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Spin cycle…

The POTUS and Team Obama are scrambling to deflect criticism over and/or explain his claim the “Obama Care” mandate was not a tax. Well considering there are about 20 other taxes in the law, I’m not really sure where he’s going with that. The President’s hypocrisy has come full circle to outright misrepresentation of the facts as we know them. I think I have said this before but it bears repeating. In the age of modern media there has never been a POTUS caught on tape so many times in full contradiction mode, and yet he and his “lame street media” seem to just blow it off and move on. Now here’s the truly scary part.

The President of The United States and his Administration hold the people of this nation in utter contempt, and appear to be very comfortable in the notion that we simply don’t care. Well, do you???

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Department of “Justice”???

“Contempt”- an act of disrespect that impedes the administration of justice. I have written enough on the fact that Eric Holder has been nothing short of negligent and possibly even complicit in the death of Agent Brian Terry. I have also written about how these types of things don’t happen without an “Administrators” blessing. Nonetheless, one only has to observe the Attorney General’s posturing and listen to his comments after the vote to understand he is certainly a contemptuous individual with little regard or respect for the family of the slain Border Agent.

While I was prepared to cut this loose if the AG provided what was asked of him, I am now convinced he was never equal to the title of our nation’s “Chief Law Enforcement Officer”. He should resign immediately or be fired by the President. Disgraceful…

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It’s high time…

I’m still not ready to jump on Chief Justice Roberts for his vote yesterday, but that may change. I believe the fact the “Affordable” Care Act became law in the first place is proof positive that our nation is broken and foundering. As I posted yesterday, the question of Constitutionality as it relates to fines vs. taxes was addressed in the decision. With that said, we have become so desensitized to Constitutionally questionable entitlements built around payroll deductions, what’s one more tacked on? For good or bad, an entitlement class is alive and thriving in America.

Some of you have suggested I seem a bit indifferent to the Supreme Court ruling. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s just that I expected, and quietly hoped for it. Voting down the law would only have served to embolden the radical Left to war status, and kick the can down the road in terms of a larger and more productive discussion. If we do not fight the “haves and have not’s” fight right now, it simply may be too late.

Ironically, Mitt Romney must now step into the uncomfortable role of Conservative champion, and the Presidential Campaign I envisioned will come to pass. There is simply no getting away from the ideological confrontation which has been festering for more than two generations and now threatens to destroy our country. I must admit however, there is still a part of me that would welcome the total collapse that will most certainly come should America not change course in November. It just seems it’s the only way many on the Left will finally understand this “utopian dream”, perpetuated by a twisted ideology and promoted by an educated but inexperienced and reckless President, is a fraud. Moreover, that stark reality, which will likely come in the form of economic strife the likes of which this nation has never known, is close at hand.

I wonder though, would that be enough to convince them or would they blame that on Bush too???

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It was a tax all along!!!

“This is not a tax”! How many times did we hear the POTUS and his Liberal Congress make that assertion? Actually, right up to the point when they had to actually argue the “Affordable” Care Act’s Constitutionality before the High Court, then the lawyers pulled out their trump (tax) card. For all intents and purposes it ended up being CJ Roberts who made the difference for the Obama Administration. Roberts makes the assertion, and I believe he is correct, that the mandate, (as an extension of Congressional power), is clearly unconstitutional (Commerce Clause). However, the Court asserts that Congress may level a tax to accomplish the same goal.

Translation: It was a tax all along and the Obama White House lied to the American people once again. This day will set the stage for the rest of the election year. I will have more to say when I read the entire decision, but it is now game on!

September 20, 2009 – President Barack Obama when pressed by George Stephanopoulos: “No George, this is NOT a tax”.

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Pelosi’s shame…

Watching Alan Colmes on Megyn Kelly’s “America Live” is simply painful. Apparently, Colmes and the Liberals are content to let the outrageous claims of racism and voter suppression leveled against Darrell Issa and the Republicans pursuing answers in “Fast and Furious”, stand as valid. Damned be the politician and/or advocate who would suppress justice by such means. I would add that America’s future is in grave doubt if her citizens continue to put power in the hands of irresponsible fools such as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Additionally, if minority groups continue to place their trust and faith in the likes of racists like Sharpton and Jackson, the righteous cause of human equality will be forever damaged in America.

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A week for the history books…

The week ahead promises to be nothing short of dramatic in a political sense. So to kind of sum up, I will give you my take on some of the hot button issues.

I’ve been listening to Democrat pundits for the last two weeks try and explain away Eric Holder’s refusal to surrender certain documents to Congress regarding “Fast & Furious”. Now the obvious dilemma here is the Terry family is demanding answers to questions about their sons murder, and rightfully so. What I found interesting however, is the explanation by partisan Democrats that Republicans are simply grandstanding for political reasons, and that Holder has already turned over thousands of documents. In truth, the “documents” turned over were literally thousands of largely redacted and blacked out emails and papers which actually contained little or nothing about the shooting, who authorized it and at what level did the chain end. In that matter, the POTUS has now come to the rescue of his friend / AG and claimed “executive privilege”, apparently to prevent any incriminating disclosures. Ultimately, someone gave their “blessing” to the “gun walking” which was not part of the original operation, someone in a high office. And it was that gun walking that led to Agent Terry’s death. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well it is. Come clean Mr. Holder, and admit that something went very wrong in the Justice Department on your watch. Now a Border Agent’s family is left to ask why their Law Enforcement hero son was murdered on the border of his own country with weapons put in play by his own side. Release the documents or be held in contempt of Congress Sir. Next >

This is an easy one. Arizona reserves the right, Constitutionally and legally, to protect its border and uphold standing Federal Immigration Law if the feds themselves don’t do it. I believe the Supreme court will agree. Having said that, I concur with Senator Rubio in that I don’t believe Arizona should be the national model. The problems which exist there are exclusive to the region and therefore present LE officials with additional challenges for which they need appropriate “latitude”. Next >


And finally The “Affordable” Care Act. Arguably one of, if not the largest federal power grab in American history. An expensive, unsustainable and by every account, unworkable entitlement program that will bankrupt our children and ultimately destroy the greatest healthcare system known to mankind. It is my hope that the Supreme Court will strike it down as the Constitutional overreach it is. Regrettably, the President’s play to enact feel good portions of the law ahead of the full onslaught of its huge cost will make it difficult to transition to true comprehensive healthcare reform in the future. Moreover, Republicans and Democrats alike will seek to make political hay over the decision, and the truth will most likely be lost in the mix.

