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IRS “Franken”stein…

220px-Max_S_Baucus220px-Charles_Schumer_official_portrait220px-Carl_Levin_official_portraitstuart-smalleyThe fact that Al Franken was apparently pushing the IRS to investigate Tea Party and other Conservative groups should come as no surprise. The man is a goofy Hollywood hack and has no business representing anything or anyone, except maybe some of those “light-bulbs in Minnesota”. That said, it appears FOX is tracking as many as a dozen letters sent to the IRS Office of Tax Exempt Status during the period 2010 / 2011 from folks like Schumer, Levin and Baucus. This is troubling because despite the Lefts propensity to substitute emotion in place of fact and reason, I spend a lot of time advocating for everyone’s right to free speech and to engage in the arena of ideas. I would have expected as much from these so-called “Senior Senators”. Regrettably, these jackasses stepped way outside their Constitutional boundaries and at the very least, may have encouraged un-Constitutional and possibly even criminal behavior on the part of the most feared of all government agencies.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time Congress names an independent special prosecutor with subpoena power and access to a grand jury, so we might have some appointee and politician posterior alike dragged before “We the People” to answer for this lunacy.

Wake up people. America’s enemies are emboldened and shedding their disguises.

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Enough said!!! Now go and vote your conscience!!!

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Let the battle begin…

I did my level best to keep an open mind during last night’s debate, which is more than I can say for some of my email detractors. You folks really need to consider anger management classes. With that said, I think not many minds were changed by this last meeting of President Obama and Governor Romney. I did feel the President sounded more like the challenger rather than the incumbent. But overall, the stark contrasts between the two men and their ideologies was only reinforced.

I have framed this election for the last four years as a battle for the soul of this country. I stand by that assessment even more steadfastly today. In the end, folks will have to do a great deal of gut checking when they go into the voting booth. And while there will always be the party loyalists who vote their emotions instead of on the basis of truth, this election will ultimately be decided when clear-headed individuals make a conscious choice in terms of where they see our country in twenty years.

With the debates now over, I cannot remember a more divided America. Sadly, this is our own doing and not that of some political boogie man conjured up by either side. We have failed in so many ways to safeguard that which was entrusted to us, and are therefore left to fight over what the founders had intended to be so much more clear. Our value system is in chaos and the minority has paralyzed an entire culture, because so many have chosen apathy and political correctness over the time-tested principles of individual liberty and accountability. Dependency is now revered and success is demonized. Revisionist history is the norm and few of our children are learning the greatness of America or of those who gave their futures to keep it that way.

Nonetheless and in the simplest of terms, for Governor Romney to become President there must be enough voters out there who understand, our current direction will erode and eventually erase the exceptionalism which has made The United States the greatest arrangement for mankind in all of human history. And for President Obama to remain President, there must be enough voters who have become comfortable with a globalist, big government, big debt and “live in the moment” application. On November 6, 2012, the world will know whether “We the People” shall rise up from adversity once again, and unite to leave our children a better future as we have done for generations, or whether we will simply be another political punch-line, remembered only for the missed opportunity of having learned the lessons of history. Please put any ill-conceived or resentment filled rhetoric in its proper place and vote your conscience this November…There is much at stake…

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Faculty Lounge Mentality…

I have been sitting on this post for a bit now, but the onset of the election cycle has coaxed me to go with it. For good or bad, I am always at least a little sensitive to the response I get when I write about the President, primarily because many of my Liberal friends and readers are so damn smitten with Mr. Obama. Truth is, for some of those hard core folks the magic remains despite the results.

Recently however, the idea of finally vetting this man who was elected to the most powerful office in all the world, has gained some momentum. I’d have to say that the ridiculous attack on Mitt Romney for something he did in high school certainly spurred some Right Wing PAC’s to go on the offensive in a way they didn’t in 2008 for fear of charges of racism by the “main stream” media. In any event, I’m glad this stuff is finally coming to the table. (And for those complaining about the fat cat money issue, I would direct you to George Clooney’s house. Please stop bitchin about corporate America. It’s just silly, counterproductive and sounds so vindictive. If all those so-called 1%-er’s closed their doors tomorrow, the POTUS would lose the election because he couldn’t raise enough money, you’d be lookin for work, and life as you know it would end, period!)

Anyway, with all due respect to Hannity and company I have been talking about the President’s ideological past for years. I’ve said on many occasions that one only need read “Dreams from My Father” to see the man’s heart. Now while I’m not going to go after the POTUS for bullying some young female admirer on the schoolyard, or lambast him for his candid admission to heavy drug and alcohol use as a young man, (to include numerous driving experiences with a “head clouded with Gin”), I will however take note of his many references to race, class envy and divisive, stereotypical propaganda. From his early days, through his interactions with the literary agencies that would publish his books (and misidentify his place of birth), to his time as the President of the Harvard Law Review, this was, and I believe remains a man firmly entrenched in the ideas of Socialist politics, societal division and class warfare as a means to even what he sees as an uneven playing field.

