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Desperate fly-over…

“When you don’t have a record to run on, you just make your opponent someone to run from. You make the election about small things.” – Barack Obama 2008

Cut to 2012 and the President of The United States is using a large yellow bird on public television as part of his campaign strategy. You can’t make this stuff up, and that’s what is so mind boggling. Barack Obama’s own words are painfully ever-present, but many folks remain unwavering in their support for this failed Commander in Chief. It truly does speak volumes to the state of the electorate, and their ability to see past idealistic rhetoric to the truth.

Putting aside the fact that Governor Romney was simply telling America that he would not borrow another dime against our children’s future from China, to fund programs which can essentially fund themselves with help from the private sector, one would think Americans would be running from Mr. Obama as if he were radioactive. And while the polls show a sizable post-debate bump for Romney, I remain extremely skeptical about the eventual outcome. I suspect my “political pessimism” stems from the fact I live in a state that repeatedly pays the price for its ignorance, yet continues to go right back to the same pitiful trough time and again.

Note: Never was much of a “Big Bird” fan, though I believe Joe Biden was his college roommate. 😉

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