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It’s only the first debate…

Just a couple of observations. (If) we are to believe the polls, Governor Romney did exactly what he needed to do and took the fight to the President. He was on message, articulate and described what is the most basic but important part of this election, “the vivid contrast” between two visions for America. And while the President did seem a bit disinterested and smug, that actually didn’t surprise me one bit.

Now I won’t get into why I feel the POTUS is not necessarily the “likable” guy many folks seem to think he is. I might just let the recently revealed tapes of a couple of very divisive speeches he made before he was elected speak for themselves on that matter. Consequently, I definitely got the feeling the Obama camp was trying mightily not to appear outside of that “likability” comfort zone. Let’s face it, Romney pretty much showed that’s really all they have. Arguably however, this is only the first debate. And judging from the “Shame Stream Media” response thus far, they will be out in full force today to spin this to the President’s advantage as best they can.

The simple truth is that in November, “We the People” will in fact have to do exactly what Governor Romney said last night, and choose between two very different ideological directions for our country. One thing is for certain after watching last night’s contest though, and that is neither of the candidates  attempted to hide theirs. Using only this as a benchmark, I score the night a tie.

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Punch Line…

President Obama kicked off his campaign on familiar ground today, a university campus. His strategists are certainly advising him well to seek safe haven among the young, inexperienced and easily manipulated sheep who flocked to his 2008 adventure. Help from Moderates will be much harder to garner this time around however. Many who may still be inclined to voice their support for the President in a Starbucks Wi-Fi Hot Spot, are far less likely to shade in the line next to his name behind a voting booth curtain in November.

Make no mistake though, the Progressive Left will be at the Polls in force to cast their votes for the man who brought their Socialist causes to the mainstream under the disguise of “hope and change”. But for those who saw Mr. Obama’s election as vindication of their 1960’s feel good ideology, and who are now finding it difficult to reconcile Utopia against the reality of mortgages, retirement, healthcare and the price of gas, “hope and change” has been relegated to the trash heap of history like so many campaign punch lines of old.

The mantra today was, “we have come too far to turn back now“. Well Mr. President, with all due respect, turning back now is our only “hope”…

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High Gear…

I happened on MSNBC and the President’s re-election campaign commercial with “orator” and Obama sycophant Tom Hanks, a man who seems so ready to hail the greatness of our nation on the silver screen, yet understands little of its true history. That aside, it seems the POTUS and company will continue the mantra of “blame the other guy” and except absolutely no responsibility for our anemic national posture. So let’s have a look at those ugly facts, shall we.

I get a lot of guff from the Left attacking me for being a “FOX Fanatic”. The trouble with this analogy is that I actually get much of my economic info and such from the federal government itself. Moreover, it would be impossible for me to make the case I do without using (all) of the media outlets, to include the international folks. How else would I highlight the Left Wing Media hypocrisy? Nonetheless, I have looked at trending lines of “economy’s past” and can clearly see that the GDP growth rates and subsequent hiring markers we are seeing today are consistent with an economy that would have chugged along at the same pace had the Administration went on a three year vacation after the 08 Election and returned this week. Now say what you will about the condition of things when President Obama took office, but the numbers simply do not bear it out. None of the banks, who are being “stress tested” today, were any better off 20 years ago if we really want to look at their bottom line structure and government mandated mortgage lending practices. And the big three auto makers, despite coming about to build the best cars in the world today, were poorly managed money pits 10 years before GW took office. What I’m getting at here is that this “blame Bush game” is nothing more than a well-orchestrated (and funded) distraction, designed entirely to keep Americans from focusing on and Ideologue President who has governed true to his word to change America, and certainly not for the better.

In fairness, I will not rant on about what I believe the Presidents true agenda is. Instead, I will simply state some facts for the record and ask all of you to rate Mr. Obama with the same scale we have rated all of our Chief Executives, beginning with the question, (Are you better off today than you were three years ago?).

GDP growth – consistently revised to under 2% post 2008

Inflation index – off the charts and across the board for non-durable goods and food stuffs

Gasoline – $1.84 per gallon in 2008, $3.84 per gallon today (And it does not matter what it rose to during the Bush years!)

Unemployment at the same period during the Bush Presidency – 4.7%. Unemployment 2012 – 8.3% with over 20 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, and 2 million less jobs for the finding as well.

Americans on food stamps – 31.9 million in 2008 vs. 46.5 million today

And most importantly – Federal Deficit 2008 – $10.6 trillion, Federal Deficit 2012 – $15.6 trillion and projected to hit 20 trillion or more by 2017 (most likely more as the CBO is now projecting the “Affordable” Care Act will cost double what was promoted by the Obama Administration.

