On “Nemo” and Pelosi…

On the recent snow storm in the North East, it’s a bit disconcerting how some were not prepared for “Nimo”. The aftermath of the late winter storm was challenging to say the least, but I think folks have become pre-conditioned to panic and pre-disposed to whining. Buck up my fellow New Englanders, the elderly and those with disabilities need us to be there for them when these things happen. Take responsibility for your well-being and that of your family. Accept that things may get rough, but context and empathy should help. A bit of forethought and planning wouldn’t hurt either. Okay, moving along…

pelosi_oh_no_apIs Nancy Pelosi brain-dead or just an idiot? I always catch flak for framing my stuff like this, but sometimes the frustration level goes off the charts when I hear what comes out of the mouths of some in Washington. Who in their right mind supports a person like this for elected office. For a Congressperson sent to Washington to do the business of “We the People”, to even suggest the U.S. government doesn’t have a spending problem indicates either a lack of regard for the intelligence of the electorate, or demonstrates a total black-out when it comes to the fundamental principles of mathematics we all learn as children. Now I have followed Representative Pelosi’s “career” for some time and have never found her to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. That said, I have to believe its the former which applies here. This women thinks we’re stupid

Listen up people, this is beyond foolishness now. “If” you value your children’s future, you must accept the United States is broke, heavily in debt, and racing toward financial Armageddon. There is simply no longer any place in Congress for lying political dinosaurs like Nancy Pelosi. Hello California District 12. Is anybody home???


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  1. Mark Poirier says:


    I always love reading your letters. I sent a reply to this one to the ProJo, but I’m sure it will never see the light of day.

    Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 3:29 PM
    To: ProJo Letters
    Cc: Robert Whitcomb Jr.; Achorn, Edward
    Subject: To answer Fred Comella’s question…

    Fred Comella asks, “Is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi brain-dead or just an idiot”, (“Fred Comella: Pelosi thinks Americans are stupid”. 2013-02-12)? I think I can answer that question.

    Her bologna has a first name
    It’s N – A – N – C – Y
    Her bologna has a second name
    It’s P – E – L – O – S – I

    She feeds it to us every day
    And if you ask her “Why?” she’ll say
    “Cuz Nancy Pelosi has a way
    With B – O – L – O – G – N – A”

    Mark Poirier

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