The Politics of Gun Control…

gun-control-posterWhen you ask the average American, “Are you in favor of background checks for people buying guns?”, the obvious answer will be yes. As with all “polls” however, when you adjust the question to reflect the hidden details, you get a different (and more educated) answer. My point is that the President’s assertions about American’s feelings on gun control are skewed and highly political to say the least. Moreover, how in the world can we have a logical discussion on making our children and our nation safer, when our ideological chief executive’s contribution is to exploit the parents of Sandy Hook by flying them around from sound-bite to sound-bite on Air force One.

If there is anyone out there who believes the President of the United States cares about anything other than positioning himself politically by attempting to demonize and divide the opposition, please remove your head from the partisan sand before you suffocate.

“This is not about me.” Really Mr. President? I think this is all about you.

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4 Responses to The Politics of Gun Control…

  1. Cindy Jusseaume says:

    Well said !

  2. Mark Poirier says:

    We must have been on the same thought wavelength, Fred. The first comment in my letter today in the Projo was because all Obama ever seems to say is, “This isn’t about politics.” Riiiight. And I’m Mae West. Come up and see me sometime. 😉

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