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One of ten…

Newsmakers_4_12_13__Gun_Control_Debate_C_824510000_20130412125110_320_240For good or bad, gun-control is now front and center, largely as a result of the Sandy Hook tragedy. I have fought the Second Amendment battle on a number of fronts over the years and I keep coming away with a very disturbing observation. Ironically, it’s not exclusive to the argument over guns, but I continue to be floored by how little politicians know about many of the important issues of our time.

As an example, I was watching WPRI’s Newsmakers recently with Guests, Rhode Island  Rep’s Finn and Chippendale, discussing proposed gun-control legislation coming out of Smith Hill. Firstly, Miss Finn’s “observations” on the availability of data concerning firearms incidents nationwide were almost comical. She was apparently attempting to cite CDC stats, or some lack thereof, and simply flubbed it badly. Her assertions were completely inaccurate and she seemed wholly ill-equipped to make her case. Not to be outdone, Chippendale shanked one of the simplest questions out there, and a favorite of the Liberal television media, concerning “the line” between what Americans can and should be allowed to own. Tim White cleverly threw out the poll-tested “What about bazooka’s?”, to which Rep. Chippendale simply had no discernible retort. The factual and necessary answer would have been that the “National Firearms act of 1934” and subsequent “Gun control Act of 1968” addressed those issues, banning and/or regulating ownership, use, and importation of such/certain weapons. One would think these are questions our elected representatives should be able to answer with ease, thus allowing a more robust debate for “We the People” to consider.

Nevertheless, our freedoms seem precariously balanced in the hands of those who let their emotions and/or political ambitions trump fact and reason. Dangerous ground I would say, as there are another nine Amendments in the BOR. I’m starting to think there should be some sort of test for those who wish to speak for us.

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Margaret Thatcher 1925 – 2013…

“The Iron Lady” belongs to the ages, a true champion of freedom and liberty. RIP Madam Prime Minister…










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“Gangnam” idiot…


Somebody give this chub a cupcake…

I guess the question is, how much does Kim Jong Un believe his own press. I mean really, who invited this politically inept chub to the party anyhow? Regardless, it is important to note that while several retired generals have expressed confidence recently, in a documented plan to take out the portly little “gangnams” entire air force in less than five days, he still might be able to get off an estimated 500,000 rounds of artillery within in the first (hours) of a conflict with the South. Moreover, there is far less confidence North Korea hasn’t developed technology for its shorter range missiles, which would allow them to be tipped with tactical nuclear war-heads and subsequently launched into Seoul.

So, the fact that many U.S. administrations have allowed this little Communist turd and his forefathers to grow in strength, ultimately forcing us to the negotiating table every time they take a Viagra pill while watching dubbed versions of American war movies, will mean little to the soldiers and/or civilians who may be killed or wounded as both sides flex their muscles in this latest game of Korean chess.

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“We ourselves must Pilgrims be”…

220px-James_Russell_Lowell_circa_1855Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of Truth with Falsehood, for the good or evil side;
Some great cause, God’s new Messiah, offering each the bloom or blight,
Parts the goats upon the left hand, and the sheep upon the right,
And the choice goes by forever ‘twixt that darkness and that light.” –
James Russell Lowell

The issues of our time are daunting to be sure. It’s often hard to even get our minds around much of it. And whether it’s our narcissistic and ideologically driven President, or a media constrained and indecisive Speaker of the House, we are just not getting our money’s worth out of Washington. To watch these self-centered opportunists juggle our children’s future would be laughable for all the pandering and posturing, that is if it weren’t so down-right irresponsible. And so it falls to “We the People” to look beyond this political cartoon to the truth, for posterity sake.

There is good and bad in this, the good obviously being the God-given freedom to change our representative government by way of the vote when necessary. The bad news is that ignorance of fact and history, as well as a growing entitlement mindset, drive that vote for some. The result is often the slow but inevitable decline of a once powerful nation. Nevertheless, for some of us the battle continues as we refuse to give up on that “American Dream”, a dream framed by the Founders and nurtured by wiser generations than ours. Change may be a constant, but it is only good when defined by faith, principle and Liberty.

I began this post with some poignant words from Lowell and I will close with them. In the end, we have choices…

“We ourselves must Pilgrims be,
Launch our Mayflower, and steer boldly through the desperate winter sea,
Nor attempt the Future’s portal with the Past’s blood-rusted key.” – James Russell Lowell

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Just answer the question…

U.S. Senator John McCain gestures as he arrives to address the third session of the Republican National Convention in TampaSenator Ted Cruz (D) Texas, has a political affliction which could be characterized as a form of leprosy in Washington. You see when he speaks, the truth seems to slip out, and when he defines issues in the context of the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold, he is immediately lambasted by cowards on both sides of the aisle. It seems any “Bill of Rights” question he asks is immediately taken as some kind of umbrage by the Liberal recipient. Now I’m pretty sure a working knowledge of our Constitution is somewhat of a prerequisite for the privilege of serving as an elected official, or at least it should be. So why was Senator Feinstein so “offended” when Cruz asked her a simple Constitutional question? The answer itself is simple.

