Representative Todd Akin’s comments were at the very least horribly confusing, and demonstrate an acute inability to speak appropriately as a public figure on the issues of the day. In terms of the abortion issue as it relates to rape, they were nothing short of offensive, and usually off-limits when being interviewed by a “Lame Stream” media hungry to demonize Conservatives at every turn. This guy messed up big time and there is absolutely no way to repair the damage. Mr. Akin needs to step aside and do no more harm to the Republican’s chances in Missouri. Sadly, McCaskill was primed for a throbbing at the polls in November.

Nonetheless, the Left Wing attack machine is trying mightily to somehow attach Akin’s “communication” issues to the Romney/Ryan Campaign. It remains obvious and frankly quite sad, that the Obama folks, in an effort to focus on anything but the issues, will beat this stuff to death as they do.

I say again, and will continue to say until I’m blue in the face, this election is about “We the People”, and whether we will buy into these types of media driven distractions, or focus on the critical economic issues that will affect our future.

Focus people…

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  1. Trixie Vixen says:

    This man is a product of his generation’s education regarding human sexuality. It has nothing to do with being a Republican.

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