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Double speak…

I think it’s fair to say that our elected officials, including the President, say quite a bit when they think the microphone is turned off. Then again, if your Joe Biden what the hell difference does it make? Anything coming out of this guys mouth is a verbal minefield to be sure. Having said that, the POTUS’s recent comments to Russian President  Dmitry Medvedev speak to something a little different.

From the beginning there have been questions about the President’s representation of his true intentions. Frankly, I disagree with those who say he has been untruthful with regard to his ideological motives. However Mr. Obama has certainly played his cards in less than “transparent” fashion since his election in 2008. So when we hear him making promises that concern something as important as arms control, which will certainly affect the safety and security of “our” next generation, many of us perk up and pay attention.

I think that the best way to put this in perspective is to consider the reaction of the “main stream” press when Mitt Romney referred to Russia as our “#1 Geopolitical Foe”. Now while I would debate Mr. Romney on that assertion, I would also take umbrage with some media types out there portraying our former Cold War adversary as a model Democracy. In fact, the signs are all there that the Russian mindset appears to be one of “longing for the  good old days” when they enjoyed a bit more international respect, hence the “re-election” of Mr. Putin. Half a brain and a simple internet connection with access to Google would bear this out.  

Regardless, it has been and remains my belief that our President is ideologically driven and has intentions to remake our country in the (United Nations) model. And for those who truly understand what this means, the Presidents posturing with Medvedev, or Hu Jintao, or Hamid Karzai for that matter, is an unnerving proposition/observation to say the least.

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For Patriots Only???

Never in our nation’s history have the numbers been so glaringly obvious and the consequences of inaction so dire. All across the United States, cities, towns and even entire state governments are enduring the result of generations of fiscal irresponsibility on the part of some whom we’ve elected to speak for us in government. The power of an organized minority, emboldened by a blatantly hypocritical and complicit “main stream” media, and combined with a hard-working but long complacent majority, have set in motion events which our enemies could not ever have hoped to achieve militarily. As we watch our indebtedness grow beyond our ability to grasp the real figures, our children’s future and any hope for a better America we may leave them, now seem truly unrealistic at best. So I turn to Wisconsin and wonder, would it not be better if the recall elections achieve their desired result? In fact I wonder, would it not be better for this to be the case nationwide so Americans might realize once and for all the true magnitude of our plight? Are we too big to fail?

I am convinced of one thing this Spring, and that is America’s superpower clock is ticking. This November we face the fork in the road I have written about countless times. Do we bear “Left” and abandon a belief system that has set us apart for the better, thus relegating this great nation to an inevitable ash heap of European Socialist doctrine? Or do we bear “Right” and fix only what’s broken so we may begin down what is certain to be a long road back to our posterity’s American dream? The choice is much simpler than many on both sides would have you believe.

One road is easy and its grievous consequences supported by historical fact. The other road is much more difficult, but comes with freedom and peace of mind. Peace in the notion that your children’s future is in their hands and not those of an unseen and uncaring bureaucrat whose only desires our fortune and power/control. I hate to sound lofty and rhetorical, but I cannot listen to another political hack purposely muddy the waters to confuse the voter. “The argument” is most certainly part of the process of Democracy, and an important part at that. But we who engage in the discourse have a duty to be truthful not just in our factual reporting, but in our intent as well.

You see, a Liberal friend once commented to me that he felt unwelcome by the description of this blog, (For Patriots Only). I explained to him that he needn’t feel slighted because I knew of his love for his country, and that makes him a “Patriot” regardless of his political leanings. On the other hand, I feel strongly that some on the Left are hiding behind a Constitution they mean to dissolve or remove as a roadblock to their utopian dream land, and they are my political enemies. Mind you I still support their right to free speech, however I would prefer they be intellectually honest about their true intentions. The only prerequisite I have for “the argument”, is the acceptance of the fact that this nation while not perfect, provides a platform of human freedom unlike any in the world, and that platform has its roots in two documents written to ensure future generations never forget it.

