Can you say Banana Republic???

ObamaCoinWhen I first heard about the “trillion-dollar coin” story, I thought the person who emailed me about it was kidding. After some quick research however, I could not believe someone or some entity would actually suggest such a reckless idea. Now, it’s even being reported that the White House is hedging on ruling it out! Only in the age of Obama would our government be considering “creating” phony collateral to sidestep our debt. These people must truly be the quintessential Progressive deadbeats out to destroy our country. What other possible motive could they have for even bringing up such foolishness?

If The United States ever tried something as irresponsible as minting a “special coin”, in an attempt to avoid its fiscal obligations here at home and abroad, by “projecting” the impression of security, economic chaos on an unimaginable scale would certainly be the result. Simply put, the time it would take for the U.S. to go from world power to global joke could be clocked with an egg timer.

What the hell is happening to our country???

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