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Side show???

obama_press-conference_3-620x413It appears the Obama Presidency is unraveling with astonishing speed. That said, I’ve always felt the POTUS’s aversion to accountability and the Constitution would be his undoing. Ideologies aside though, many Americans are finally beginning to see the light in terms of what we expect from a Commander-in-Chief. I say this because whether or not he believes it himself, and for good or bad, the buck will eventually stop at Mr. Obama’s desk. It’s simply part of being President of the United States.

Nevertheless, it’s imperative all Americans understand where we are. When looked at collectively, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and now the troubling issue of secret subpoenas and wire-taps at the Associated Press speak to an alarming pattern of behavior which suggests a discernible tone of indifference from top to bottom in the Obama government, for the Constitutional rights of Americans on every level. Accordingly, if the Administration and those agencies under its direct supervision, as well as supporting and ideologically driven politicians like Rhode Island’s Junior Senator Sheldon Whitehouse are comfortable with the facts so far, then “We the People” should be concerned, very concerned.

My quick email to Senator Whitehouse:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Notwithstanding “so help me God”, as I’m sure you might have us do away with the phrase, what part of the above do you not understand Senator?

At a time when “We the People” of Rhode Island are looking to our elected officials for clarity of purpose and Constitutional integrity, we instead have you Sir, towing the party line and sounding like a mindless sycophant. Regrettably, it is understood politics in Washington has become a game of one-upmanship and ideological demagoguery on both sides of the aisle, devoid of true and thoughtful representation. That said, I think we are coming back to a period when folks may be demanding a little more than what you are providing Senator Whitehouse. Your allegiance to this President does not negate fact and reason, and may not be substituted for the above oath. Please, at the very least, try and consider who it is you serve.

Oh, and no return “campaign letter” is necessary in consideration of this correspondence. 


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All The President’s Media…

"Let me be clear..."

“Let me be clear…”

“We the People” must go to the media in one form or another for our information, but it’s not that simple anymore. There are many checks and balances available to us in the 21st century, so we may reconcile much if not all of what we hear. This requires effort however, and in many cases, intestinal fortitude if we truly desire the facts on any issue. With this in mind, there is no single news agency or pundit that/who gets it right 100 percent of the time, including this one. But when the man in the highest office in the land, a man charged by sworn oath to defend the rights of “We the People” as outlined in the Constitution, starts telling us who we should be getting our “information” from, it’s problematic to say the least. It shows us how little these supposedly learned and certainly untested academics we’ve sent to represent us, really understand about our Constitution. In an era when we are hearing professors, sheltered within the alternate universe of higher education, advocate we “dump” the founding documents in favor of “a new and more modern approach”, one can only conclude this nation, which has set the mark for human dignity and God given liberty, is sliding perilously close to a deep and dangerous precipice.

I was talking with a Liberal friend recently who fervently believes Bush 43 should be tried and “hanged” for treason. I chuckled and then shuddered a bit as I realized he was dead serious. It was at that moment I realized the battle lines have definitely shifted, and we can now see the unabashed and true intent of the Left. These are the folks who scream for justice at the loss of innocent young lives in Newtown Connecticut, yet defend something as gruesome and inhuman as partial birth abortion. They are the people who advocate for more spending on behalf of the “less fortunate”, but seek to destroy the means by which to pay for it. And they are citizens of this country who see it’s worth only in terms of how they may systematically dismantle everything it stands for, in order to make it fit some 1960’s narcotics driven version of the truth. Not surprisingly, their voices are now given weight with the 2nd election of an inexperienced, ideological and partisan standard-bearer. Moreover, that man, our President, now sees certain segments of the media as threats to the realization of this twisted and shallow dream of “Utopia”. Sounds scary doesn’t it.

Well I’ve listened to statements made by President Obama recently, and tried mightily to figure out how CBS could have had the nerve to air their recent “interview” with Mr. Obama and Secretary Clinton, and I couldn’t help but wonder how any fair minded person could come to any conclusion other than the following. With the exception of FOX News, and certain talk-radio shows, the press is largely and even gushingly sympathetic to this President and his ideology. Regrettably, these same media outlets, and those who own and operate them, have cast aside any shred of journalistic credibility they may have hidden away under the clever disguises of icons like Brokaw and Cronkite, two admitted but cautious and calculating Liberals.

Much of the battle to come will be fought inside these lines as folks gravitate to one camp or the other. In the end, it will not be which ideology you subscribe too, or which news outlet you feel best represents your view, but rather our future as a nation will be determined by whether or not “We the People” do our own homework, or whether we buy into the “main stream media’s” and/or the President’s interpretation of what we know to be true of our freedom and our Constitution.

