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I have been sitting on this post for a bit now, but the onset of the election cycle has coaxed me to go with it. For good or bad, I am always at least a little sensitive to the response I get when I write about the President, primarily because many of my Liberal friends and readers are so damn smitten with Mr. Obama. Truth is, for some of those hard core folks the magic remains despite the results.

Recently however, the idea of finally vetting this man who was elected to the most powerful office in all the world, has gained some momentum. I’d have to say that the ridiculous attack on Mitt Romney for something he did in high school certainly spurred some Right Wing PAC’s to go on the offensive in a way they didn’t in 2008 for fear of charges of racism by the “main stream” media. In any event, I’m glad this stuff is finally coming to the table. (And for those complaining about the fat cat money issue, I would direct you to George Clooney’s house. Please stop bitchin about corporate America. It’s just silly, counterproductive and sounds so vindictive. If all those so-called 1%-er’s closed their doors tomorrow, the POTUS would lose the election because he couldn’t raise enough money, you’d be lookin for work, and life as you know it would end, period!)

Anyway, with all due respect to Hannity and company I have been talking about the President’s ideological past for years. I’ve said on many occasions that one only need read “Dreams from My Father” to see the man’s heart. Now while I’m not going to go after the POTUS for bullying some young female admirer on the schoolyard, or lambast him for his candid admission to heavy drug and alcohol use as a young man, (to include numerous driving experiences with a “head clouded with Gin”), I will however take note of his many references to race, class envy and divisive, stereotypical propaganda. From his early days, through his interactions with the literary agencies that would publish his books (and misidentify his place of birth), to his time as the President of the Harvard Law Review, this was, and I believe remains a man firmly entrenched in the ideas of Socialist politics, societal division and class warfare as a means to even what he sees as an uneven playing field.

Election 2012 is certain to be about more than simply Barack Obama, as some have suggested it might be. The mere fact he was elected without the “main stream” press ever having brought any of this to light is proof positive that any cleverly packaged academic, cultivated and sheltered in the petri dish that is American higher education today and protected by a complicit press devoid of any moral responsibility to the people they report to, can be and in this case was elected to the Presidency of The United States. With that said, and all or at least most of the cards sure to be on the table this time around, the real question regarding our nations future will be out there for “We the People” to ponder, and on the first Tuesday in November, to answer…

NOTE: If you haven’t read this book, and you care about your country, please pick up a copy today.


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