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War on women???

The President’s efforts to divide our nation appear to be playing out in a big way in the media today. It seems yet another Obama insider has had a slip of the tongue, or not. Liberal attack dog Hilary Rosen is anything but apologetic however, and is defending her comments about Ann Romney and how Rosen feels that being a “stay at home mom” is somehow less than work and a perk of the privileged. (Only if they are Conservative). Moreover, WH Press Secretary  “School Boy Jay Carney” couldn’t even man up and address Rosen’s charge that raising 5 children through breast cancer and multiple sclerosis doesn’t qualify as work, but rather went on a tangent about the POTUS’s pandering to the women’s vote. I mean this guy makes me nauseous on so many levels I can’t count them.

Now setting aside the fact that my wife would beg to differ with Rosen, (add angry “stay at home mom” tirade here), this insanity is sure to invite the wrath of many a mom who is simply trying to give their young one(s) the best possible start in this life. Truth be told, there are still those of us who believe that “mom”, as part of a nuclear family where dad can get out and work his damn tail off, is in fact the best and most qualified person to take care of the kids. We also believe that the “broken home”, as well as the home with two working parents, are statistically less conducive to a child’s success by way of many types of pitfalls, thus we make sacrifices in the best interest of our posterity. This does not mean we are wealthy by any stretch. In fact many of us are anything but. It also does not mean that success cannot be achieved despite hardship or disadvantage. The idea is that we should address the root causes of our societal ills and not attempt to disguise them with ideological foolishness and classroom theory, put forth by many a tenured but wholly inexperienced and/or misguided “educator”.

Look, one only has to do a bit of simple homework to know the real story of Romney and his wife and how they held their babies on their laps and studied off a wooden door propped up on saw horses and used as a table so they could get their educations, and how Mitt donated all of his inheritance to his father’s institute so he might make his own mark in this world. But this is the problem. Sacrifice and hard work are ridiculed as dated and “politically incorrect” within the Obama Utopia. Ambition and effort are being replaced by resentment and entitlements at any cost, and that will be the true legacy of this “Hope and Change” President.

Our only “Hope” is that we “Change” Presidents in November…

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