If “We the People” desire a fair and balanced debate on any issue, it should be noted that Liberals are not at all interested in those types of debates. Talking points and (sensationalism for effect) are the time-tested and proven strategies of the Left. Questions and accountability are seen as unnecessary considering their “superior” intellectual abilities and usually elicit a form of annoying whining, inevitably followed by dodging the question altogether, much like we saw in the Cruz/Feinstein exchange.

Considering this political quandary, my message to politicians like McCain, Graham, Reid and Feinstein is, the founding documents were written in part to remind elitist fools who would be masters of the “low information voter”, that they must answer the question. Moreover, if Senator Ted Cruz is a “crazy bird” for asking the tough and relevant questions other politicians run from, then I shall send him an appropriate amount of bird seed so he may continue to defend my son’s Constitution.

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Not just in Rhode Island…

second-amendment-rifleThe fight for Second Amendment rights in Rhode Island is always interesting. The Ocean State’s unique political landscape lends itself to all kinds of curious interpretations. As a general rule, Rhode Islanders tend to be the quintessential procrastinators, prone to reactionary politics. That said, firearms owners in the state are a passionate bunch when roused. Appropriately and for the purposes of this writing, I think it’s important to identify the two opposing groups on the matter of gun control here in Rhode Island.

Firstly, the states entrenched Leftist politicians oppose the right to “keep and bear arms” as outlined in the federal Constitution and reinforced by an even less debatable state application. Their foremost agenda is “registration” as a means to eventual confiscation. Truth be told, if you hang around in political circles long enough, you’ll hear them say that very thing. Regrettably, their media sanitized efforts are often disguised by a blatant mischaracterization of the Amendment itself, as well as the exploitation of murdered innocents as an acceptable means to the aforementioned end. This is the most despicable kind of political gamesmanship, made even more indefensible by a deliberate end run around the Constitution(s) these elected officials swore an oath to defend.

On the other side there are the ardent few defenders on Smith (Capitol) Hill. Emboldened by a rising tide of awakening gun owners, folks like Representative Chippendale (R) 40 and Costa (R) 31 are often hampered by boatloads of media misinformation, political pandering and a lack of understanding on the part of the general public when considering the true intent of the Second Amendment. It’s always troubling when some in this camp go on about hunting and sport shooting, neither of which have anything to do with the Amendment. This ignorance, willful or otherwise, only makes the task of countering a well-organized and focused opposition more difficult. Ultimately, factual unity around the Second Amendment’s true origin and meaning provides the clarity necessary to understanding how “the right” facilitates/protects additional benefits like hunting and other sporting uses of firearms. Moreover, every gun-owner who values his or her time at the range or in the woods should understand that while the Second Amendment was not drafted for “recreational” purposes and/or reasoning, many of these cultural traditions as well as the God-given right of self-defense, are also protected by way of our founders wisdom, experience and the subsequent Constitutional right to “keep and bear arms”.

Please take some time to read “your” founding documents, as well as the letters and papers of those who wrote them. You will discover they are anything but outdated. In fact, the content could not be more necessary and applicable to our current national posture.

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Filibuster Fallout…

john_brennan_apRand Paul put the “represent” back in representation recently, with his old style “filibuster” on the floor of the Senate. Evidently this didn’t sit well in “Obamanation”. Following a very short and terse letter from AG Holder, another Constitutionally challenged glory seeker, basically acknowledging he was asleep in U. S. History class, John Brennan eventually took “the oath” of office for the position of CIA Director with his hand on a copy of the Constitution without Amendments. This crew just can’t get it right, not even when trying to be sarcastic.

Now any lack of understanding/outright ignorance on the part of President Obama and company in terms of our Liberty and the documents which outline it, should come as no surprise to anyone who is not completely and utterly brainwashed. Leaving out the Bible and any hint of recognition of a higher authority than one’s self however, speaks volumes to the arrogance and abuse of power tendencies of this Administration. What’s more, all efforts made by the White House to frame the argument(s) of our day, make these facts plain. The inmates are clearly running the asylum…

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Sorry, we’re closed…

Sorry kids, we're closed...

Sorry kids, we’re closed…

In my notes from yesterdays article, I mentioned that if you call the White House (Media Events and Visitors Office) you will hear a recording telling you, “Due to sequestration and resulting staffing reductions, tours of the Executive Mansion have been suspended”.


This is what I mean when I write about the inexperience and flat out immaturity of the Obama Administration. They are the college debate team taking their ball and going home because they were made the fools for their distortions and misrepresentations during the sequestration battle. Regrettably, their lack of depth and understanding of our Republic and its creed, are trumped only by their elitist and irresponsible application of their responsibilities to “We the People”. For what does it say of this so-called recovery, when the President of the United States would spite a bunch of wide-eyed school children and not advocate for their futures by doing his job.

