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Crisis “Standard”…

I’m actually not sure how to read Mayor Bloomberg’s rebuff of President Obama’s request to tour the city. Frankly, I remain skeptical of any of the Mayor’s intentions or sensibilities. Nonetheless, it does make sense because initial damage reports are still coming in and folks are basically stunned at this point. Taxing already strained resources to secure a Presidential overture is not something which should be high on the priority list.

The question of November 6th is inevitable however, and both candidates must walk a fine line as they return to the last few days of a very bitter and divisive campaign. It is noteworthy that at a time when there has been so much talk about what divides us, the President must somehow bring the country back to its most basic of principles, “united we stand”. On the other side, Governor Romney must bite his tongue as he watches a President who has trumpeted so loudly, the differences between Americans, now attempt to morph into a champion of all the people.

I have watched Barack Obama talk out of both sides of his mouth from the day he was sworn in. I have listened intently as he spoke of working together, but then took the most partisan policy line of any President in U.S. history. And I waited patiently for the “hope and change” promised, but received only the rhetoric of redistribution and American arrogance.

So please forgive me as I hold out little hope the Presidents talk of decisive action during time of crisis will receive much praise other than for the opportunistic and tailored photo-op. For as we watched the POTUS make his stand in the situation room during Sandy’s wrath, some of us were left to wonder why we did not see the same pictures when Americans were under fire in Libya. Where was this decisive leadership while our diplomats were dying?

God please bless all those affected by this devastating natural disaster named Sandy. But as for the President, I think he is full of it…




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I think Governor Christie got it right in his not so subtle way when asked about politics and “Sandy”, though I’m always a bit concerned when the portly Governor gets too excited. Frankly, I’m concerned he might stroke out. I love Christie, but damn he’s got to drop some weight…

Nonetheless, I think both presidential candidates did the right thing, Romney in storm relief mode, and the President doing his job. To be sure, Sandy has affected many lives, and the last thing on the minds of those in her path is who will be President Elect next Wednesday. I’m sure this may change over the next few days, but for the moment our focus as a nation should be on helping the many who are in need. Please contact the Red Cross and donate what you can so that process can continue unabated. And take a knee tonight to pray for all who have been touched by this monster, as well as all the first responders and utility folks who have the ball now. God bless…

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Charles Woods deserves to know how and why his son died…

I was taken back when I heard the father of Special Operator Woods’ father commenting on Benghazi and the death of his hero son, Tyrone. Charles Woods is a soft spoken man but his pain and sorrow were evident. As someone who has seen his fair share of tragedy, I assure you I’m taking that pain into account as I write this post.

Nonetheless, Mr. Woods went a long way to making my point the other night about the major news outlets stuffing the Benghazi story until the President is re-elected. And given the latest revelations from high level sources on the ground in Libya during the attack, which detail the horrific battle that was raging there, the scandal continues to grow larger and more sinister with each passing day.

I must tell you, the Administration’s attempts to stonewall the truth about what happened in Libya have now become the story. Pandora’s box is open and there are now a host of new questions regarding everything from the Obama foreign policy, to military preparedness and operational questions. And Mr. Obama’s decision to haunt the Hollywood talk shows instead of holding a press conference to clarify all of this “intelligence” he supposedly received, might just cost him his job. At the end of the day, if the President can’t provide the American people with an explanation, then who do we go to? “We the People” look to the POTUS as the leader of the free world. He was elected on the promise of “Hope and Change”, “transparency” and a new way forward. Therefore, he is either inept and not up to the job, or he is lying.

The actions of S/O Woods, and S/O Doherty on the night of September 11th in Benghazi, were nothing short of selfless and morally courageous. They readily stepped up and gave their own lives to save their comrades in harm’s way. I Implore the Commander-in-Chief to fulfill his responsibility to their families, the families of Ambassador Stevens and Attaché Sean Smith, as well as the American people, and hold a press conference today to explain just what the hell happened over there, what he knew and when he knew it.

The anguish of Mr. Woods and the other family members is only magnified when they don’t have a clear picture of how their love ones were lost. Moreover, the ridiculous but initially adamant claims by Secretary of State Clinton, Ambassador Rice and Jay Carney, that these events were somehow related to a foolish and inconsequential video made in a free country, should be fully investigated by an oversight committee with appropriate sanctions leveled if needed. These people answer to us damn it, and Charles Woods deserves to know how and “why” his son died, Mr. President.

As a side note: If we are to believe Mr. Woods claims, (and we have no reason not to), regarding the remark made to him by VP Biden as his sons casket was being loaded into a hearse concerning the size of his sons “balls” in relation to those of “cue balls”, then President Obama should pull that jackass aside and explain the merits of his immediate retirement from public service. What a disgrace!