So as I often do, I’m using one issue to broach another. After the Republican Primary, it will be up to voters in Wisconsin to make a choice similar to that which all Americans will consider in November. How far from the Framers intent, an ideal fostered in the mindset of personal freedom and responsibility as the road to individual success, do we wish to go? In the end, history tells us that if we choose the easy road, it is never easy for very long…

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In this corner…

Today will be a happy albeit confusing day for my FOX detractors, as I have a beef with the “fair and balanced” network. Let me first say that the Lefts targeting of FOX, including the unabashed cry babying by the (Commander-in-Chief) about how Sean Hannity and company have it in for him, is just plain ridiculous and difficult to listen to. And while I have made it clear that I qualify my thoughts by way all the major networks and other resources of record, it should be obvious to anyone without the most biased of agendas, that a news media playing field without FOX would be shall we say, one-sided (Obama).

Regardless, Brian Kilmeade of “Fox and Friends” got under my skin a little the other day when he put WWE Superstar John Cena on the spot with a political question regarding his thoughts on the Republican Primary field. To his credit, Cena was professional and even intellectual in his response, stating that he had met Candidate Romney at the Daytona 500 and found him to be engaging. Cena made no endorsement and gracefully dodged Kilmeade’s obvious attempt to get him on the record.

For as much as the FOX teams assail their rivals regarding Hollywood hijinks and the “politics” of brainiacs like Rosie O’Donnell and Matt Damon, they should take a page from their own book and leave politics off the “curvy couch” when discussing or highlighting things like the WWE. For the most part, those watching the Cena spot that day could have cared less who the wrestler supports for President, and were much more interested in whether or not a recent car accident may have affected his upcoming rumble with “The Rock”. In any event, a bit of advice for Brian in the words of one of his favorite sports announcers and former football stars: “Com’on man”……

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High Gear…

I happened on MSNBC and the President’s re-election campaign commercial with “orator” and Obama sycophant Tom Hanks, a man who seems so ready to hail the greatness of our nation on the silver screen, yet understands little of its true history. That aside, it seems the POTUS and company will continue the mantra of “blame the other guy” and except absolutely no responsibility for our anemic national posture. So let’s have a look at those ugly facts, shall we.

I get a lot of guff from the Left attacking me for being a “FOX Fanatic”. The trouble with this analogy is that I actually get much of my economic info and such from the federal government itself. Moreover, it would be impossible for me to make the case I do without using (all) of the media outlets, to include the international folks. How else would I highlight the Left Wing Media hypocrisy? Nonetheless, I have looked at trending lines of “economy’s past” and can clearly see that the GDP growth rates and subsequent hiring markers we are seeing today are consistent with an economy that would have chugged along at the same pace had the Administration went on a three year vacation after the 08 Election and returned this week. Now say what you will about the condition of things when President Obama took office, but the numbers simply do not bear it out. None of the banks, who are being “stress tested” today, were any better off 20 years ago if we really want to look at their bottom line structure and government mandated mortgage lending practices. And the big three auto makers, despite coming about to build the best cars in the world today, were poorly managed money pits 10 years before GW took office. What I’m getting at here is that this “blame Bush game” is nothing more than a well-orchestrated (and funded) distraction, designed entirely to keep Americans from focusing on and Ideologue President who has governed true to his word to change America, and certainly not for the better.

In fairness, I will not rant on about what I believe the Presidents true agenda is. Instead, I will simply state some facts for the record and ask all of you to rate Mr. Obama with the same scale we have rated all of our Chief Executives, beginning with the question, (Are you better off today than you were three years ago?).

GDP growth – consistently revised to under 2% post 2008

Inflation index – off the charts and across the board for non-durable goods and food stuffs

Gasoline – $1.84 per gallon in 2008, $3.84 per gallon today (And it does not matter what it rose to during the Bush years!)

Unemployment at the same period during the Bush Presidency – 4.7%. Unemployment 2012 – 8.3% with over 20 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, and 2 million less jobs for the finding as well.