Unnecessary and unbecoming of the office to say the least Mr. President.

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Rubio Response…

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

In the face of sequestration which will devastate our military while our enemies strengthen theirs, and as our debt laden economy teeters, a mere shadow of its former vibrancy, propped up by reckless spending and foolish ideological rhetoric, the President of The United States will speak to Congress and the nation tonight and tell us we are on the mend. The truth is this country is obviously demoralized. It has been successfully re-defined by a small but highly effective minority. This “new norm” is a carefully cultivated mediocrity, devoid of effort and ripe with folks content with the status-quo. Fading fast are the days of risk and reward, hard work and success. Our country now seems held together by false “safety nets” and excuses, generational theft and selfishness.

No nation on planet earth is perfect to be sure, but we are special, unique, our creed and founding rooted in the God-given freedom to succeed of our own effort, each according to his or her own talent and drive. In turn and unfettered, those successes breed a collective spirit and national success unmatched in human history. That spirit and desire to be better and to live better, are what have defined the U.S. for generations, and held us together through many a hellish challenge.

Mr. President, this is not a time to divide a nation already “taxed” and pummeled by misinformation and demagoguery. We need a leader who believes in the real America, not someone who will remake the culture and traditions which built America. Consequently, I look forward to hearing the Republican response, articulated by a man who understands that “We the People” will only succeed as “one nation under God” if we are truly “one nation under God”.

For Conservatives who know the POTUS will come out passive aggressive and predictably partisan tonight, seizing on every opportunity to run the class warfare playbook against his political opponents, Senator Marco Rubio represents an almost JFK moment. He’s a breath of fresh air, and a “real” son of immigrants. A true American success story, Rubio is poised to enter the history books as a pivotal player in our nation’s future, and I will be watching and listening to him closely…

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All The President’s Media…

"Let me be clear..."

“Let me be clear…”

“We the People” must go to the media in one form or another for our information, but it’s not that simple anymore. There are many checks and balances available to us in the 21st century, so we may reconcile much if not all of what we hear. This requires effort however, and in many cases, intestinal fortitude if we truly desire the facts on any issue. With this in mind, there is no single news agency or pundit that/who gets it right 100 percent of the time, including this one. But when the man in the highest office in the land, a man charged by sworn oath to defend the rights of “We the People” as outlined in the Constitution, starts telling us who we should be getting our “information” from, it’s problematic to say the least. It shows us how little these supposedly learned and certainly untested academics we’ve sent to represent us, really understand about our Constitution. In an era when we are hearing professors, sheltered within the alternate universe of higher education, advocate we “dump” the founding documents in favor of “a new and more modern approach”, one can only conclude this nation, which has set the mark for human dignity and God given liberty, is sliding perilously close to a deep and dangerous precipice.

I was talking with a Liberal friend recently who fervently believes Bush 43 should be tried and “hanged” for treason. I chuckled and then shuddered a bit as I realized he was dead serious. It was at that moment I realized the battle lines have definitely shifted, and we can now see the unabashed and true intent of the Left. These are the folks who scream for justice at the loss of innocent young lives in Newtown Connecticut, yet defend something as gruesome and inhuman as partial birth abortion. They are the people who advocate for more spending on behalf of the “less fortunate”, but seek to destroy the means by which to pay for it. And they are citizens of this country who see it’s worth only in terms of how they may systematically dismantle everything it stands for, in order to make it fit some 1960’s narcotics driven version of the truth. Not surprisingly, their voices are now given weight with the 2nd election of an inexperienced, ideological and partisan standard-bearer. Moreover, that man, our President, now sees certain segments of the media as threats to the realization of this twisted and shallow dream of “Utopia”. Sounds scary doesn’t it.

Well I’ve listened to statements made by President Obama recently, and tried mightily to figure out how CBS could have had the nerve to air their recent “interview” with Mr. Obama and Secretary Clinton, and I couldn’t help but wonder how any fair minded person could come to any conclusion other than the following. With the exception of FOX News, and certain talk-radio shows, the press is largely and even gushingly sympathetic to this President and his ideology. Regrettably, these same media outlets, and those who own and operate them, have cast aside any shred of journalistic credibility they may have hidden away under the clever disguises of icons like Brokaw and Cronkite, two admitted but cautious and calculating Liberals.

Much of the battle to come will be fought inside these lines as folks gravitate to one camp or the other. In the end, it will not be which ideology you subscribe too, or which news outlet you feel best represents your view, but rather our future as a nation will be determined by whether or not “We the People” do our own homework, or whether we buy into the “main stream media’s” and/or the President’s interpretation of what we know to be true of our freedom and our Constitution.

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