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Onward to victory…

I learned a lot about Governor Mitt Romney these past few days. I learned things far beyond my “elect a businessman” attitude toward this election. No matter what you may think of his politics, this is a self-made and accomplished man of faith, with no apparent motivation but to serve. Light years away from some phony academic/hypothetical platform of “hope and change”, that has absolutely no basis in sound economics or life experience, this guy has it in his head to use his talent, drive and business sense to fix what’s wrong with our country and get us pointed in the right direction once more.

The Republican National Convention of 2012 was the best I’ve seen, and the message of truth over perceived utopia was refreshing and motivating. It has literally left the MSNBC pundits naked and freezing in the cold weather of hypocrisy and false idols. Listening to them try and spin Governor Romney’s acceptance speech is painful to say the least, and gives rise to the notion that large segments of the modern media are no longer even trying to hide their Progressive inclinations. What a sad state of affairs has befallen the majority of American news outlets today. Once revered as objective truth seekers, charged with making sure all was out front for “We the People” to digest, to now be recognized as “in the tank” for one political party is nothing short of embarrassing.

Nonetheless, Mitt Romney was finally “humanized”, (to use a familiar phrase of the Left), to the country and to the world last night, and it turns out he is the real deal!!! We also got to see the likes of Rubio, Martinez and Love, coupled with the gruff and unforgettable humor of an American screen icon. And so now, as we prepare to hear the Democrat response coming shortly, we are left to ponder the line in the sand I have pontificated about for months. It appears the choice we face is even more contrasting than I could ever have imagined, and the argument(s), while they will be difficult and at times caustic, will be useful, “critical” and necessary in every way.

Mitt Romney for President!

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Truth is power!!!


I watched and listened to the amazing Condoleezza Rice, Marco Rubio and folks like Artur Davis and Mia Love speak down in Tampa, and it made me think about the hypocrisy of the Left when they attempt to label Republicans as racially or gender biased. I listened to the stories of these people who refused to be swayed from the “American Dream” by the mischaracterizations and lies of the Left, these people who would not sacrifice their shot at the best possible future by any phony excuses and politically driven rhetoric.

So as I turned back to the internet to do my research for the morning release, what did I find? The Left Wing attack machine had high jacked the Wikipedia page of Mia Love, and filled it with such vile and hateful crud, that I simply won’t repeat it here. This Mayor of Saratoga Springs and daughter of Haitian immigrants, who is a rising star in the Republican Party, has been railed against and vilified for one simple fact, and that is she is indeed a Republican. You see, people like Love make it very hard to exploit the notion of racial or gender bias on the part of the Right. These attractive and honest success stories (and millions more like them) basically slam shut the Leftist idea that all minorities and women must somehow be “demagogues for Democrats” and/or Left Wing apologist or ideologues.

Sadly, as we listen and read of the Progressive smearing and down-right hateful attacks, which in lieu of any discernible record of achievement, or a plan to solve our fiscal woes, appear to be the Democratic battle plan for the foreseeable future, one is left to wonder about the state of the Democrat Party moving forward.

Or maybe this all begs the question, is this the party of Truman and JFK? I think not!


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He will not fail…

I was thrilled to hear Ann Romney set the record straight at the Republican National Convention last evening. It seems like an eternity I’ve had to listen to the “Lame Stream” media and Liberal sycophants yammer on about her two Cadillac’s and her horses. The truth of the matter is, these folks are self-made, and their success by way of hard work, determination and drive simply gets under the skins of the Progressive dolts.

As I looked past Mrs. Romney speaking, and at the pictures of her as a young mother with her children, my eyes filled up as I wondered if she could have ever known the health struggles she would eventually face, or the faith and courage that would be necessary to weather those storms. Shame on these Leftist whiners who are lost in their own envy and disgust, and who need someone or something to blame for their lot in this life. And double shame on the power-hungry politician who would pander to and exploit that weakness of character to their own selfish benefit.

Mitt Romney for President!!! Let’s take back our country!!!

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The latest ad from the Elizabeth Warren camp is a picture perfect example of a campaign in crisis mode. The Liberal Democratic Candidate for Senator Scott Brown’s seat in Massachusetts has latched on to the Akin controversy with the talons of a desperate competitor who is in trouble and out of ideas, (if she had any to begin with). The fact that the ad is flat-out rubbish and awash with mischaracterizations and down right lies, is almost lost behind what sounds like the gasping tone of it.

