It’s high time…

I’m still not ready to jump on Chief Justice Roberts for his vote yesterday, but that may change. I believe the fact the “Affordable” Care Act became law in the first place is proof positive that our nation is broken and foundering. As I posted yesterday, the question of Constitutionality as it relates to fines vs. taxes was addressed in the decision. With that said, we have become so desensitized to Constitutionally questionable entitlements built around payroll deductions, what’s one more tacked on? For good or bad, an entitlement class is alive and thriving in America.

Some of you have suggested I seem a bit indifferent to the Supreme Court ruling. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that I expected, and quietly hoped for it. Voting down the law would only have served to embolden the radical Left to war status, and kick the can down the road in terms of a larger and more productive discussion. If we do not fight the “haves and have not’s” fight right now, it simply may be too late.

Ironically, Mitt Romney must now step into the uncomfortable role of Conservative champion, and the Presidential Campaign I envisioned will come to pass. There is simply no getting away from the ideological confrontation which has been festering for more than two generations and now threatens to destroy our country. I must admit however, there is still a part of me that would welcome the total collapse that will most certainly come should America not change course in November. It just seems it’s the only way many on the Left will finally understand this “utopian dream”, perpetuated by a twisted ideology and promoted by an educated but inexperienced and reckless President, is a fraud. Moreover, that stark reality, which will likely come in the form of economic strife the likes of which this nation has never known, is close at hand.

I wonder though, would that be enough to convince them or would they blame that on Bush too???

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