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NBC – “Negligent” Broadcasting Company…

I think it’s important we be able to look at our news outlets and feel confident the reporting is at least accurate, albeit with the occasional ideological slant of the reporter or pundit presenting it. Having said this, when an agency does what NBC did recently and then expects us to believe it was accidental, or a simple editing issue, one has to ask, have we now gone over to state television? Where’s the outrage?

In all honesty I have not looked in great detail at the Trayvon Martin case yet. I will tell you however, that anytime a young person’s life ends in this manner it is a tragedy beyond measure. Unfortunately, it also ends up being a platform for partisan and opportunistic bigots like Sharpton, Farrakhan and Jackson, to fan the flames of racial division in an effort to reconcile their reprehensible existence on the political stage.

Getting back to NBC and for those who had not heard, the folks over there omitted a very important and specific question asked by the police dispatcher of George Zimmerman on the night in question, with regard to the ethnicity of the person he was following, (a routine matter of policy for most if not all police departments and 911 dispatch outlets when securing a physical description). Amazingly, they included only Zimmerman’s response, “he looks black”, implying a racial motivation on the part of Zimmerman.

I have been around a bit and frankly it would be pretty easy to compile a list of Lefty media slants presented by the self-described “main stream” press. But never have I heard such a blatant disregard for the truth, made so much worse by the excuse that it was a mere oversight on the part of “the editing department”. If there is anyone out there reading this right now who believes that NBC did not intentionally try to slant the story against Zimmerman from the outset, then you are indeed part of the problem. So called professional organizations like NBC simply do not make blunders of this magnitude.

Look, I am simply not going to take sides before I know the facts, all of the facts. This is what I do know though: A young boy is dead, his future extinguished, and I care not whether he was black, white, pink or otherwise. He was just a boy. So if it’s truly “justice” we seek, then the “trial by media” we are witnessing in this case will certainly not provide for that justice. For good and/or bad, this incident appears to have many layers and cries out for a full and fair vetting in order to answer the question of (why). To ignore the (who, what, when and where) in the process, for the sake of creating a racial component in a Presidential Election year, is irresponsible to say the very least. Making matters even worse, the POTUS has once again stepped in it, and spoken out not as “The President”, but rather some idealistic professor attempting to manipulate and bring about a particular outcome. Stop the insanity. Bring back journalistic integrity and objective reporting to the news media.

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