Listening to Warren speak is almost painful. She is easily flustered and devoid of any logical or factual debate. Her lack of knowledge on even the most basic issues regarding the current economic crisis we face, is trumped only by her missteps and bumbling attempts to clarify her “Native American” heritage.

I simply cannot defend the Akin remarks, and I have stated as much in recent commentary. Having said that, if Ms. Warren would like to speak out for women in America today, maybe she could offer a solution to the disproportionate unemployment numbers for women during the “Obama years”, rather than fear mongering and propagandizing. Then again, that’s what the Left does best. What a joke…


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Representative Todd Akin’s comments were at the very least horribly confusing, and demonstrate an acute inability to speak appropriately as a public figure on the issues of the day. In terms of the abortion issue as it relates to rape, they were nothing short of offensive, and usually off-limits when being interviewed by a “Lame Stream” media hungry to demonize Conservatives at every turn. This guy messed up big time and there is absolutely no way to repair the damage. Mr. Akin needs to step aside and do no more harm to the Republican’s chances in Missouri. Sadly, McCaskill was primed for a throbbing at the polls in November.

Nonetheless, the Left Wing attack machine is trying mightily to somehow attach Akin’s “communication” issues to the Romney/Ryan Campaign. It remains obvious and frankly quite sad, that the Obama folks, in an effort to focus on anything but the issues, will beat this stuff to death as they do.

I say again, and will continue to say until I’m blue in the face, this election is about “We the People”, and whether we will buy into these types of media driven distractions, or focus on the critical economic issues that will affect our future.

Focus people…

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One chance…

44 out of “57” states saw their unemployment numbers go up last month Mr. President. 24 million Americans are out of work. The actual unemployment number, which includes those who have lost all “hope” and simply stopped looking for work, is 15.9 percent, or slightly higher depending on the mechanism of tally. And it takes 250,000 jobs created each month (just to keep up) with population growth Sir. So please tell me how we are somehow “moving in the right direction”.

It’s numbers like these, and this Administration’s response to them, that give me cause to think their intentions are something more ideological, and that they have a very different “vision” for America. Now I know this is stating the obvious, but it bears repeating as “We the People” get ready to choose a President. It is also why I firmly believe this election has far less to do with the candidates than it does the voters. “We” will have to choose not just a man to lead the way, but a direction consistent with the Constitution, and not the entitlement mindset of a particular and growing voter block. “We” will have to choose what kind of United States we want for our children, and whether we are willing to make the hard choices to secure it.

None of this will be easy. But on this Monday morning, while I watch the news and see my father’s and my sons country slipping away, this election is looking more and more like the most important in more than two centuries.

I believe we will have but one chance to get this right. Ironically, “We the People” will have to do much more than just pull a lever. History, taught adequately and “accurately” to our posterity, is our only hope…

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Ole’ Joe, at it again…

I’ve been taking some time to digest the Vice Presidents comments from the other day in Virginia, as I do not want to be accused of overreacting or piling on. Having said this, it seems to me, it is what I always say it is. The Left simply cannot compete in the arena of ideas, and must therefore descend to the gutter and proceed with their Plan B, “divide and demonize”.

Joe Biden has never been much of a coherent speaker. The reality is, he probably couldn’t find his way out of a paper bag with 2 hands and a flashlight. The VP is more of an entrenched political hack who has managed to buffalo enough folks over his career to remain somewhat relevant. Frankly, I would find him amusing if I didn’t know the true intent of his base. Somewhat Ironic though, this clown would in fact become President of The United States if the POTUS could not continue in that role for some reason. Now I don’t know about you, but that scares me. Admittedly, I am no fan of President Obama’s policies, but with Ole’ Joe in the rear view mirror, Mr. Obama has my hopes and prayers for a healthy and fully complete (1) term as President.

Nonetheless, if anyone believes Biden wasn’t expressing and/or somehow framing the Obama campaigns position(s) as they travel the “57” states, then they should just refrain from opining at all. The only thing happening here, is the President and his minions, including Ole’ Joe, are doubling down on their rhetoric. They are keenly aware of their own policy and ideological “exposure” at this juncture, and are simply becoming more and more comfortable with that “exposure”.

In the absence of any tangible economic progress to speak of, President Barack Obama and his campaign, are apparently now content to show “We the People” their true colors. Vitriolic and hate filled rhetoric will be used to avoid any discussion of critical issues like entitlement reform, taxes, healthcare, Medicare, and joblessness. Sadly, and as I often point out, these divisive tactics do draw out (the real radical haters) who are on the Left, as we see today with the individual who tried to shoot up the Conservative Family Research Council’s office in Washington.