Election 2012 is certain to be about more than simply Barack Obama, as some have suggested it might be. The mere fact he was elected without the “main stream” press ever having brought any of this to light is proof positive that any cleverly packaged academic, cultivated and sheltered in the petri dish that is American higher education today and protected by a complicit press devoid of any moral responsibility to the people they report to, can be and in this case was elected to the Presidency of The United States. With that said, and all or at least most of the cards sure to be on the table this time around, the real question regarding our nations future will be out there for “We the People” to ponder, and on the first Tuesday in November, to answer…

NOTE: If you haven’t read this book, and you care about your country, please pick up a copy today.


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Motor City Madness…

Qualifier – 18 USC Sec. 871 is a federal class D felony which prohibits threats/extortion and/or violence against the President of the United States. It is my stated position that any person convicted of violating this statute should and must be punished to the fullest extent allowed. Our nation is a Constitutionally protected and governed republic under law. Respect and adherence to those laws is essential to the tenet of freedom and justice for all.

Ted Nugent is anything but timid when he speaks. One rarely has to wonder what his message is. After reading just about every account of the recent dust up over remarks he made at an NRA Convention in St. Louis however, including that of a recent meeting between the “outwardly patriotic Nuge” and the Secret Service where the matter was declared “resolved without necessity of further action“, it is clear the “Motor City Madman” was once again lambasted out of context by the Left and so-called “main stream” press. At this point though, I will leave this specific matter in the capable hands of my astute and educated audience so they may make their own determination(s).

I cannot however, walk away from the blatant and frankly outrageous hypocrisy on the part of the Left in this country when it comes to the argument over civility. For the life of me, I don’t remember a time when that argument has been so one-sidedly misrepresented in the media. When Gabrielle Gifford’s was critically injured in that horrific Tucson massacre, I remember a monotone President who spoke long and fervently about the desperate need for civility in our nation. Since that time we have seen the POTUS inject himself time and again into the “politics of justice” in what can best be described as “muscling” the potential outcome of a politically charged event for personal and political gain. He subsequently jumbles the facts, and even turned a blind eye to threats of violence by a militant and clearly racist organization against a defendant in an as yet unresolved and local criminal matter. Mr. Obama and his supporting cast of Progressive characters have simply missed (or ignored) every opportunity to inspire “We the People” to the obviously higher ground, instead choosing to stoke the flames of descent on both sides. Media elitists and Hollywood insiders get a pass when they berate and insult Conservative women, and Republican politicians are all too often accused of wanting to starve children, pollute the water and air, and cheat our seniors. This from the party of perpetual poverty and dependency and their standard-bearer, a man who is supposedly schooled in Constitutional law, and was once a practicing “civil rights attorney”.

Anyhow, I must admit the “Nuge” issue would have been much easier to digest if it weren’t for the fact that our young people are exposed daily to the vulgar and violent “musical”/”acting” tirades of literally hundreds of entertainment industry thugs, who/which have celebrated and continue to celebrate everything from sexual and physical violence against women, racist terminology and thought, the murder of law enforcement officers, and even the assassination of a former President. I mean, are these folks who are now calling for Ted Nugent’s scalp for real?

While I am disheartened by what I see as a growing chasm between the ideologies in America today, I still feel that civility and Constitutionally realistic compromise are the way forward. For my part, I will continue to argue my position in a “passionate” but “factual” manner. Having said that, I am ready at a moment’s notice to listen to reason and truth, if the other side will as well…


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In this corner…

Today will be a happy albeit confusing day for my FOX detractors, as I have a beef with the “fair and balanced” network. Let me first say that the Lefts targeting of FOX, including the unabashed cry babying by the (Commander-in-Chief) about how Sean Hannity and company have it in for him, is just plain ridiculous and difficult to listen to. And while I have made it clear that I qualify my thoughts by way all the major networks and other resources of record, it should be obvious to anyone without the most biased of agendas, that a news media playing field without FOX would be shall we say, one-sided (Obama).

Regardless, Brian Kilmeade of “Fox and Friends” got under my skin a little the other day when he put WWE Superstar John Cena on the spot with a political question regarding his thoughts on the Republican Primary field. To his credit, Cena was professional and even intellectual in his response, stating that he had met Candidate Romney at the Daytona 500 and found him to be engaging. Cena made no endorsement and gracefully dodged Kilmeade’s obvious attempt to get him on the record.

For as much as the FOX teams assail their rivals regarding Hollywood hijinks and the “politics” of brainiacs like Rosie O’Donnell and Matt Damon, they should take a page from their own book and leave politics off the “curvy couch” when discussing or highlighting things like the WWE. For the most part, those watching the Cena spot that day could have cared less who the wrestler supports for President, and were much more interested in whether or not a recent car accident may have affected his upcoming rumble with “The Rock”. In any event, a bit of advice for Brian in the words of one of his favorite sports announcers and former football stars: “Com’on man”……

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