Americans on food stamps – 31.9 million in 2008 vs. 46.5 million today

And most importantly – Federal Deficit 2008 – $10.6 trillion, Federal Deficit 2012 – $15.6 trillion and projected to hit 20 trillion or more by 2017 (most likely more as the CBO is now projecting the “Affordable” Care Act will cost double what was promoted by the Obama Administration.

Now unlike the pundits on the other side, I will not lay all the blame on this President or any other President specifically. The road to this economic and un-Constitutional nightmare we are living was paved over many Administrations and with the help of many complicit Congress’s. With that said however, President Obama’s ideological approach to our nation’s woes is ill-timed and dangerous to say the least, and while I’d love to sit and swap books and “factoid sheets” with Libs living in an alternate universe, these numbers are real and will not just go away. They present a direct challenge to the notion that we may leave a better country to our posterity. Consequently, we need action based on sound principle and proven application, and we need it now. We need things that make sense for our free market economy in the short-term, not utopian pipe dreams dreamt and fostered in the classroom only.

So as he “kicks his campaign for re-election into high gear”, and goes on par to spend more money doing so than any incumbent President or candidate in American history, and as the Republican field are vilified by the cut throat “main stream” press for a vetting process not unlike that of Obama / Clinton in 08,  Americans will be faced with a choice this Fall, stay the course and gamble our children’s future on broken promises and green algae, or elect a businessman for the times who will collect the books, read the spread sheets and not run from economic reality? That’s right, I have made my decision and I am supporting Mitt Romney for President… I hope everyone had a safe and “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”.




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Unsolicited Advice… (Rhode Island Local)

As some in the “political know” may have already surmised, Anthony Gemma has decided to throw his media savvy hat into the ring for District 1 yet again. This time will be very different however in that the current occupant of that office, David Cicilline, is all but finished in Rhode Island (RI) politics. Though it still amazes me how the guy ever made it to the halls of Congress in the first place, this news is truly a game changer, and Brendan Doherty’s team had better focus like a laser beam moving forward.

Gemma is a media smart closet Progressive masquerading as a champion of business. He has plenty of ready cash and a propensity to launch devastating and well thought attack ads against his political opponents. He has a decent grasp of the issues and is an acceptable debater. Basically, he has done this before.

Doherty is the quintessential law man and a model of integrity. His nearly 3 decades in law enforcement are littered with the hides of bad guys who had it coming. His sheer size and demeanor smack of a firm and forthright handshake to be followed by the straight skinny. He is a champion for the citizens of his state. To those who know him, there could be no better soul to send to Washington.

The problem is that RI voters are a microcosm of what’s wrong with our country today. Political cronyism and targeted pandering are the inroads to the hearts of many who will head to the polls in our state this November. For this reason I see the following as my unsolicited advice to the Trooper icon and would be Congressman:

  1. Tell the RI voter that you are indeed “inexperienced” and that is exactly why they should vote for you. Heck, if experience has gotten us to this point, I’ll vote for a little less of that. Note: (Brendan Doherty probably has more experience dealing with people from all walks of life than the rest of the RI Congressional Delegation combined).
  2. Present a “basic” viewpoint and platform for only the headline issues of the day and explain that you will do what every other “rookie” on the hill does when he gets to Washington, run like crazy to catch up, but that this will happen more quickly for you because you are sincere in your reason for wanting to be there in the first place. It will also be much easier because you will most likely be part of a Republican Congress.
  3. Keep it simple and control the argument. Articulate in the simplest possible terms that it will not be a cardinal sin to cast a vote for a Republican running for Pat Kennedy’s old seat, and that more of “the same” is no longer a suitable way forward for our children’s sake.
  4. Finally, do what you do best and tell the truth about how you have absolutely no intention of supporting any legislation that cuts social security benefits for seniors, or ships every Latino back to “Mexico”, and that “right to work” does not mean chasing unions out of the state but rather allowing for simple fairness in the process.

Anthony Gemma has timed his entrance perfectly and will attempt to paint himself as an alternative to going over to the other side. Cicilline will be removed by primary as a reason to vote for Doherty and, (in the humble opinion of this pundit), the Colonels camp had better be ready for this RI “politics as usual” strategy.

