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Let the shopping begin…

Ode to the late great Steve Jobs on this opening day of the holiday shopping season…

I was a Blackberry gent who thought their qwerty was swell, but eventually came to drink at the Android touch screen well.

loyalties faded though, with the passing of many a confusing “tech night”, and of the fabled “Apple” I eventually took a big bite.

Now I am joined inseparable to this “way of life”, hanging on those yearly announcements and in long lines of the faithful, with Zach and my wife.

They say technology will carry the day, I don’t know about all that, but in the mean time I suppose I’ll just pay…

“Hooked” -aka- Fred Comella (Patriot64)


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Desperate fly-over…

“When you don’t have a record to run on, you just make your opponent someone to run from. You make the election about small things.” – Barack Obama 2008

Cut to 2012 and the President of The United States is using a large yellow bird on public television as part of his campaign strategy. You can’t make this stuff up, and that’s what is so mind boggling. Barack Obama’s own words are painfully ever-present, but many folks remain unwavering in their support for this failed Commander in Chief. It truly does speak volumes to the state of the electorate, and their ability to see past idealistic rhetoric to the truth.

Putting aside the fact that Governor Romney was simply telling America that he would not borrow another dime against our children’s future from China, to fund programs which can essentially fund themselves with help from the private sector, one would think Americans would be running from Mr. Obama as if he were radioactive. And while the polls show a sizable post-debate bump for Romney, I remain extremely skeptical about the eventual outcome. I suspect my “political pessimism” stems from the fact I live in a state that repeatedly pays the price for its ignorance, yet continues to go right back to the same pitiful trough time and again.

Note: Never was much of a “Big Bird” fan, though I believe Joe Biden was his college roommate. 😉

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“Obamaloney”!!! Yup…

It seems the POTUS has now resorted to adolescent name calling with his “Romney Hood” remark. And ya know what, kudos to Romney for firing back…

Enough is enough. It is simply unacceptable that we should always sit on our hands while the Libs wail away with this incessant and hypocritical BS. Regrettably, it’s time to make this the street fight the Left has been “beggin for”.

I think it’s fair to say that both sides realize this November is about far more than the two candidates competing to occupy the most powerful seat in the world. I know Mr. Obama does. His life to this point has been shaped in purely ideological terms, and he means to continue to exorcise that ideology upon “We the People”. More and more we hear him “coming out” with divisive rhetoric and laser focused sound bites, which clearly frame his belief system out in the open, probably more so than his handlers might have envisioned, or frankly wanted. He is right about one thing however, and that is Election 2012 is most certainly about what direction the country should go in. And some of the inevitable questions which come to mind as a result, are these.

Have we finally created an entitlement sub-culture, sufficient enough in size to change the foundational and societal norms of personal initiative based opportunity, which have made us the greatest nation in human history? Are there enough folks out there, so firmly entrenched in that “generational welfare” thing, that there is no hope of turning the tide? Have we sunken so low that a political campaign can literally accuse the others candidate of felony tax evasion and manslaughter, without so much as a stitch of corroborating evidence, and get a pass from the very same media charged with responsibly reporting the news objectively to the people? And are enough of us so complacent and devoid of historical and factual context, that this government of the people, by the people, for the people, should actually now perish from the earth?

If this is all true, then I would ask those who are confident and comfortable they have finally created this “Utopian dream world”, to call on the souls of every dead Soldier who gave his/her life to secure our posterity’s future, and explain to them how this looks anything like our forefathers United States… “Obamaloney” for sure!

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In this corner…

Today will be a happy albeit confusing day for my FOX detractors, as I have a beef with the “fair and balanced” network. Let me first say that the Lefts targeting of FOX, including the unabashed cry babying by the (Commander-in-Chief) about how Sean Hannity and company have it in for him, is just plain ridiculous and difficult to listen to. And while I have made it clear that I qualify my thoughts by way all the major networks and other resources of record, it should be obvious to anyone without the most biased of agendas, that a news media playing field without FOX would be shall we say, one-sided (Obama).

Regardless, Brian Kilmeade of “Fox and Friends” got under my skin a little the other day when he put WWE Superstar John Cena on the spot with a political question regarding his thoughts on the Republican Primary field. To his credit, Cena was professional and even intellectual in his response, stating that he had met Candidate Romney at the Daytona 500 and found him to be engaging. Cena made no endorsement and gracefully dodged Kilmeade’s obvious attempt to get him on the record.

