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“Conviction” of late…

Does anyone really think the President or any of his sycophant cronies like Jack Reed of Rhode Island are “coming out” in support of gay marriage because of any deep felt conviction? Come on folks, the POTUS has been riding the fence on this issue for his entire Presidency thus far, and Jack Reed lost any conviction he may have had along with his conscience some time ago. This is nothing more than a political tactic, carefully vetted through the prisms of polling and focus groups. It was even a bit nauseating to hear President Obama invoke the sacrifice of Jesus Christ while discussing the issue on ABC. This from the man who immediately springs his ACLU umbrella every time someone even mentions the words church and state in the same sentence.

Now I am not an overly religious man, and I try very hard to keep my opinions on things like gay marriage and abortion rooted in cultural, historical and Constitutional context, because I don’t feel qualified otherwise. But nothing lights my fire more than a pandering politician trying to pass him/herself off as actually caring about an issue, when nothing could be further from the truth. Frankly, if I were in the marriage equality camp, I would be pretty damn offended it took Mr. Obama so long to “develop” his “conviction “on the matter. “Come on man”!!

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