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They must first desire to be free…

The aim of the Taliban is as it has been for generations, to drag a superior opponent into a protracted engagement that has rules for only that opponent. In doing so, time and

Not much about this picture has changed in a thousand years.

perception become their friends. The longer our fighting forces remain in theater, the more likely we are to see these types of horrific anomalies. Military personnel are human beings and thereby affected in very human ways by traumatic events. Granted the fighting soldier is unique in that his training mitigates some of the horrors of war, but never entirely. Eventually, and in relation to the sheer number of boots on the ground, something is bound to crack.

I want to be clear here in that I whole heartedly support our brave men and women in harms away. I believe unequivocally that you can’t support the troops and not support their mission. With that said, we now find ourselves in the position of having achieved somewhat of the objective sought after 9/11 by smashing al-Qaeda and killing bin-Laden. Unfortunately, the mission has slowly become one of nation building in a country that seems to collectively want none of it. Consequently I see only two choices.

  1. Saturate the battlefield and terminate with extreme prejudice everyone and/or thing that stands in the way of complete and total victory, at which point we may save the next generation of Afghans for freedom sake. Or-
  2. Pull up our tents pegs and get our troops home to their families as quickly as possible, and leave these people to their own devices.

If there is a lesson to be learned from the great wars, it was that full throttle warfare very often results in a timelier end to hostilities, thereby saving lives. It is important that we not now snatch defeat from the jaws of victory on this one, if for no other reason but to reward our Soldiers for their efforts and accomplishments in the name of free people everywhere.

The events in Afghanistan of the last day are a tragedy to be sure. However it is important for our leaders to send the right message. Condolences, prayers and whatever help is necessary for those left behind, but with a tag of urgency rooted in the reality of their living in a war ravaged country for far too long. It is becoming increasingly obvious that if the Afghan people truly desire to be masters of their own fate, and join with the international community in civility and peace, then help in facilitating the proper and expeditious transition of an appropriate national posture is of the utmost importance.  (Translation) – step up and take back your own country. The alternatives are listed above. One way or another, it’s time to end this thing.

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What is “Acceptable”???

The U.S. created 227,000 jobs in the month of February. Once again, anytime we see job creation as opposed to job losses, it is a good thing. People are finding work and going about the business of making their way through these difficult times, and it is right that we recognize any betterment in terms of the job market. Now for some qualifying news:

Unemployment remains at 8.3% and has been above 8% for three years now. Almost 45% of those unemployed have collected benefits for longer than at any time in U.S. history. Approximately 13 million Americans are still without work and we have lost 2 million tangible and “countable” jobs since 2007. The number of jobs added is now trending down and those jobs are mainly service sector (temporary) positions and lower paying, which is never a very good sign for long-term growth. Consequently, when you hold up these numbers against a devastating foreclosure rate and skyrocketing gas prices/inflation, it’s hard to jump that “recovery” train with any real enthusiasm.

Look, I have said and will say again, do not be lulled into the “new norm” where 7.5% unemployment will somehow be  viewed as “acceptable”, and $4.25 gasoline along a $6.50 box of corn flakes are our economic future. By and large this may very well be our short-term future based on inflationary trending numbers, but our actions this year will determine whether that will be $5.75 gasoline and $7.00 Cheerios moving forward.

Free market economic recovery after a down turn comes in many forms and at varying degrees of speed. It can be affected only at certain times by the policies of a representative government. That is to say there is usually a very small window for politics to have an effect on free market economics. We must also take into account that there will always be a certain amount of what I like to call “natural” recovery, that being the strength of the free market to advance in spite of every effort made by an incumbent Administration or Congress, (and which they will take credit for, you can be sure). With this in mind I submit to my readers that while it does my heart good that anyone benefits from any upswing in the economy, this particular Administration has been nothing but a hindrance to real recovery. Furthermore, until he is either removed from the WH by vote or term limit, President Barack Obama will continue to govern outside and around everything necessary to bring about that real recovery.

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Say what???

There has been much in the news of late to which a pundit’s attention is warranted.  So let’s have some fun.

