It was a tax all along!!!

“This is not a tax”! How many times did we hear the POTUS and his Liberal Congress make that assertion? Actually, right up to the point when they had to actually argue the “Affordable” Care Act’s Constitutionality before the High Court, then the lawyers pulled out their trump (tax) card. For all intents and purposes it ended up being CJ Roberts who made the difference for the Obama Administration. Roberts makes the assertion, and I believe he is correct, that the mandate, (as an extension of Congressional power), is clearly unconstitutional (Commerce Clause). However, the Court asserts that Congress may level a tax to accomplish the same goal.

Translation: It was a tax all along and the Obama White House lied to the American people once again. This day will set the stage for the rest of the election year. I will have more to say when I read the entire decision, but it is now game on!

September 20, 2009 – President Barack Obama when pressed by George Stephanopoulos: “No George, this is NOT a tax”.

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