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Find your own iceberg Mr. Polar Bear, this one’s mine…

No questions please!

So frightened are the Progressive Environmentalists and their friends in the “main stream” media, about the questionable data implicating civilization in all of our planetary woes by way of “fossil fuel” consumption, that they are now pressuring states to include in their respective public school curriculums, a kind of “climate change denial” course. Huh? I guess this must be meant to convince our young ones not to be swayed by the “naysayers” and to fully embrace what is being “taught” them by way of the complicit academics.

Putting aside for a moment the mounting evidence that much of the rhetorical “global warming” pabulum being spoon fed to our children has been at the very least exaggerated, and some cases even down right manipulated to suit a particular political agenda, one has to ask: Can we send our children to school any longer without fear of them being indoctrinated as opposed to educated?

Listen up parents! It’s time you do your homework and make sure that your children are getting the facts. There are literally thousands of legitimate and noted scientists offering qualifying information about the effects of carbon emissions on our planet and its atmosphere. Dozens of agenesis have put forth challenges to the science of “global warming” but have been rebuffed by the “main stream” media when attempting to make their case. Only when one of the environmentalist hacks gets caught red-handed “cooking” the books are they forced to tell the story. Only when entire data collection firms are outed for manipulating results at the behest of agenda driven lobbies and their political enablers, do we learn the truth about the real numbers and the reality that goes with them.

Truth be told, I catch a lot of flak for some of my stances past and present concerning the “human footprint”. I think there is in fact much we can do to ensure a cleaner planet for our posterity. Having said that, the intentional mischaracterization of mans impact on this planet, combined with a clearly agenda driven approach to the problem and to the degree which it may or may not exist, does nothing but threaten our economy and ultimately our very way of life. Notably, the recent “push back” by Americans, as described by those who walk in the “evolutionary science circles”, is simply a reflection of doubt, not necessarily about the information, but about how and by whom it is being compiled and subsequently passed on to our children.

Additional note: It befuddles me the way in which Progressives continually portray themselves as purveyors of the debate, and then do everything in their power to silence the opposition?

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