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Not just in Rhode Island…

second-amendment-rifleThe fight for Second Amendment rights in Rhode Island is always interesting. The Ocean State’s unique political landscape lends itself to all kinds of curious interpretations. As a general rule, Rhode Islanders tend to be the quintessential procrastinators, prone to reactionary politics. That said, firearms owners in the state are a passionate bunch when roused. Appropriately and for the purposes of this writing, I think it’s important to identify the two opposing groups on the matter of gun control here in Rhode Island.

Firstly, the states entrenched Leftist politicians oppose the right to “keep and bear arms” as outlined in the federal Constitution and reinforced by an even less debatable state application. Their foremost agenda is “registration” as a means to eventual confiscation. Truth be told, if you hang around in political circles long enough, you’ll hear them say that very thing. Regrettably, their media sanitized efforts are often disguised by a blatant mischaracterization of the Amendment itself, as well as the exploitation of murdered innocents as an acceptable means to the aforementioned end. This is the most despicable kind of political gamesmanship, made even more indefensible by a deliberate end run around the Constitution(s) these elected officials swore an oath to defend.

On the other side there are the ardent few defenders on Smith (Capitol) Hill. Emboldened by a rising tide of awakening gun owners, folks like Representative Chippendale (R) 40 and Costa (R) 31 are often hampered by boatloads of media misinformation, political pandering and a lack of understanding on the part of the general public when considering the true intent of the Second Amendment. It’s always troubling when some in this camp go on about hunting and sport shooting, neither of which have anything to do with the Amendment. This ignorance, willful or otherwise, only makes the task of countering a well-organized and focused opposition more difficult. Ultimately, factual unity around the Second Amendment’s true origin and meaning provides the clarity necessary to understanding how “the right” facilitates/protects additional benefits like hunting and other sporting uses of firearms. Moreover, every gun-owner who values his or her time at the range or in the woods should understand that while the Second Amendment was not drafted for “recreational” purposes and/or reasoning, many of these cultural traditions as well as the God-given right of self-defense, are also protected by way of our founders wisdom, experience and the subsequent Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”.

Please take some time to read “your” founding documents, as well as the letters and papers of those who wrote them. You will discover they are anything but outdated. In fact, the content could not be more necessary and applicable to our current national posture.

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The blueprint…

I must admit I was less than impressed with the Super Bowl Ads this year. Maybe it was because they were viewable on-line before the game. I liked it better when they were a surprise. Nonetheless there is the matter of the Clint Eastwood Ad, and everyone is talking about it. Eastwood has been a hero of mine since I was very young. His success on-screen and behind the camera is the stuff of Hollywood legend. Moreover, the man who brought us the character Dirty Harry and movies like “Gran Torino” and “Unforgivin” has always been a larger than life figure in American culture. So when he appeared during the Super Bowl Half Time Show espousing America itself was in a sort of “Half Time”, I quieted the noisy house to listen to the iconic raspy voice and came away with mixed emotions.

Firstly, I would not question this man’s patriotism or his intentions, for there is simply no reason too. When you listen to the Ad you hear the passion in his voice and feel the genuineness of his approach. I believe Mr. Eastwood is correct, though what he metaphorically refers to as “Half Time”, I have called the “cross roads” many times. Simply put it is time for us to come together as a nation once again and solve our countries problems. We have done it before and that historical blueprint for success remains today, one nation celebrating that which bonds us and not that which divides us.

However I question using Detroit, and more specifically Chrysler as examples of success. Yes there are signs of improvement in the American Auto Industry, but the price has been high and the end is not yet in sight. GM still owes billions to the American Taxpayer, and Chrysler is majority owned by FIAT of Italy having finally severed ties with another foreign entity Daimler just prior, and having taken billions in bail out money as well. Ford remains the shiny penny at this point.