Now unlike the pundits on the other side, I will not lay all the blame on this President or any other President specifically. The road to this economic and un-Constitutional nightmare we are living was paved over many Administrations and with the help of many complicit Congress’s. With that said however, President Obama’s ideological approach to our nation’s woes is ill-timed and dangerous to say the least, and while I’d love to sit and swap books and “factoid sheets” with Libs living in an alternate universe, these numbers are real and will not just go away. They present a direct challenge to the notion that we may leave a better country to our posterity. Consequently, we need action based on sound principle and proven application, and we need it now. We need things that make sense for our free market economy in the short-term, not utopian pipe dreams dreamt and fostered in the classroom only.

So as he “kicks his campaign for re-election into high gear”, and goes on par to spend more money doing so than any incumbent President or candidate in American history, and as the Republican field are vilified by the cut throat “main stream” press for a vetting process not unlike that of Obama / Clinton in 08,  Americans will be faced with a choice this Fall, stay the course and gamble our children’s future on broken promises and green algae, or elect a businessman for the times who will collect the books, read the spread sheets and not run from economic reality? That’s right, I have made my decision and I am supporting Mitt Romney for President… I hope everyone had a safe and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”.




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Say what???

There has been much in the news of late to which a pundit’s attention is warranted.  So let’s have some fun.

A couple of observations stand out for me, not the least of which is an apparent and continuing disconnect at the WH when it comes to the President’s appearances and statements. For instance, the big rally at the GM plant seemed almost a bad comedic line at a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, when we learned barely a day later that production on the Chevy Volt would cease for lack of sales. Now I’m not sure if Mr. Obama intends to custom order his Volt, but if so he may be surprised to find out he’ll have to take one off the lot. Now I know all the “greenies” out there are screaming that it was all the negative “fire” press that doomed the little car that couldn’t, but actually it was more likely the $40,000.00 price tag. Heck even with a $7500.00 tax credit, folks didn’t seem eager to hop in for the “short” ride. Nonetheless the question remains, where were the POTUS’s handlers on this one??

I recently read a bit on Warren Buffett regarding his battles with the IRS over some unpaid taxes and thought to myself, this is the same guy who’s advocating we all step up and pay our “fair” share. In view of this extraordinary development, I read on that Buffett’s airline owes more than $350,000,000.00 and is locked in a suit counter suit with the government he so enthusiastically promotes as the solver of all of our national woes. Well as far as I can see, this would be a great opportunity for the old gent to put his money where his mouth is and fork it over for the greater good. (Not gonna happen people). You see that is the old Liberal game of “do as I say and not as I do”. These people are always most comfortable spending other people’s money.

I just thought hypocrisy would be a good lead in for the next few posts. Stay tuned…

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Green energy farce…


Make no mistake oh faithful of the blogosphere; rising fuel costs will have a dramatic and undoubtedly negative impact on an already struggling economy this Summer. Whatever anemic improvements and trumped up media hype surrounding any so-called recovery, as framed by this White House, will be consumed by massive inflation brought about by the price of oil and massive debt. It appears to be just one more nail in the coffin of the grand Obama experiment.

Ideology aside, it remains difficult for me to understand the mindset of “We the People” inthe face of such economic Armageddon. How can so many be so easily manipulated by the failed tactics of class warfare and division, spun by those who claim to champion the poor yet have done little but to keep them in a state of perpetual entitlement while enabling a George Soros funded and massive effort to secure their generational vote? How can so many of my time accept the watered down Obama version of our father’s American dream, and be content no less, to make that the foundation for their posterity?

I was debating these and other questions with a political rival recently at a Campaign 2012 event and we landed where we usually do, agreeing to disagree. But putting aside idealistic stuff for a minute, I asked him one more economic question at the end of our discussion which seemed to catch him a bit flat-footed. I asked: even if one were to subscribe to “Obamanomics”, how could one ever reconcile what has been spent these past 3 years against what has been gained? How will we ever pay it back? And how do we explain to our children that we’ve mortgaged “their children’s” future? Before he could answer I answered for him. “We can’t”.

The facts are simple. Unless we dramatically alter our national course, and move to fix what’s broken with a purpose and expeditious diligence, rooted in a common desire to leave a better country for our kids, all will be for not. Anyone, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, who claims to love this country and yet refuses to recognize the perils of proceeding with ideological blinders firmly affixed, must be guilty of at the very least gross complacency and generational neglect. (I made those up for effect, but I’m serious…)

In the vein of intellectual honesty I will tell you, this is about change from the lowest to the highest levels, from your city councilman to the President of the United States. And at the risk of being accused of melodrama, do your homework and choose wisely this Fall. The vote you cast will have significant implications which are sure to affect you and your family directly.