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Look to Rhode Island and see where we are headed…

Rhode Island’s local internet news outlet “” is reporting today that at least one in five Rhode Islanders are receiving some sort of public assistance. (Ouch!) Ironically, it is only a somewhat different demographic breakdown which separates this figure from the national average of one in three Americans receiving assistance, (Double ouch!) But I’m gonna stay local for the most part today.

This is my message to Rhode Islanders who have either been hoodwinked by our current Washington Delegation, or who simply choose to ignore their pathetic record. “Wake up!” You are compromising your children, grand children and even your great grand children. If you don’t know, go look and you will see. Medicare is going bankrupt. Social Security will begin going bankrupt in 2013, we are borrowing nearly $4 billion dollars a day (mostly from China) to pay the interest on our debt, and the new health care law is in the red right out of the gate, with folks average premiums up over $2000.00 in real time. Now let me help you some more. Despite what conniving liars like David Cicilline, Sheldon Whitehouse and Jim Langevin are telling you, Seniors today have absolutely nothing to fear from any Republican budget plan. That is of course if Mitt Romney is actually elected and returns the over $700 billion dollars President Obama raided from the Medicare program to make his health care law doable on paper. Additionally, Governor Romney has pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class. Now I know everyone wants to know how he will pay for this, and the answer is simple. He will do much like President Reagan did by reaching across party lines and finding the necessary combination of tax cuts and code revisions to make it happen, all while finally removing the doubt which has chained small business to the side lines for four years now. And we should rightfully hold him to those promises. But also, to the claim of our own Rhode Island Congressional Delegation, that the President “lowered taxes” over three thousand dollars for the “middle class”, well, He did! And the median income for that same tax bracket fell by more than four thousand dollars in the same period because of his economic policies. (WT-X) Consequently, in very few areas of this nation are the effects of this disastrous “recovery” more evident than in Rhode Island. Please tell me what the heck the elected officials we’ve sent to Washington have done to address these monumental, and defining issues of our time. The answer is simple. Nothing!

Look, all I’m asking is that the Democratic Party “lever pullers” in my home state stop kidding themselves and look around. The evidence of ideological failure in Rhode Island is everywhere. Doesn’t it then make sense we turn to our representatives to answer for this, especially when they enjoyed the greatest concentration of political power in recent memory when this President was elected, and did nothing with it except add to our unborn children’s crippling debt? This is a truly contemptuous and disgraceful bunch.

Wake up Rhode Island and focus on the records of these individuals, and not the thirty second T.V. spot where they highlight some poor soul they “may” have helped while thousands of others go belly up. Where is their legislative record of accomplishments on our behalf. Oh, and do not be fooled by the Pell Grant BS being spouted by Senator Whitehouse, as Congressman Ryan’s proposal was just that a proposal. Governor Romney has actually pledged to expand the program in the third debate.

Enough is enough. “I’m gonna fight for you” is getting old without tangible results. The bottom line is if you keep sending these lying charlatans back to Washington without accountability, the days of our downfall will soon be at hand. The well has run dry people! We either fix this problem or we’re all screwed! Please give someone else a chance, for my son’s sake…

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This can’t be…

Based on now overwhelming evidence, reasonable people must agree the Obama Administration and its surrogates, to include Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, UN Ambassador Susan Rice and Chief WH Spokesperson Jay Carney, lied to the American people and the world regarding the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At the very least, that evidence now indicates there was a planned and highly coordinated assault on both the embassy proper and its annex one mile away lasting nearly seven hours, in which Ambassador Stevens, his attaché and two security forces personal were murdered. And while this “act of war” and the facts which surround it will continue to unravel in the days and weeks ahead, it is not why I write tonight.

I write because I continue to be stunned and outraged at the notion only FOX News is covering this story in its appropriate context, that being an unforgivable act of combat violence against a sworn ambassador and his team in a foreign land. I am not suggesting these types of travesties will not or can never happen. What I am saying, is that by and large the majority of American media outlets have chosen to down-play the events so as not to jeopardize the re-election of President Barack Obama.

This is without a doubt the worst abuse of the free press I have ever witnessed, and goes far beyond the typical Left Wing slant. While the families of the lost wait in anguish for what now appear to be answers which have existed right along, the majority of the “lame stream” media have failed in their sacred profession, and chosen instead to spit in the face of every American who looks to them for a truthful and un-biased reporting of the facts. In doing so, they are compromising everything our soldiers are fighting and dying for, as well as the sanctity of the America electoral process. I am nothing short of disgusted to know, that had this been George W. Bush or any Republican President, these same fools would be screaming for his resignation or immediate impeachment. It is a sad day in America when our allies around the world look on in disappointment as “truth, justice and the American way” are slowly relegated into obscurity by this President and his administration.