Anyway, if I were to advise the Romney/Ryan ticket in any fashion, I would tell them not to be suckered into this type of phony race baiting and class warfare crap, except to refute it for what it is, the desperate flailing of an intellectually and morally bankrupt political strategy. Focus on the issues and come forward with your own clear and concise vision for our children’s future, and this shouldn’t even be close.


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There’s no honeymoon in Presidential politics…

I knew they’d come for Paul Ryan, but it’s still amazing the degree to which the Left is will vilify an opponent when they have absolutely zero to run on. Regrettably, the “Lame Stream Media” seems in lock step with the Dems and their message. CNN’s Candy Crowley is out there quoting “unnamed” sources as having called the Ryan pick a “death sentence” for the ticket. Andrea Mitchell of NBC calls the pick “not one for women“. And 60 minutes (chop-shop editors) conveniently left Congressman Ryan’s home run answer to Bob Shieffer’s Medicare question on the cutting room floor. Oh well, so much for objective and non partisan journalism.

Nonetheless, cash is rolling in at a fever pitch as the energetic and charismatic Ryan seems to be making the Left cringe just a bit. Fact of the matter is, any debate over our country’s direction must include a serious discussion about entitlement reform, as a means of reigning in a deficit which will surely destroy our children’s United States. Congressman Paul Ryan understands this with great clarity, and his honest, middle class and straight forward approach will make it happen. Much to their chagrin, Dems will not be able to run from that debate, or their own standard bearer’s abysmal record. Oh, and that’s right, I called Ryan middle class. The Left has another thing coming if they think they’ll be able to pigeon hole this guy into the “rich Republican” category. He is as middle class as middle class gets, and he’s gonna stomp the fool who goes there.

Listen, I have read the Ryan proposal, and I personally don’t think it goes far enough. Having said that, it will clearly require a businessman President and Vice President to get any of it through Congress on behalf of “We the People”. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the men for this time in our history, and I’m confident and excited their realistic and truthful presentation of that which ails us, will bring Americans back together in a common bond which has been missing for almost 4 years now. With a victory in November, on their capable shoulders will rest the future of the next generation and the hope and prayers of the current one.


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“The end of Medicare as we know it”…

“The end of Medicare as we know it” is just another divisive tactical phrase the Left is now substituting in place of any discernible record of achievement. They are correct however. Medicare will “end as we know it”. However it will not be the work of Congressman Paul Ryan, who actually wants to save it. In fact, decades of over spending and pandering have created a program whereby recipients receive an average of 2 to 3 times what they’ve paid in during the benefit distribution stage, (Math 101). Add in a propensity of politicians on both sides of the aisle to “kick the can down the road” concerning matters of fiscal prudence, and it’s safe to say the fate of this well intended but grossly mismanaged nightmare will be sealed by the year 2024. (Attention all “Obamacare” supporters.)

Inevitably, the message coming from Democrats this election cycle is exactly as I imagined it would be. For the party which has not affixed its brand to a budget since 2009, and lacks any semblance of representation on behalf of “We the People” these days, there is simply no “hope and change” available, only “attack and divide”.

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“Deficit Hawk”…

While I wanted to see Senator Rubio get the call, my gut was telling me that it was just too soon for the freshman phenom. Having said that, his day will certainly come.

Paul Ryan however, is ready on “day 1” to step in, as Karl Rove likes to say. And the fact that Portly Pundit Bob Beckel couldn’t wait to hear Romney select Ryan as his running mate, tells me the Libs are scared to death of this guy.

Look, we can no longer ignore the imminent and potentially catastrophic fiscal issues facing our nation. With $16 (T)rillion in debt, and more than 100 million folks on some sort of government assistance, and with a POTUS ideologically content to see those numbers go higher, there must be a factual debate which will ultimately determine whether “We the People” will let it all happen.

Governor Romney has made a bold choice here. He has made clear to all players that he means to have that debate, out front and with no buffers. His selection of Paul Ryan tells us, these last few months will be anything but normal in terms of Presidential Campaigns. It tells “me”, Governor Romney knows the score, and America is losing.

Paul Ryan is smart, articulate, honest and unafraid. He is an outstanding choice to be Vice President of The United States, and adds the needed ideological depth to the Romney Campaign, necessary to fight this epic battle on behalf of our posterity.

“And we will not replace our founding principles, we will reapply them!” – Congressman Paul Ryan

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