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“Saving American lives”…

anwar-obama-drone-460x307Listening to “School Boy Jay Carney” talk about these drone strikes is like watching a Jason Bourne movie. “Your missions will save American lives”. Good grief…

The problem is this administrations track record in terms of the Constitutional rights of “We the People”. Everything they do stinks more of political reasoning than anything else. All roads seem destined only to prop up this President, usually by way of an end-run around the (Bill of Rights). Hell, they vaporized al-Awlaki’s 16-year-old son along with him.

You know, I listen to Libs every day fight with me about how the POTUS was sent by God to right the wrongs of GW and Ronald Reagan. Frankly, all I have been able to discern with clarity, is that he’s an inexperienced community organizer from Illinois, who doesn’t know the first thing about actually being President. I see a man, ideologically content to remake the office into his own personal shooting gallery, with American citizens now clearly on the “kill list”.

I am all for the use of these drones as an effective way to light up these terrorist bastards when they least expect it. That said, and given President Obama’s propensity to gorge himself at the trough of power, I think it’s time for some serious oversight.

Hey, do you hear something??? Oh sxxt…….—————————


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