Election 2012 aside, the events in Benghazi, and the now obvious attempt at cover-up by the Obama Administration and a complicit media, have already cast a cloud over our national soul that will not soon be removed. What a damn disgrace.

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Let the battle begin…

I did my level best to keep an open mind during last night’s debate, which is more than I can say for some of my email detractors. You folks really need to consider anger management classes. With that said, I think not many minds were changed by this last meeting of President Obama and Governor Romney. I did feel the President sounded more like the challenger rather than the incumbent. But overall, the stark contrasts between the two men and their ideologies was only reinforced.

I have framed this election for the last four years as a battle for the soul of this country. I stand by that assessment even more steadfastly today. In the end, folks will have to do a great deal of gut checking when they go into the voting booth. And while there will always be the party loyalists who vote their emotions instead of on the basis of truth, this election will ultimately be decided when clear-headed individuals make a conscious choice in terms of where they see our country in twenty years.

With the debates now over, I cannot remember a more divided America. Sadly, this is our own doing and not that of some political boogie man conjured up by either side. We have failed in so many ways to safeguard that which was entrusted to us, and are therefore left to fight over what the founders had intended to be so much more clear. Our value system is in chaos and the minority has paralyzed an entire culture, because so many have chosen apathy and political correctness over the time-tested principles of individual liberty and accountability. Dependency is now revered and success is demonized. Revisionist history is the norm and few of our children are learning the greatness of America or of those who gave their futures to keep it that way.

Nonetheless and in the simplest of terms, for Governor Romney to become President there must be enough voters out there who understand, our current direction will erode and eventually erase the exceptionalism which has made The United States the greatest arrangement for mankind in all of human history. And for President Obama to remain President, there must be enough voters who have become comfortable with a globalist, big government, big debt and “live in the moment” application. On November 6, 2012, the world will know whether “We the People” shall rise up from adversity once again, and unite to leave our children a better future as we have done for generations, or whether we will simply be another political punch-line, remembered only for the missed opportunity of having learned the lessons of history. Please put any ill-conceived or resentment filled rhetoric in its proper place and vote your conscience this November…There is much at stake…

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Dear Undecided Voter,,,

What does it mean to be undecided? In literal terms, it means not having made up one’s mind I suppose. Fair enough. However in terms of the American Electorate, I’m afraid it means much more.

It’s no secret there’s a segment of the voting public who tend to hide behind a veil of perceived utopia and coffee-house politics as they contemplate their vote. Acceptance among so-called like-minded friends is important in these circles but can get you into trouble. Sacrificing conviction and/or common sense for the sake of some glorified collectivism is never a good thing. Inevitably, you are often left more confused than when you started.

Peeling back the electoral layers of this year’s Presidential contest is important for many reasons, not the least of which is, an educated vote is truly our only hope. It always comes to pass at this juncture in the election cycle, that the few “undecided’s” make their voices heard. Regrettably,  it always seems to be more about the process than the actual facts and circumstances on the ground. The issues are largely ignored in favor of a “personal” discussion over political mud-slinging. We simply don’t have that luxury this time around.

The truth of our economic predicament today, leaves us far more vulnerable as a nation than any populous division. The confusion over tax cuts vs. credits and deductions is always a glaring example. Many don’t realize or understand the government takes far more in taxes than it allows in deductions. So the choice is really about keeping more of your money at the point of earning it for your family and/or small business, as opposed to having the government cut you a check for less at tax time, making you feel as though they “gave you something”. It’s all in who you think is better at handling your money, you or Uncle Sam? One would think this is a no brainer, yet it invites an ideological battle the likes of which is made even more dramatic by the constant ringing of the 24 hour news cycle.

Now while I admit class-warfare as opposed to spirited dialogue is far less constructive, the notion our enemies see the latter as the lynchpin of our demise is questionable at best. To the contrary, robust debate of any issue, as well as individual thought and argument, are things fundamentalists seek to destroy in their own lands. Logic tells us then, our “process”,  however fractious it may be at times, is most certainly a weapon in our arsenal, not theirs. This is not to say that “united” we won’t always stand stronger, but that strength is also derived from our “independence” and freedom which so many have died to defend. Ultimately, if unity evades us, it is because there are “forces within” our communities, that are slowly eroding the fundamental truths which have always bound us together. But this is a much broader argument for another day.

Look, I will not be the first to say the suggestion that Governor Romney was somehow complicit in the death of that man’s wife was outrageous and over the top. Nor will I be the first to say I’m sick of hearing the President is not an American citizen. However, when the slant is clearly to the Left within the ranks of the “main stream” media, and the (occupy) violence and lawlessness is ignored in favor of the (Tea Party) types “clinging to their guns and Bibles” as the lead story, well then that’s an argument over traditional American values and the direction of our country. It is about what that country will look like for my young son, and it is an argument I will not run from, (nor do I suspect the other side will either).