I can’t think of a President who so effortlessly contradicts himself and does so with such emotional conviction. As if it makes it any less disingenuous. This fact is exasperated by modern media where his contradictions live eternal. Take for instance the many times then Senator Obama slaughtered the Bush Administration for $1.89 gasoline. Today we here the same man attacking Republicans for raising a similar issue,,, must be an election year… And get this, he wants to “double down” on green energy spending and promote the use of “algae” as alternative fuel… Yikes, what are they smoking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Look, the problem is things are far worse today when taken in context, and yet the “main stream press” is devoid of (equal opportunity questioning “bashing”). Not once did gas prices come up in last night’s debate. Come on CNN, at least make some effort to look objective. Sadly, as we are finding out that the Keystone project would in fact generate millions of barrels of added oil productivity directly into the Midwest for U.S. consumers, and merely entertaining (broadcasting) the idea of drilling the vast resources available to us right here in our own country would scare the Saudis and company back down to about 70 bucks a barrel, we must acknowledge a simple truth. This Administration could care less about what you pay for gas. The tactic is obvious, that being to use inflated fuel prices as a means to promote their energy plan which will contribute readily to the downfall of America as we know it, and quick. Sigh…

NOTE: Clean green energy has a place in America’s future to be sure, just not next week…


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Inflation trigger…

I heard the President make a stunning assertion today claiming that gas prices were rising because of global demand and our “economic recovery”. He said this is the reason we must extend the payroll tax cut immediately. Now that extension and the measly $20.00 it attaches to your pay check every week is an entirely different argument all together. And in spite of the wheel barrel full of class warfare hate mail I’ll get on the matter I will move on.

Mr. President, gas prices are rising because of our dependence on foreign oil and your lack of will to do much of anything about it. Moreover, demand is actually down and supplies are up in February. Ya know, I seem to remember Nancy Pelosi chastising President Bush for $2.00 per gallon gas, yet your solution Sir, is an extra 20 spot for our troubles? Inflation is poised to rear its ugly head this summer unlike at any time in American history, and our leaders are flat-footed and clueless.

The nonchalant and frankly scary way this POTUS frames the critical issues of our time is truly unsettling and smacks of complete indifference and elitism. Even in the face of one of the most significant shovel ready energy projects to come down the pike in the last 20 years (Keystone Pipeline), President Obama has embraced the ideological wing of his party yet again by coming down on the side of the environmentalist nut jobs. Subsequently, as we look as his budget overall and the fact that most members of his own party won’t even vote for it, then we throw in the national debt, and unprecedented food and fuel prices coming to a city or town near you this summer, it is difficult to embrace our Presidents rosy assessment of our condition.

Truth “and” consequence are very often difficult medicine…

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Find your own iceberg Mr. Polar Bear, this one’s mine…

No questions please!

So frightened are the Progressive Environmentalists and their friends in the “main stream” media, about the questionable data implicating civilization in all of our planetary woes by way of “fossil fuel” consumption, that they are now pressuring states to include in their respective public school curriculums, a kind of “climate change denial” course. Huh? I guess this must be meant to convince our young ones not to be swayed by the “naysayers” and to fully embrace what is being “taught” them by way of the complicit academics.

Putting aside for a moment the mounting evidence that much of the rhetorical “global warming” pabulum being spoon fed to our children has been at the very least exaggerated, and some cases even down right manipulated to suit a particular political agenda, one has to ask: Can we send our children to school any longer without fear of them being indoctrinated as opposed to educated?

Listen up parents! It’s time you do your homework and make sure that your children are getting the facts. There are literally thousands of legitimate and noted scientists offering qualifying information about the effects of carbon emissions on our planet and its atmosphere. Dozens of agenesis have put forth challenges to the science of “global warming” but have been rebuffed by the “main stream” media when attempting to make their case. Only when one of the environmentalist hacks gets caught red-handed “cooking” the books are they forced to tell the story. Only when entire data collection firms are outed for manipulating results at the behest of agenda driven lobbies and their political enablers, do we learn the truth about the real numbers and the reality that goes with them.

Truth be told, I catch a lot of flak for some of my stances past and present concerning the “human footprint”. I think there is in fact much we can do to ensure a cleaner planet for our posterity. Having said that, the intentional mischaracterization of mans impact on this planet, combined with a clearly agenda driven approach to the problem and to the degree which it may or may not exist, does nothing but threaten our economy and ultimately our very way of life. Notably, the recent “push back” by Americans, as described by those who walk in the “evolutionary science circles”, is simply a reflection of doubt, not necessarily about the information, but about how and by whom it is being compiled and subsequently passed on to our children.

Additional note: It befuddles me the way in which Progressives continually portray themselves as purveyors of the debate, and then do everything in their power to silence the opposition?

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My fellow Americans…

The President of the United States is sure to tell Congress tonight that the “state of the union” is improving. He’s done this several times already. But here’s what he will really be saying:

Now here's what I really mean....