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Above The Law…



Sometimes politics is frightening. As I watched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answer questions about Benghazi on Capitol Hill yesterday, I was struck by the audacity and anger she displayed at having her version of events called into question. Even more alarming was the suggestion that the negligence and politics of the Obama Administration during that time is somehow no longer relevant. This speaks volumes for the indifference and disdain these folks have for our Constitution, as well as the governmental process necessary and vital to the survival of our Republic. Mrs. Clinton was clearly offended, and attempted to portray herself as a victim advocate, instead of a department head with critical responsibilities. Crocodile tears were flowing as she spoke of “greeting the flag draped caskets” of those lost when they arrived at Andrews AFB, and then disavowed any knowledge of the “talking points” she spoke when addressing the families that very day.

I would have to say that Clinton’s testimony was the most significant display of contempt on the part of a politician called to account that I have ever witnessed. When taken in the context of the President’s partisan and divisive Inaugural Address just a few days earlier, I think it’s fair to say this bunch feel they have been crowned, not elected, and are somehow above the law.

If it were I who were elected and charged with the responsibility to ensure governmental accountability, I would have stated the following in response to the Secretary’s “outburst” when pressed about why the American people were lied to.

I understand you’re upset Madam Secretary, but please look into that camera and tell those folks you spoke so tearfully of earlier, that information regarding how their loved ones died doesn’t matter! I have nothing further Mr. Chairman…”

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January 20, 2013…

Obama-Official-Portrait-2013As a matter of clarification, and in response to the endless email I get when there is the perception of inaccuracy in one of my posts, the Constitution requires the President and Vice President be sworn in on 1/20, following the election. The official ceremony for public consumption will be tomorrow, 1/21. If you read through the original post below, you will notice the reference to “tomorrow” as the official swearing in. That would have been today as the post was released on Saturday 1/19. I was simply covering both days. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you would be surprised what shuts down my email inbox… Thanks, and I apologize for any confusion. At 1155 EST today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as POTUS for a second term.

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1-20-13, The Inauguration of Apathy…

Inaugural_platform-001_s640x427Whether you agree with him or not, Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of The United States for a second term. The backdrop of this inauguration however, will be one of uncertainty and disillusionment to be sure.

We are living in a time of choices like we have never faced, and they are not necessarily ideological choices. Nevertheless, most Americans must now decide whether they will recognize and accept the factual evidence of our national “situation”, or whether they will choose to ignore that evidence, blame someone or something else, and hope the “situation” will correct itself. Here are some undeniable truths to consider though, if you have the intestinal fortitude…

Our overall economy has already morphed into an over-extended and dormant entity on life support, chugging along at what would normally be considered a pathetic pace. Stocks are up though they are critically overvalued paper, and lack the raw capital which once calmed a long term investor. Unemployment remains under-reported and elevated because of uncertainty over the rising costs associated with owning and running a business. Ideological taxes and benefit burdens threaten to blow up middle America, with a recent report from a former GAO Chief predicting Obamacare may very well collapse the entire economy. (Note: Most credible analysts who aren’t drinking the Obama Kool-Aid support that prediction.) And as a nation, we spend nearly twice what we take in, with our debt now growing beyond our realistic ability to pay it off of our great-grandchildren’s backs.

In full view of all of these facts many have simply chosen to dig in their partisan heals and spit into the proverbial fan. Politicians for life on both sides of the aisle have put us on a collision course with financial Armageddon, and there seems little “We the People” are prepared to do about it. Moreover, Chief Justice John Roberts will swear in a President tomorrow, who lacks both the life experience and historical grasp to lead us back onto the right avenue, a demagogue, drunk on perceived adoration, and who is content see this college experiment through to it’s inevitable conclusion, even if it means the United States emerges but a shell of its former glory.

Now some will call me a racist for my conclusions. Still others will call (me) the partisan, and I will undoubtedly argue against this foolishness to the bitter end. That said, what we are facing here is a mathematical certainty with unimaginable consequences, which can no longer be denied or framed as just some radical doomsday prediction. The hard numbers are now in plain sight. Make no mistake, I too am stunned at how quickly this country was lulled into a catatonic 1960’s mentality, unable to see reality or reason, blinded by rhetoric, and selfishly willing to deny their posterity.

So as I watch and listen to President Obama take the oath of office once more, and I hear him swear to uphold the Constitution of this nation once again, and then I listen some more as he will undoubtedly rehash much of the old “Hope and Change” diatribe, I will be considering my sons and our children’s America. Regrettably, my conclusions will be the same as they were in 2008. The President is not the problem. We are…

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Deadbeat nation???

President Obama at yesterday's news conference.

President Obama at yesterday’s news conference.

Republicans began the session by reading the Constitution aloud on the floor of the House. Well, I think that’s a great place to start, and sends the appropriate message to the Obama Administration. It should be very clear to any “reasonable” person, that in consideration of an election decided by about the number of Republicans who stayed home, The United States of America is a nation divided right down the middle.