Anyway, have a good week people… 😉

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(Warning: The video below may be upsetting to those who actually have feelings.)

I think it’s fair to say a great many of us have done a few stupid things growing up. I for one readily admit the mistakes that have “learned me” to my place in this life. But something has changed. I remember joking about adults, but not contemplating the results of stabbing them. Moreover, to openly harass and abuse an adult in any way like the youths on that school bus in Greece, NY would have brought the back of my Dad’s hand in immediate proximity to my face repeatedly. As a matter of fact, just being openly disrespectful would usually have been enough to warrant a moderate ass kicking upon arrival back at the “Patriot64” homestead.

So after fighting back tears for the poor women in this video and then listening to one of the “children’s” fathers attempt to somehow reconcile the incident, I did actually take something away from it. My thoughts on what ails “We the People” as a nation, having to do with the necessity of an appropriate and caring but disciplined home life, are spot on.

Wake up America, because if this bunch of sadistic and unfeeling rabble is the best we have to offer the world, then we are truly screwed!

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Fast and Furious Politics…

I have always surmised that “Fast and Furious (F&F)” would eventually wind its way up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. Moreover, I also believe Eric Holder is something less than a “law man”, and more of a political hack covering for his friend and boss, the President. From his comments about Americans as cowards regarding race, to his condescending and frankly “come what may” attitude regarding the entire F&F investigation, the Attorney General of the United States seems to care little for the laws he is sworn to uphold and enforce.

From the beginning it appears it was the intention of the Administration to morph a targeted program designed to identify parties smuggling arms across the Mexican border, along with their cartel associations, into a PowerPoint presentation for the purpose of promoting  gun control legislation here at home. Ultimately, the plan that appeared to favor failure as opposed to success did in fact fail, but with horrific consequences. In the end, many innocent Mexican citizens, (and probably some unsuspecting American visitors), as well as a war-hero Border Patrol Agent were dead, and “We the People” as well as Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s parents want to know why.

Now we hear President Obama has invoked “Executive Privilege” regarding requests for additional information about the case. Subsequently, the pressures of a political year unlike any other, don’t bode well for justice for the Terry family any time in the near future. Additionally, we may debate “Executive Privilege” and what it means in terms of the POTUS’s previous statements all day, but it is the simple fact of Officer Terry’s murder that should galvanize (all) of our representatives in an effort to find the truth for the Terry family, and for all Americans…

Holder must resign!!! At the very least, he is in contempt of Congress…

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Race Card…

Never was much of a Sam Donaldson fan. He has never really tried to hide the fact he is a Liberal masquerading as an objective journalist. I would not necessarily put him in the Bill Maher category of unintelligent misfit, but his motivations are obvious.

Nonetheless, I think that it does “We the People” a great disservice when someone as allegedly “mainstream” as Donaldson plays the race card. It implies that to disagree with the POTUS is to be a racist and nothing more. In addition, when CNN and some of the other ratings challenged cable networks jump on board, it just cheapens and diminishes our political process in the eyes of the world.

I am actually anticipating the great flood of criticism leveled against critics of the President when he is no longer President. It should be very interesting to listen to the “Obama Nation” explain away the mistakes and sheer inexperience of 44 by way of highlighting bigotry as the reason for his failures. More astonishingly, it never ceases to amaze me that so many forget or simply choose to ignore his biracial heritage. Inconvenient to the argument of “first black President” I would imagine… Chris Matthews is such an idiot…

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Happy Father’s Day 2012…

My prayer this “Father’s Day” is that all fathers in our country be mindful of the crucial role they play in the developmental lives of their children. I believe in my heart that nothing we face as a nation is insurmountable if only we look inward to our families, and make our best efforts as parents first. Teach our posterity faith, hope and charity as part of a values oriented upbringing where they know and understand the consequences of their actions, good and bad. As a father myself, I know that not all of my efforts will be perfect. But it is the honest pursuit of that perfection that will benefit my son.

President Bush’s Father’s Day Proclamation
“Fathers play a unique and important role in the lives of their children. As mentor, protector, and provider, a father fundamentally influences the shape and direction of his child’s character by giving love, care, discipline, and guidance. As we observe Father’s Day, our nation honors fatherhood and urges fathers to commit themselves selflessly to the success and well-being of their children. And we reaffirm the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Raising a child requires significant time, effort, and sacrifice; and it is one of the most hopeful and fulfilling experiences a man can ever know. A father can derive great joy from seeing his child grow from infancy to adulthood. As a child matures into independence and self reliance, the value of a parent’s hard work, love, and commitment comes to fruition.

Responsible fatherhood is important to a healthy and civil society. Numerous studies confirm that children whose fathers are present and involved in their lives are more likely to develop into prosperous and healthy adults. Children learn by example; and they need their father’s presence as examples of virtue in their daily lives. A child’s sense of security can be greatly enhanced by seeing his parents in a loving and faithful marriage.”

George W. Bush
President, USA

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