My fellow Americans, I believe that our nation must be one with other nations and that we have enjoyed far more success than we are rightfully entitled to. Our exceptionalism has come not as a result of hard work, sacrifice and entrepreneurial initiatives born of God-given freedom and liberty, but rather at the expense of the rest of the world, and it is high time we pay the price. My intention is to transform our nation using the European model of big government and featuring entitlement as the primary mind-set of the people. I will continue to push for “reforms” which create a larger and more vocal entitlement class who know only protest and class warfare as answers for their lot in life, and who have little or no interest in success based on diligence and effort. I will tell Americans that $48,000.00 in debt to each and every child born this day, and a “real numbers” national debt of $202 trillion is a small price to pay for our place in the world, and I will demonize Capitalism as the root of all evil and the free market enterprise as merely a tool of the rich. I will re-write history to convince the impressionable youth of our nation that we are the problem and must suffer for all of our transgressions. I will reach into the classrooms of the youngest of them and use manipulated, inconclusive and false data to make them cry about that which in many cases we are powerless to control. I will tell them there is no God and that if they believe there is, they must keep it to themselves for fear of offending. I will explain inaccurately that Columbus was a murderer and that he brought only disease to the continent, and I will teach them that Communism is just another form of government and not responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of innocent people.

And finally my fellow Americans, I will do all of this under the banner of “hope and change”. I will ostracize and vilify all who oppose me as bigots, racists, homophobes, and out of touch. I will deny the very intent of the Framers and finally wash away all remaining memories of a government “of the people, by the people, for the people…

NOTE: This is merely an attempt to invite the broader debate. But it is also a reminder that to continue down our current  path with the proverbial/ideological blinders of either side of the argument firmly affixed, is tantamount to slamming the door in our children’s faces. We need to return to searching for the things which bind us…

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Very frustrated with the lies of the Left today, indulge me…

Warning! Right Wing rant…

“The economy is in recovery”, Really???

Someone please tell that to the millions of still unemployed or severely “underemployed” out there today struggling with living on half their normal income. Someone please tell that to the worker who has been told the doors to the plant he has worked at the past 15 years are closing and he must find other employment. Someone please tell that to construction worker watching and waiting as truly shovel ready projects are shelved by this Administration because of trumped up, or worse yet the manufactured regulatory concerns of particular political lobbies. Someone please tell that to the small business owner who is hanging by a thread with no plans to do anything but survive for the short-term, as well as the big business owner who has retooled his approach to do more with fewer employees while the economic climate remains fragile. Someone please tell that to the homeowner, last on his street to lose his home, who is watching its value plummet as desperate folks strip his neighbors foreclosed houses of their copper plumbing and aluminum siding for cash. Someone please tell that to the mom of 4 who is paying 1/3 more for her families groceries than she did just a year ago. Someone please tell that to the commuter still waiting for the lower gases prices he was promised in 2008. Wow, this is so easy but far too real and painful for so many.

Now don’t whine and tell us about how you were “handed a mess” and the like. This is the real world and you are the President of the United States Mr. Obama! Stop blaming everyone else! You sailed into the office with lofty rhetoric and hypocritical campaign hype, and we are now mired in the most lethargic and pathetic economic uptick (doesn’t even qualify as a recovery) in American history. Is this the new America you promised? Is this the new “norm”? Is this what you envisioned for our children’s future? Or is this a failed “college try” that has certainly set us back at least a decade?

“Yes we can” what Sir, double the national debt, bankrupt the nation’s healthcare system, regulate any remaining industry out of existence, destroy a free market economy that has shaped the world, decimate the military force which has secured our place on the planet for over 235 years???

Four more years of an inexperienced and bitterly partisan community organizer, I think not… Ultimately however, that depends on “We the People” on Election Day 2012…

Do not be fooled, read between “the numbers”. Our nation is changing, (dying)…

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Get in the damn game…

See ya...

I think it’s fair to say when looking at the failure of the “Super Committee”, Governor Christie is spot on when he asks the POTUS: “What the hell are we paying “you” for”? Put aside for a minute Christi’s accurate assertion that President Obama has been essentially AWOL during the debt debate choosing instead to heckle from the side lines. What is truly amazing is that he’s made around 50+ trips to 11 potential 2012 swing states of recent, and all on our dime, that’s more than any of his predecessors. Moreover, I continue to chuckle every time I hear School Boy Jay Carney say things like: “It would be a stretch to think we would know which states will be battleground states”. I mean, how stupid does this clown think we are. Truth be told, the Obama team has a group of individuals whose sole responsibility is to monitor every detail of his election campaign, specifically something as critical as the 80 or so electoral votes he must get to win in 2012.

So putting aside Carneys contempt for the “unwashed”, it is not “a stretch” when we ask our President to get off the campaign train, jog on over to Capitol Hill, and get in the damn game!


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