For as much as the FOX teams assail their rivals regarding Hollywood hijinks and the “politics” of brainiacs like Rosie O’Donnell and Matt Damon, they should take a page from their own book and leave politics off the “curvy couch” when discussing or highlighting things like the WWE. For the most part, those watching the Cena spot that day could have cared less who the wrestler supports for President, and were much more interested in whether or not a recent car accident may have affected his upcoming rumble with “The Rock”. In any event, a bit of advice for Brian in the words of one of his favorite sports announcers and former football stars: “Com’on man”……

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Say what???

There has been much in the news of late to which a pundit’s attention is warranted.  So let’s have some fun.

A couple of observations stand out for me, not the least of which is an apparent and continuing disconnect at the WH when it comes to the President’s appearances and statements. For instance, the big rally at the GM plant seemed almost a bad comedic line at a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, when we learned barely a day later that production on the Chevy Volt would cease for lack of sales. Now I’m not sure if Mr. Obama intends to custom order his Volt, but if so he may be surprised to find out he’ll have to take one off the lot. Now I know all the “greenies” out there are screaming that it was all the negative “fire” press that doomed the little car that couldn’t, but actually it was more likely the $40,000.00 price tag. Heck even with a $7500.00 tax credit, folks didn’t seem eager to hop in for the “short” ride. Nonetheless the question remains, where were the POTUS’s handlers on this one??

I recently read a bit on Warren Buffett regarding his battles with the IRS over some unpaid taxes and thought to myself, this is the same guy who’s advocating we all step up and pay our “fair” share. In view of this extraordinary development, I read on that Buffett’s airline owes more than $350,000,000.00 and is locked in a suit counter suit with the government he so enthusiastically promotes as the solver of all of our national woes. Well as far as I can see, this would be a great opportunity for the old gent to put his money where his mouth is and fork it over for the greater good. (Not gonna happen people). You see that is the old Liberal game of “do as I say and not as I do”. These people are always most comfortable spending other people’s money.

I just thought hypocrisy would be a good lead in for the next few posts. Stay tuned…

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A Black Conservative???

I do not condone nor would I suggest that sexual harassment in the workplace, specifically against women, is acceptable for any reason, it is not. That said, the vetting of a particular occurrence is a matter for the
company in question to address and/or face the possibility of federal involvement.

In the matter of Presidential Candidate Herman Cain it is
clear that until a gag order put in place by the presiding judge is lifted, all
the facts are simply not there. Consequently, I shall reserve my opinions until
that time. This however, does not mean that I will not comment on the foaming at the mouth Liberal attack dogs who see this man as the greatest possible threat to “their black imposter” in the White House.  

What could possibly be worse than a black Conservative? A self-made
man who defied the “odds” and made it happen for himself and for his family, a
man who refused to be labeled as anything but an American trying to succeed, a
man who did not listen to Washington Progressives when they told him that he
was being kept down, and a man who is now calling out the current President for
the phony working class hero, entitlement and class warfare crap he has been

Look, I expect Herman Cain to do what I believe is in his heart and tell the truth. Moreover, I see genuineness in him which is markedly different in the appeal department than the packaged presentation of our current “Professor in Chief”. All things considered, if it turns out that Candidate Cain has been less than truthful, I will certainly support someone else moving forward. However, if it is determined that this is a smear campaign with little or no basis in fact, less the stories of a few easily manipulated and money hungry perverts, will the Liberals then offer an apology to the front-runner and champion the
cause of hard work, dedication and determination to a minority populous which needs
and damn well deserves the truth, and not some race based agenda of lies and manufactured disadvantages? I think not…

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Back in the “stand”…


Well we have arrived and I’m trying to get a handle on my
new “home”. Thank you all for your supportive emails and a special thanks to those who recommended this new company, they are absolutely wonderful. Thank you to all who sent me advice and educational links that have helped me down the road to a more hands on approach to my blog. I hope to get it all in line within a couple of weeks. I must admit however, that hunting season is upon me and I really do need some time in the woods.

Fear not though, I am on top of it all, from the (Lefts) attacks on Herman Cain because they are scared senseless of a black Conservative, to Eric Holder running for cover and doing his own rendition of “Bush bashing” when it comes to “Fast and Furious”, and even the POTUS trying to look like a “regular” guy… Really???

I will also be posting all of the archives which I brought over from the “other hosting company” in bulk form on so you can browse and reminisce…

Once again thank you, and let’s get this show on the road…
(Right after I bag my first big deer for the season.)

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