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“Furry” Math…

“Federal spending since I took office has risen at the slowest pace of any president in almost 60 years,” OMG! Talk about your whopper.

I suppose if you have a fiscal record such as this Administration, it would make sense to take a few liberties with the reporting mechanisms to “wash” it. Leaving out a bunch of stuff regarding his input for the 2009 budget, including the $800 billion dollar “stimulus” package, taking credit for $150 million dollars in payments against the original TARP money, and leaving out (entire months) when calculating the figures, are just a few of the extraordinarily misleading  avenues President Obama and company have traveled to arrive at his claim. A much more accurate assessment of the real stats shows a 13% budget increase for 2010/11 and a close to 3% overall growth in spending for the same period, putting the POTUS squarely in the opposite column from the one he purports to be in. It appears there’s no limit to the lengths this crew will go to hold on to that Oval Office.

Traditionally, it is understood (and accepted) that politicians may take a few liberties with the numbers from time to time to make their points, but this is about as off the mark and frankly sinister as I’ve seen. Manipulation doesn’t even touch it. They are counting on the notion that “We the People” neither understand nor do we care about the truth.

If I were advising the Obamabots, I would caution them against taking the American People for granted when money woes are the very things which compel them at the present time. My nine-year old can do the math on this one Mr. President, and your figures are more than “fuzzy”…

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