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The man behind “Hope and Change”…

In many ways, when it comes to politics there is much the politicians put past “We the People” in terms of complicated and often factually challenged information. However, every so often someone comes along and digs up some tangible stuff which then provides the necessary clarity and understanding. That is, if we chose to acknowledge and accept it.

Tucker Carlson recently reported on a very significant but mostly overlooked lawsuit from 1995 in which then “Community Organizer” Barack Obama, on behalf of 186 mortgage applicants, brought a class action lawsuit against Citibank. The suit claimed applicants were discriminated against during the bank’s mortgage evaluation process because they lived in depressed areas, and thus were not given home loans as a result. The long and short of the story is that Obama won and the bank was forced to issue loans to people, who otherwise would not have qualified, and who records would later show had no business getting “any kind of loan” at all. In fact many who were represented had bankruptcies and worse on their credit reports prior to and even during the process of applying to Citibank. In the end to date, just 19 of the original 186 managed to keep their homes. The rest wound up in foreclosure, bankruptcy or both.

Now that part of the story would seem to be the end, right? Wrong. This is where we get a glimpse of the man who would be President. Moreover, it tells us much about his political ideology, and personal belief systems. Firstly, Community Organizer Obama openly championed the cause of these people, as he noted they deserved their piece of the “American dream”. (Apparently this meant whether they could pay for it or not). And secondly, it was that very foolishness going on in the sub-prime lending market at the time, which was the real iceberg that sank our economy in the first place. Now you will hear the arguments back and forth about the Bush years, and how the wars also contributed to our debt, and I would welcome that comparative debate as it does have some merit. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the real root causes of this mess, and the costly entitlement culture that has been haunting our economy for generations. To do so is to disregard the speeding freight train racing directly towards us in 2012.

I must say, there has not been an election cycle I can remember where so much information has been out there for the vetting. This is just one of many significant examples which validate a return to fiscal responsibility at the earliest juncture for our country. We simply cannot afford to dismiss this stuff. To every voter considering giving Barack Obama 4 more years I beg you please, do your homework and see the real man behind the slogan. Oh, and see the movie!


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