Truth is power!!!


I watched and listened to the amazing Condoleezza Rice, Marco Rubio and folks like Artur Davis and Mia Love speak down in Tampa, and it made me think about the hypocrisy of the Left when they attempt to label Republicans as racially or gender biased. I listened to the stories of these people who refused to be swayed from the “American Dream” by the mischaracterizations and lies of the Left, these people who would not sacrifice their shot at the best possible future by any phony excuses and politically driven rhetoric.

So as I turned back to the internet to do my research for the morning release, what did I find? The Left Wing attack machine had high jacked the Wikipedia page of Mia Love, and filled it with such vile and hateful crud, that I simply won’t repeat it here. This Mayor of Saratoga Springs and daughter of Haitian immigrants, who is a rising star in the Republican Party, has been railed against and vilified for one simple fact, and that is she is indeed a Republican. You see, people like Love make it very hard to exploit the notion of racial or gender bias on the part of the Right. These attractive and honest success stories (and millions more like them) basically slam shut the Leftist idea that all minorities and women must somehow be “demagogues for Democrats” and/or Left Wing apologist or ideologues.

Sadly, as we listen and read of the Progressive smearing and down-right hateful attacks, which in lieu of any discernible record of achievement, or a plan to solve our fiscal woes, appear to be the Democratic battle plan for the foreseeable future, one is left to wonder about the state of the Democrat Party moving forward.

Or maybe this all begs the question, is this the party of Truman and JFK? I think not!


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