PAV – Political Assault Vehicle…

No bullets, just bashing...

I am simply not going to jump on the (political rapid assault vehicle) and mindlessly ridicule the POTUS based on this latest and very sobering jobs report. Frankly the two political parties are wrapped so tight these days I think blood vessels are going to begin popping soon. I will however state the facts and appeal to President Obama’s common sense to accept that his approach is simply not working . You see, we can argue indefinitely about whose fault it was/is. But unlike many of my Lefty counterparts, I care far less about the road traveled than I do about the road forward. They are two very different avenues (arguments).

The facts are we remain heavily burdened as a nation with unsustainable debt and our government is doing little to promote either economic growth or job creation. For the President’s part, he seems focused on using an ideological mechanism as a means to quickly and fundamentally change the way our country functions, and that approach is collapsing under the weight of its own un-workability. Moreover, the usual Liberal sycophants continue to advertise this fraud as a “recovery” when it is now plainly anything but. Previous monthly and quarterly figures revised, current numbers embarrassingly, (no dangerously) low, and predictions of a total economic breakdown are the realities we face, and I am today begging our President to put his children’s country before his failing ideological vision.

Enough time has passed and this is now beyond the blame game Sir. Your numbers do not add up. There must be a balance, a place where we can meet and put our future and those of our posterity ahead of short term political gain, (ala Bill Clinton?). Even if Paul Ryan’s budget is not the answer, there must be something in there worth negotiating. Remember that all of your own budgets have been DOA as well, and in a friendly Senate no less. Maybe there is something in those documents which can be brought back to life.

My point in all of this is, I and many around this country are becoming increasingly concerned we may run out of road soon. So concerned in fact, that this Conservative pundit has no qualms about meeting in the middle somewhere just to avoid what is still an avoidable disaster. We can fight about the logistics and particulars another day. But the truth is, there are some very simple incentive based applications which will stop the bleeding and get our country headed back in the right direction. Ironically, most of our representatives know and understand what these applications look like because they have been tried and have worked in the past.

The whole world is watching and waiting to see which way America goes and I have to tell you, one misstep in this ever-growing economic minefield, and this chalice of success through freedom may not pass to the next generation.

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