The politics of immigration…

In an election year everything is fair game, though how a candidate frames the argument is often the deciding factor as to whether or not it helps their cause. There is something to be said about the fact that President Obama stole a bit of Senator Rubio’s thunder with his recent executive order concerning children of illegal’s, and how it will eventually play into Governor Romney’s stance on the border. I myself have written at length about my own conflicts when debating immigration, and executive orders for that matter. There are also questions about how difficult it will be down the road to enact comprehensive immigration reform now that the POTUS has jumped the political gun.

Ultimately for me, it came down to the President’s own words and mannerisms during his little impromptu in the Rose Garden. Now I know many will flood my email box with hate mail about how I just don’t like Mr. Obama, and how I’m a racist Republican hack. But the truth is, the President is his own worst enemy when off the cuff. I’m not going to go back and forth on this except to print a post from my Facebook account in response to a local radio personality’s post on the POTUS’s order, which for good or bad sums it up:

Matt Allen WPRO 630 AM, Rhode Island:

Matt, President Obama is revered as a great orator by many on the Left. In fact, he is an unapologetic and idealistic politician of the first order. Born of Chicago politics, condescending and elitist when challenged, and off balance when not reading from script. Appropriately, “We the People” have the extraordinary and unique power to fire him in November, but will we? This election is not about The President or Governor Romney so much as it is about us Matt… I suspect it has always been that way… Enough said…

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