Now there are many reasons for this division having to do with everything from the education, or rather indoctrination of our young ones in the public school system, to a media which has forgotten its responsibilities to “We the People“, but make no mistake, we are at a turning point as a nation. The President of The United States is without any doubt an ideologue, bolstered by a second term, and who has shown he is willing to press beyond the boundaries of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights. Those who know him tell us this is the “entire package”, a person we did not necessarily see the first time around, though I would disagree with the notion he did not make plain “his” vision for America in 2008. Many simply chose to ignore his words for the sake of his skin color and a promised utopia. That said, there can be no illusions. President Barack Obama now sees himself as the star receiver who will carry the (progressive football of change) over the political goal line, dodging any Constitutional cornerbacks along the way. “The American People agreed with me.” This is his mantra. Be damned the nearly half of those people who voted against him and his policies. History tells us delusion is often the friend of the ideologue who sees himself as the righter of perceived wrongs.

Inevitably, right minded members of Congress now have a responsibility to forgo their respective re-election chances and do what must be done to stop this assault on the Constitution. I submit to all of you, this battle is no less important than any our brave Soldiers have fought in order to preserve our children’s future, and the outcome no less pivotal. I now call on all of you to speak out. Start a blog, attend a hearing on an important issue and voice your opinion, or write to the editor of your local news paper. If you value our heritage of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness“, then silence and apathy are no longer options.

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Stand Fast!!!

boehner_angle_ap_imgJohn Boehner was re-elected for a second term as Speaker of House yesterday, but not without some drama. From what I am hearing, Boehner just cleared the threshold requiring a second round of balloting, with 220 votes. Apparently, there were as many as nine Republican defections.

My take on this is simple. At no time in recent memory has it been more important for our elected representatives to stand on sound fiscal principle. The days of “bi-partisan” shenanigans at the expense of our children must come to an end. And unlike many dreamers out there, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with “inclusiveness” under one tent or another. I am not confused nor will I be swayed from the reality that “We the People” have allowed Washington to financially undo The United States of America. I ask the Speaker to lead in a way which will make him synonymous with our nation’s revival, not its demise.

With the election over, and as we await an Inauguration to mark the peaceful transition from one term to another for President Obama, I remain hopeful Americans will wake from their dreams of utopian bliss and realize our wounds are by and large self-inflicted. And in doing so, chart a new course back to that which makes this, the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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“Rino” reasoning…

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist was many things politically, but he was never a Republican. Crist’s record reeks of “middle of road” tactics and politically motivated sidestepping. He struck me as a coward then as he does today, with his recent shall we say, “conversion”. You see, I’ve never believed in the “Rino” label, but rather felt it was cover for those who simply lacked “intestinal fortitude”, and whose intentions were rooted in re-election and re-election only. Good riddance Chuck… I do believe however, this type of political morphing is symptomatic of a bigger problem which has transcended generations to the American Electorate. It is just plain easier to be middle of the road and stand for nothing these days…

Ultimately, I remain convinced of the need for a return to conviction and principle in the American political system, bracketed by an educated and informed voter who understands that our nation is unique, and for very special and significant reasons. The question is, can someone who stands on their principles, and who feels those principles are reflected in the “American Dream” expect to be successful in U.S. politics today, oh and without being branded a greedy, rich, white, polluting, racist, sexist, homophobe? Let’s look at this with some objectivity and truth, shall we?

Judging by the 2012 Presidential Election results, I’d have to say a fair amount of folks are a bit conflicted about their principles. Old folks because they’ve had Liberals screaming in their ears about Republican plans to replace their Social Security checks with pet store food stamps, young folks because they are learning about the “new and improved America” in school and they just don’t know any better, and middle aged folks because they’re suffering from the Rip Van-Winkle effect. There is a ton of ideological crap floating around the toilet which is our nation’s capital these days, and both of the major parties share some of the responsibility for it being there. The result has been a diminished sense of our national identity, and a subtle but growing confusion about our cultural destiny. This is demonstrated by a recent poll showing that more than fifty percent of Democrats have a favorable view of Socialism. What??! This can and must be because they simply have no clue of history and how the Socialist model has given rise to some of the world’s worst tyrants. For if they had read the true historical record, and listened with even the most objective ear, they would surely have come away with a different conclusion. Ok, so I won’t get into a sprawling rant on the perils of Socialism, and how it is been re-packaged if you will, by the Progressive Left. But it is obvious that what ails us is not simply socioeconomic and/or ideological, but rather it’s a fundamental break in the line of historical truth which shaped this great and worthy experiment. Moreover, it is the mission of every George Soros enemy of freedom, to rewrite and revise the American experience, in such a way as to lessen its worth in the eyes of future generations, here at home and around the globe. This is their only hope of victory, to re-write the story over time. Simply put, the exploitation of America’s faults and shortcomings is relentlessly and maliciously broadcast by a complicit Left wing press, and now taught in our schools and institutions of “higher learning”, out in front of the undeniable goodness, immeasurable contributions and inspirational example to free people everywhere, which are the true hallmarks of the greatest nation ever in the history of human kind.

