tough questions of this President.

For the first time in eight months Mr. Obama took questions from the media in a press conference format. As expected, the usual suspects from the main stream press threw out the soft balls and allowed the POTUS to bloviate about how he’s going to “fix” our fiscal and immigration problems, all the while continuing to blame everyone but the WH Chef for those problems. And while the fiscal cliff and comprehensive immigration reform are certainly critical issues, I think everyone would agree the news of the day was the Petraeus scandal and Benghazi cover up.

Two things continue to stand out for me regarding this ever-growing nightmare, the first being what I see as a lack of outrage over the loss of one of our Ambassadors and three other American hero’s to a terrorist attack. This is made even more intolerable by the main stream press and their disgraceful behavior when it comes to uncovering the truth about the attack. The downright fawning over President Obama yesterday is something I have never witnessed, and it is sickening to watch. Secondly, it is just plain unacceptable that the “most powerful man in the world”, and the one who you would think should be able to answer a simple question like “what orders did you give to protect the American people”, basically has nothing to say.

I wrote recently that in my judgment, I felt Barack Obama was not suited nor qualified to do the job of the President, and that his ill-tempered and misguided response to this crisis in particular would be his undoing. I stand by that predication with one caveat, that being whether or not the pre-meditated and terrorist murder of four Americans in a foreign land means anything to America any longer…

My hat’s off today to Senator John McCain and others in Congress, and especially to Senator Lindsey Graham for his honest and forthright retort of the President after Mr. Obama’s “appearance” yesterday. We have reached those crossroads my fellow Americans, and it is going to take men of deep personal conviction, character and fortitude to pull us back from the clutches of cowardice and deceit. The families of those four brave souls who perished that horrible night back on “9/11”, deserve nothing short of the truth from the President of The United States.

Stay tuned..

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