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A time for serious people…

Providence City Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin

Providence City Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin

Listening to Providence City Council Majority Leader Seth Yurdin yesterday, reminded me that freedom has no enemy like ignorance, willful or otherwise. As many cities and towns now rush to initiate their own responses to the Sandy Hook tragedy, it is increasingly clear that politics will be at the forefront, with fact and reason struggling to keep up. I would only ask Mr. Yurdin what his thoughts are concerning gang violence (as well as many other types of violence) in our capital city, and also what he thinks are the root causes of much of that violence. I’m very sure he would migrate directly back to the question of firearms, and completely ignore the fundamental and obvious issues of broken families, poverty, unemployment, education, drugs and host of other factors which ultimately drive that violence. Accordingly, and in the absence of any recognizable moral code or self-discipline, Yurdin will exploit the Newton nightmare to its fullest potential, and take the political train as far down the track as possible, extracting as much opportunistic face time as he can along the way. I would simply ask those voting in the affirmative on the recent gun control resolution, to get off their irresponsible behinds, get the facts, and then get out into their communities to do the business of the people. Enough with the self-promoting band aid politics! Disgraceful…

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Stand Fast!!!

boehner_angle_ap_imgJohn Boehner was re-elected for a second term as Speaker of House yesterday, but not without some drama. From what I am hearing, Boehner just cleared the threshold requiring a second round of balloting, with 220 votes. Apparently, there were as many as nine Republican defections.

My take on this is simple. At no time in recent memory has it been more important for our elected representatives to stand on sound fiscal principle. The days of “bi-partisan” shenanigans at the expense of our children must come to an end. And unlike many dreamers out there, I know this has absolutely nothing to do with “inclusiveness” under one tent or another. I am not confused nor will I be swayed from the reality that “We the People” have allowed Washington to financially undo The United States of America. I ask the Speaker to lead in a way which will make him synonymous with our nation’s revival, not its demise.

With the election over, and as we await an Inauguration to mark the peaceful transition from one term to another for President Obama, I remain hopeful Americans will wake from their dreams of utopian bliss and realize our wounds are by and large self-inflicted. And in doing so, chart a new course back to that which makes this, the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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