A couple of observations stand out for me, not the least of which is an apparent and continuing disconnect at the WH when it comes to the President’s appearances and statements. For instance, the big rally at the GM plant seemed almost a bad comedic line at a Dean Martin Celebrity Roast, when we learned barely a day later that production on the Chevy Volt would cease for lack of sales. Now I’m not sure if Mr. Obama intends to custom order his Volt, but if so he may be surprised to find out he’ll have to take one off the lot. Now I know all the “greenies” out there are screaming that it was all the negative “fire” press that doomed the little car that couldn’t, but actually it was more likely the $40,000.00 price tag. Heck even with a $7500.00 tax credit, folks didn’t seem eager to hop in for the “short” ride. Nonetheless the question remains, where were the POTUS’s handlers on this one??

I recently read a bit on Warren Buffett regarding his battles with the IRS over some unpaid taxes and thought to myself, this is the same guy who’s advocating we all step up and pay our “fair” share. In view of this extraordinary development, I read on that Buffett’s airline owes more than $350,000,000.00 and is locked in a suit counter suit with the government he so enthusiastically promotes as the solver of all of our national woes. Well as far as I can see, this would be a great opportunity for the old gent to put his money where his mouth is and fork it over for the greater good. (Not gonna happen people). You see that is the old Liberal game of “do as I say and not as I do”. These people are always most comfortable spending other people’s money.

I just thought hypocrisy would be a good lead in for the next few posts. Stay tuned…

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Youthful ignorance…

Some of you may have read recently about the prayer banner controversy in a Cranston Rhode Island high school. For those who haven’t, it was another example of the ACLU’s illegitimacy in area of Constitutionality, and the exploitation of yet another young person not fully “educated” in the world.

This is something I wrote for a popular Christian newspaper that kind of sums up my individual feelings on the matter. From there I encourage all of you to research and read about the slow undoing of all that makes us who we are.

From “The Good News Today”

Hello Friends,

I’m not so old that I can’t remember my thought process back when I was 15 or 16 years old. Not yet anyway… I suppose I could have been moved to one particular cause or another, but only if prodded or persuaded by someone of age and/or so called “wisdom”. Hence my days as a not so bright “beach cleaner” with limited focus and an equally limited understanding of reality. My point is, it’s certainly a fair statement to say we mature with age. Much of what we believe in our youth is “usually” at the very least influenced by time and life’s future lessons. Therefore, when I hear a young person speak to their belief system(s) one way or another, I take that with a grain of salt and snicker under my breath remembering all of my own journeys.

I live in Barrington now but grew up in Cranston Rhode Island, and I’m familiar with the prayer banner hanging in my old school, Cranston High School West. Notably, I’ve always viewed my home city as a kind of quirky place where “keeping up with the Jones” seemed a way of life. It was hard to pin folks down as the trends changed, religious and otherwise. For this reason hypocrisy will always factor into any analysis of mine concerning events coming out of Cranston. It’s important to note however, this is a personal distinction and not an indictment of the city on mass. Appropriately, the banner is a simple statement and its words give voice to some of the most basic values every student should aspire to regardless of any religious connotation attached to it. Truth be told, the story of Jessica Ahlquist and the prayer banner is somewhat of a non-starter for me based simply on the fact that this young woman is just that, a young woman. She is barely 16 and in the very beginnings of this life developmentally. I certainly will not debate her intellect as she seems intelligent and well-spoken for her age. With that said, it is equally as clear that the ACLU is a major player in this ongoing saga. It is important to note this is an agency with a track record of manipulating puppet causes as a means to forward an agenda focused on the systematic undoing (re-doing) of our Constitution to reflect something very different than the intent of the Framers. So carefully are the Amendments “chosen” to defend, as well as the players who will ultimately be out front of the argument, that all credibility associated with this phony bunch on any subject is subsequently diminished or completely absent.