So as we gear up for what will inevitably be a fight to regain our national sense of worth, through 2014 and beyond, the battle lines appear much more defined. In the end, that battle will be joined by those stewards of history and truth, who value liberty and the individual’s contribution to the collective success of a free republic, pitted against those of endless excuses and a perverted and fairytale sense of fairness, having little or nothing to do with “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This is the growing reality and the pivotal face-off which will eventually define Barack Obama’s eight years as President of The United States. Which side of history will you tell your children your were on?

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Obama AWOL on fiscal talks…

In the face of economic challenges he himself has called the “worst since the Great Depression”,  The President of United States is “absent without leave” when it comes to addressing those challenges. His cavalier and irresponsible “I won the election” attitude, demonstrates what I have referred to all along as his “community organizer style of governing”. Regrettably, this is a time for real leadership from our President, leadership he pledged to provide and instead has now settled in for a long winters nap while planning his four million dollar holiday extravaganza.

With inflation creeping into the mix, a jobs report which proves only that the American work force is shrinking to historic lows, and a consumer spending and confidence index in the toilet this holiday season, the POTUS seems oddly cocksure and confident, predictably casting the “compromise” word to the trash heap of election year BS .

Admittedly, I have been torn between the notion of letting the country go over the fiscal cliff or allowing the president’s proposals to go forward. On the one hand, the country would suffer mightily if we go over this so called cliff, with unemployment skyrocketing and taxes reaching unprecedented levels for all tax-“payers”. On the other hand, if we allow the President’s policies to go forward, fiscal chaos and another recession are an economic reality for the nation. Doesn’t seem like much of choice now does it.

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you unleash the power of a masterfully packaged, albeit ideologically flawed plan on our Constitutional Republic. Precious time is wasted on the nuances of party politics and class warfare, as the country’s true economic engine is starved of the very fuel which makes it run: the entrepreneurial spirit, hard work and ingenuity of “We the People”.

Consequently, and as a Constitutional Conservative, I feel nothing short of bound to an old amusement park rollercoaster I don’t want to be on. As the rickety ride screams at breakneck speed toward inevitable calamity, I can see a duly elected President who readily ignores fact, truth and history, in what can only be described as a political high-jacking of our national identity, pitted against an weak-kneed opposition party, held hostage by the inability of its elected representatives to secure a principled position and stand on that position for better or worse. Hang on…

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Demographically speaking…

Many things inspire my writing. I do not automatically fall in line with the “news of the day” folks as this is predictable to me and often not of great interest to my readers. It’s the story within the story I’m chasing, that in turn allows me to reconcile the events which affect us all.

I was reading on-line recently when I came across a very flattering sequence of photos showing the President with his wife and one of his daughters taking in a pro-basketball game. Smiles and hugs abounded, and Mr. Obama the man looked quite content with his life post-election. Unlike some who write as I do, I’m usually inclined to give the POTUS a pass in these situations because he is also a family man and should be able to enjoy his life, at least to the extent he can and within the context of his awesome “responsibilities”. Truth be told, that difficult balance goes with the job he fought so hard to keep.

Nevertheless, I read a contrasting article this morning about a women in Rhode Island who was laid off last year and has been struggling with the fact her unemployment benefits are quickly coming to an end. She has cashed in her life insurance and sold just about everything she owns to stay in the game. She reminded the interviewer that her bills are still due regardless of her employment status, and that her gas had been shut off at different times while she struggled to pay the bill. With winter approaching, my heart went out to this women as you could clearly see the anguish on her face in a photo taken for the article.

Now I know Liberals out there will defend the President on this one, and say that he cannot and should not be expected to live life as a recluse in mourning for those struggling in “the worst recession since the Great Depression”, as he himself describes it. Normally I would be inclined to agree with that analogy. However, “this President” has taken extraordinary pains to identify himself with a particular demographic in this country, all the while bashing another demographic and touting what he calls “progress” on the economic front.

So as the work force remains at historically low levels, and many finding work are settling for underemployment as opposed to no employment, and as our national debt continues to grow while a fiscal chasm looms ahead of the new year, and while so many Americans continue to struggle in an economic climate on which our President readily admits “We’ve got more work to do”, I would suggest to Mr. Obama that he at least try and appear a bit more introspective during this very difficult holiday season for many Americans.



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