It is true this election will most likely be remembered as the most vitriolic in American political history. There are very real and troubling reasons for this, and they cannot be ignored because there are those who choose to wrap their true political leanings in the soft and fancy paper of a Starbucks coffee and pastry combo. History tells us time and again, complacency in the face of adversity is the seed of national destruction. It also tells us our way of life is unique and necessary in the world, and that way of life must at times be defended by people of strong character and Constitutional conviction. It is therefore the “responsibility” of “We the People” to do our homework while we wade through the political semantics, and do what we know in our hearts and minds to be right for our children. It is also our responsibility not to set aside critical decisions because we lack the moral courage and fortitude to stand up for what makes us exceptional. As someone who chooses to inject himself into the political debate, I ask only that you consider this and vote your conscience… We will soon see where we are headed…

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The Constitution according to Matthews…

I always find it amusing when the Libs cry “FOX” foul every time Hannity gets out of bed in the morning. Love him or hate him, Hannity is versed on the issues and does not let his Right Wing politics cloud Constitutional reality. Sadly, this cannot be said for Chris Matthews and the rest of the “main stream” media.

Reading and understanding the Constitution is not a difficult thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to engage in the American political discourse. In fact, the individuals who penned the document intended it to be simple but rock solid in terms of its foundational properties. So when I hear the likes of Matthews spouting off about how Constitutionally, one cannot challenge the President, I have to wonder what this man’s credentials are to host a prime time cable news program, other than maybe being an undisciplined political hack with anger management issues, and a “bromance” crush on Bill Clinton. What a disgrace.

The simple truth is, much of the media today leans Left. To say otherwise is to intentionally live with your head firmly positioned up your backside. Consequently, President Obama has been afforded an unprecedented level of quasi collaboration with the press, many of whom manipulate and misrepresent things like Constitutional intent to make their case for his policies. From his candidacy through his Presidency, scrutiny of the POTUS by ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSNBC has been rare and fleeting. Moreover, when agencies like FOX attempt to vet this man of lofty title, venerable praise, but little in the way of actual resume, they and others are labeled racists and liars, even in the face of indisputable facts and figures. This is a big reason Election 2012 is so important. In the end, if we refuse the lessons of history, and bargain for undeniable truth with those who would have us believe something less for political correctness sake, then how can we possibly leave a clear path for our posterity to follow?

President Barack Obama is the standard-bearer for a party high-jacked by revisionists and those who despise the hard-fought exceptionalism which made this nation great. In as much as we must turn from the Obama iceberg, Mitt Romney has the executive experience, character and drive to at least begin what will be the lengthy and arduous process of “real” and sound economic recovery for The United States of America.

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“Trust me”…

Demonize your opponent and keep it small and petty. Now the “Left Wing Blogosphere” is attacking Romney for his debate characterization of how he sought out women for high level positions within his administration, “Bindergate”. Lost in the mix is the ratio of women to men in Romney’s cabinet was the highest in the country during his time as Massachusetts Governor. Thankfully, women are coming to his defense, including  those who worked for the Governor.

More and more I find myself hoping Americans see beyond the desperation of not only a failing presidential campaign, but a divisive Liberal/Progressive ideology of class warfare and hate. And I hope everyone will see this type of rhetoric for what it is, and understand that it ascends to the highest levels of the Democratic party elite in ways that would make JFK and Truman cringe with disgust.

In the face of legitimate questions regarding the overseas deaths of Americans in service to their country, and a domestic policy approach which has brought our nation to the precipice of European style economic ruin, the ideological platform and application of the 2012 Democratic Presidential Campaign, is simply to smear your opponent while simultaneously engaging in cheap office cubical tactics. Heck, if the POTUS can keep this type of soap opera politics out front, he may never have to talk about his own vision for the future of the United States. (That’s the idea!)

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Round two…

The President came out as expected last night and went a long way to repairing his image, if only in the eyes of the “Far Left” sycophants. Mitt Romney also came out as expected, looking confident and ready to get to work. I must admit I enjoyed the fact Romney finally did what so many in politics and the media have cowered from, and that was to call the President out on his failed record once and for all.

This was significant because despite Candy Crowley’s best efforts, Romney pushed his way through the truth door, and even managed to reinforce people’s notions of a very one-sided “Lame Stream Media”, as if that were necessary…

I was particularly struck when the President attempted mightily to squeeze by the Libya issue, this time by lying straight out to “We the People” about what he said in the Rose Garden the day following the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three other American attaché, and I noticed the camera panned to the First Lady, clapping as if trying to turn on a light in New Mexico. At this point, I see Libya continuing to haunt this President right out of the Oval Office.

Good riddance. Enough already with this silly college prank. Please let the adults back into the White House so we can save our country…

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