Ole’ Joe, at it again…

I’ve been taking some time to digest the Vice Presidents comments from the other day in Virginia, as I do not want to be accused of overreacting or piling on. Having said this, it seems to me, it is what I always say it is. The Left simply cannot compete in the arena of ideas, and must therefore descend to the gutter and proceed with their Plan B, “divide and demonize”.

Joe Biden has never been much of a coherent speaker. The reality is, he probably couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag with 2 hands and a flashlight. The VP is more of an entrenched political hack who has managed to buffalo enough folks over his career to remain somewhat relevant. Frankly, I would find him amusing if I didn’t know the true intent of his base. Somewhat Ironic though, this clown would in fact become President of The United States if the POTUS could not continue in that role for some reason. Now I don’t know about you, but that scares me. Admittedly, I am no fan of President Obama’s policies, but with Ole’ Joe in the rear view mirror, Mr. Obama has my hopes and prayers for a healthy and fully complete (1) term as President.

Nonetheless, if anyone believes Biden wasn’t expressing and/or somehow framing the Obama campaigns position(s) as they travel the “57” states, then they should just refrain from opining at all. The only thing happening here, is the President and his minions, including Ole’ Joe, are doubling down on their rhetoric. They are keenly aware of their own policy and ideological “exposure” at this juncture, and are simply becoming more and more comfortable with that “exposure”.

In the absence of any tangible economic progress to speak of, President Barack Obama and his campaign, are apparently now content to show “We the People” their true colors. Vitriolic and hate filled rhetoric will be used to avoid any discussion of critical issues like entitlement reform, taxes, healthcare, Medicare, and joblessness. Sadly, and as I often point out, these divisive tactics do draw out (the real radical haters) who are on the Left, as we see today with the individual who tried to shoot up the Conservative Family Research Council’s office in Washington.

Anyway, if I were to advise the Romney/Ryan ticket in any fashion, I would tell them not to be suckered into this type of phony race baiting and class warfare crap, except to refute it for what it is, the desperate flailing of an intellectually and morally bankrupt political strategy. Focus on the issues and come forward with your own clear and concise vision for our children’s future, and this shouldn’t even be close.


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