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AG Politics in PA…


What I find truly astounding is that with poverty levels having reached those of the 1960’s, 1 in 6 Americans unemployed, underemployed or simply off the rolls completely, over 8 million on disability, and over 67 million receiving some kind of federal assistance, our government still has some money left over so Attorney General Eric Holder can chase after Pennsylvania because of their law requiring folks to have a photo I.D. when voting. And this is to say nothing of the fact that PA has a spotless record when it comes to voter fraud. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Barack Obama needs as many illegal votes as possible to secure re-election. And that his old pal, and complicit AG Holder is going to help him get them.

For the promise of so much “hope and change”, all this Administration has given us is more of the same and worse in Washington.

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Ignorance can be political bliss…

I’d have to say the President has it right in his new campaign ad when he says the American voter is facing a choice between two plans for this country. For too long, Mr. Obama has been hiding behind the curtain of a politically crafted personality. However his ideology is now laid bare, and it’s time he come clean about how he sees the United States.

I have been saying for some time that the POTUS’s policies are not a mistake but rather a purposeful and calculated attempt to turn this nation away from its foundational principles in order to bring it in line with his Social Justice  and redistribution philosophy. One need only listen to his own words when he spoke of American arrogance on a foreign shore, and faulted his own country for being shorted sighted concerning Europe’s “dynamic union” and not seeking to partner with it. Well now Mr. Obama, how’s that working out for Europe today. Two words – “Catastrophic failure”. And you would have had us be part of it directly, though we may yet be sucked into the vortex of insolvency engulfing that troubled continent.

The truth is, Barack Obama has never recognized the greatness of the United States nor the many sacrifices this nation has brought forth for the survival of the world as we know it. And by his ignorance of, and indifference to, historical truth, he has not contributed to, but rather greatly diminished America’s status as the “Last best hope” for humanity.

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Major league hypocrisy…

When George Stephanopoulos led Brian Ross into the whole Tea Party connection to the Aurora shooter, my initial reaction was one of nonchalance. We’ve heard this all before. We know Stephanopoulos is political hack from way back, and in spite of Ross’s journalistic credentials, he too is a flaming Lefty. So why then am I so irritated?

I think it’s more having to do with the stark contrasts between Tea Party folks and Occupy folks, along with the hypocrisy of some in the media when reporting about them. On the one hand you have a group of people who espouse smaller government, fiscal accountability on the part of their representatives, and who for all intents and purposes generally stay away from social issues. To be quite candid, Tea Party types do tend to be more Conservative in their respective views on things like gun control and religion. Having said that, what about the Occupy folks?

Violence, rape and even murder at their rally’s, which are permeated by calls for anarchy, and hate speech so vile and inappropriate, I simply won’t re-print it here. Oh, and did I mention the millions of dollars in vandalism to include participants defecating on police patrol vehicles.

Now I ask you, if you were to somehow make a connection between the Colorado shooter and a political organization, which one of the above would you choose.

Ultimately, it was a foolish play for which ABC ended up having to apologize. This tragedy will likely end up being the case of a deranged killer, with loyalties only to his own selfish and twisted world, who murdered those innocent movie-goers in cold blood, and who should receive a death sentence himself. It is just shameful though, that the “Lamestream Media” would politicize an event like this in such cowardly and cheap fashion. Shame…

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