Anyway, it appears to be a great and inspirational commercial on its surface, but leaves many somewhat perplexed as to how this theme was reasoned in. As of today and having watched it a few times now, I will stand with Eastwood on his faith that we may yet rise to the challenge(s) as the second half begins. However, the stakes are much higher than a shiny “Vince Lombardi” Trophy and a trip to Disney. And the price for failure is always the bitter lesson taught us by history.

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NFL reality visited Tim Tebow last night in the form of the New England Patriots and a 45-10 shellacking. As a Patriots fan I was thrilled. But I was also moved by the fact that aside from any lessons learned for Tebow, and considering he will most likely start for the Broncos next season, he appeared steady and composed albeit obviously disappointed. This lends itself to what I have said all along. This young man was never praying for the win, just the strength.

In the end, and in only his 16th NFL start, Tim Tebow played with his team in the divisional round of the AFC East Championship and into the hearts of millions of Americans as well. I’d say that’s something he can be very proud of and “thankful” for…

God bless ya Tim…

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Tebow lesson…

Whether you like the game of football or not most of you have heard of Tim Tebow. The young quarterback whose life story has intrigued so many has made headlines lately because of some late game heroics. Now the heroics by themselves are not necessarily unique, but the circumstances surrounding how it all came to be have piqued folk’s interest around the world. The young Florida Gators phenom who became the first quarterback to both rush and pass for more than 20 TD’s in a season was almost aborted in the womb. His remarkable story has energized and inspired the Christian faithful (and many others), and would have been a non-fiction bestseller already if not for the most recent chapter yet to be completed.

Tebow arrived at the AFC West Denver Broncos Training Camp via the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. In 2011 he would replace Kyle Orton as the team’s starting quarterback after being called up in the second half of a game against the San Diego Chargers. Tebow nearly erased a 16 point deficit but ultimately the chargers would prevail. Nonetheless, the die had been cast and the Broncos have ridden a 6 game winning streak with Tebow at the helm to now be in contention for the play-offs. This brings me to the reason for this post.

Tebow has made no secret of his faith in Jesus Christ and how it has lifted him up personally. He has also taken great pains to not press his beliefs on those of a different stance. That said, his signature one knee prayer has both enlightened and enraged fans everywhere. Some have even called on the NFL to step in and set ground rules for “prayer” during games. To their credit, the League has opted to stay out of this fray for now. Sadly, Tebow’s simple and unassuming moment of reflection seems neither a bother nor a distraction to his team, but rather has become their rallying point. Moreover, it has become the rallying point for Bronco Nation. You see I believe that there is a deep-seated and appreciated faith in most American hearts which bubbles up when we see a successful person acknowledge that he/she is not the be all and end all of their own achievements. Consciously or unconsciously we cheer for the humble who go forward without hesitation and are then thankful if only for the chance. Tim Tebow’s prayer may not reflect your belief or lack of it, but his passion for his God tells us something about him and about ourselves in 2011.

As I navigate the holiday season and try my best to grab hold of the spirit, I am troubled by how much things have changed in just my lifetime. I catch myself staring at the folks as they push, shove and curse their way through these couple of months, and I’m floored to see and feel the angry way so many comport themselves. Regrettably, and much to my wife’s chagrin, I am often compelled to lash out at times in response. So when I returned home from the nightmare that has become Christmas Shopping in the 21st century the other night, and watched the rebroadcast of Tebow doing it again late in the fourth quarter, and then saw the thankfulness and genuine affection in his one knee prayer after the game, I thought to myself, now there’s a guy with his head squarely on his shoulders, a guy who understands the sun does not necessarily rise or set because of him, and a guy who is cognizant of this world and his place in it. Now regardless of how far Tebow goes as we get ready to close out the regular NFL season, I would ask all of you to take a good hard look at this young man’s life story and success thus far and then tell me that passionate and humble faith in a Godly power greater than our own is time wasted. Because if you can, then “We the People” and the nation which has its cultural roots firmly in the God-given strength of a free and faithful populous are most certainly in jeopardy.

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