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“Trust me”…

Demonize your opponent and keep it small and petty. Now the “Left Wing Blogosphere” is attacking Romney for his debate characterization of how he sought out women for high level positions within his administration, “Bindergate”. Lost in the mix is the ratio of women to men in Romney’s cabinet was the highest in the country during his time as Massachusetts Governor. Thankfully, women are coming to his defense, including  those who worked for the Governor.

More and more I find myself hoping Americans see beyond the desperation of not only a failing presidential campaign, but a divisive Liberal/Progressive ideology of class warfare and hate. And I hope everyone will see this type of rhetoric for what it is, and understand that it ascends to the highest levels of the Democratic party elite in ways that would make JFK and Truman cringe with disgust.

In the face of legitimate questions regarding the overseas deaths of Americans in service to their country, and a domestic policy approach which has brought our nation to the precipice of European style economic ruin, the ideological platform and application of the 2012 Democratic Presidential Campaign, is simply to smear your opponent while simultaneously engaging in cheap office cubical tactics. Heck, if the POTUS can keep this type of soap opera politics out front, he may never have to talk about his own vision for the future of the United States. (That’s the idea!)

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