The new reality sucks…

With Gas prices still hovering above $3.00 a gallon, 2 million mortgages in foreclosure and an equal amount 3 payments or more behind, and a measly 85,000 jobs created last month in a total work force that has shrunk by almost 3 percentage points since this President took office, I suppose one would have no choice but to try and spin these dire numbers as somehow “a step in the right direction“. I’m just not so sure I like that direction.

Look, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz can blabber on all she wants about how GW was the Anti-Christ and all bad things in Washington are Republicans fault. But the facts are our economy is flailing and in danger of going out of business, and the Presidents approach has been one of more debt, more taxes, and divisive class warfare. Consumer confidence continues to plummet as Americans are far smarter than the Dems give them credit for. “We the People” can see the ship is sinking and we are not overly anxious to back up and hit the iceberg again.

Then Candidate Obama was very frank when he told a reporter that if he couldn’t fix this in three years, his would be a one term Presidency. Well, all he has done is exasperate a bad situation, and I think we should hold him to his own prediction.

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