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The “Secretary of Explaining Sxxt…”

So the POTUS cleaned up that tweet from one of his loyal subjects, obviously enamored with President Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Personally, I would have added “Bull” as a prefix to the original communiqué.

Explaining stuff? Did he mean the guy who couldn’t explain how one of his cigars turned up missing from the humidor in the Oval Office, or for that matter how his DNA wound up on a WH intern’s cocktail dress? Was he talking about the guy who had trouble defining the word “is” while being deposed. Or maybe he’s referring to the guy who lost his law license because he had a little difficulty “explaining” some “stuff” to a Federal Grand Jury. My, how many of the “baby boomer” /  “boomer baby” generation conveniently forgo the truth in favor of that “tingling feeling” Chris Matthews gets every time he sees #42.

Just another example of why I keep saying this election is the most important in our nation’s history. Not because of the two men running for the most powerful office on earth, but because so many Americans of the latter generations are content to vote in spite of their children’s future. And because they also appear ready to cast aside all that was entrusted to them to protect.

We will only get one shot at this, I fear. Do not ignore what is staring you in the face, for the sake of an ideological argument that only exists because of the liberty and freedom necessary to sustain it in the first place.

Def: “Cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

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