Appropriately, my Editor has asked that I not bore you with precedent on either side of the “separation clause” as this is can be a political argument I am willing to, and have taken a great distance in the past. I will simply tell you that many of our time seem predisposed to partner with agencies like the ACLU in an effort to steer folks away from what are some of the most fundamental tenets and foundations of our nation. The matter of the Framers and their intent when it came to the first amendment is clear for any who wish to (do their homework). Sadly, the only way away from a life of faith and personal responsibility is to diminish and eventually eradicate that which brought us here in the first place, that which “separates” us from the rest, and that which has allowed for our success as a culture, “one nation under God”. Ironically, it is not Jessica who carries the message of secularism and human vanity, but rather it is her parents and their generation who have failed in every way to give her the unfiltered and non-revisionist history necessary for her to at least make a 16 year olds “educated decision” on the issue. In the end it is free country and (God has given her free will). I suppose I will just have to go back to the beginning of this little piece and pray that life’s lessons may show her differently with time. Unfortunately, the message continues to be watered down with each passing generation and our posterity suffers for it. Soon we may actually find ourselves the, “be all and end all”, and then it will simply be too late…

NOTE: 3/6/12: I have just read today that the city of Cranston will now pay the ACLU $150,000.00 in legal fees after bowing to their threats of litigation. So in setting aside the collective and majority will of the people to leave in place a fundamental and historical piece of a school’s history for fear of paying through the nose, the city of Cranston will pay through the nose anyway. We are giving away our country one lawsuit at a time…

Our Heavenly Father.
Grant us each day the desire to do our best. To grow mentally and morally as well as physically. To be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers. To be honest with ourselves as well as with others. Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win. Teach us the value of true friendship. Help us always to conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West.


—School Prayer, Cranston High School West
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Lambasting Limbaugh…

Well it looks like the “main stream” media will take yet another whack at Limbaugh. And once again there will be some knee jerk reactions to that “press”. Subsequently, I will be sure and remove any and all affiliation with, or purchase from “Legal Zoom”, “Quicken Loans” and “The Sleep Train”, makers of the Sleep Number Bed. And this goes for every other entity or business so quick to bow to the whining Socialists which have infiltrated and hijacked journalism in our country.

As I have said many times, Rush is not a journalist, a fact he himself has pointed out so many times on his program. He is a radio talk show personality with an opinion based show which thrives on ratings. (Ironically, all this attention does nothing but drive his ratings even further skyward). Now I will not reiterate again how the reason for the Lefts attacks on the portly pundit are obviously rooted in their failure to present and maintain any semblance of a competitive show to best him, as well as just a simple inability to compete in the arena of ideas. Basically speaking, he cleans their clocks in the ratings markers with embarrassing regularity. Moreover, every Lib show to challenge him has failed miserably because no one is interested enough to listen, (a fact which infuriates the “Fairness Doctrine” folk’s).

In this case, rush as he so often does, was using edgy stuff to draw attention to the fact that the Dems have no problem sending out the innocent to do their dirty work for them. He was reminding his listeners of exactly the tactics the Left uses, and what they essentially lead too. Everyone knows Rush does not support any initiatives which mandate insurers provide birth control to their customers, as those insurers will in turn pass that cost on to the other customers. That is just simple mathematics even an idiot understands. (Accept maybe an ideological idiot). What Rush was doing was verbally illustrating the obvious mine field Progressives send their foot soldiers through with absolutely no regard for the way they will be treated on the other side. He was drawing attention to the notion that this is not a question for prime time and never should have been. As a personal observation, I have no interest whatsoever in this young lady’s sex life, family planning issues or anything else for that matter. It is none of my business. It has little if anything to do with women’s health and everything to do with agenda based political gain. Sadly, young ideologues are often drawn into the web of deceit spun by the Obama sycophants and are subsequently labeled and unjustly ridiculed for it. “Sad but true.”

Now while Rush can be a bit brash at times, he reminds his listeners they must tune in regularly to the program and understand fully his approach to these types of issues, and the entertainment based satire he often uses to make his points.  (Anybody remember Don Imus and the shellacking he took from those poster children for racist hypocrites, Sharpton and Jackson??) This is what these guys do. If ya don’t like it, spin the knob…

Look, the bottom line here is stay out of the fire if you can’t take the heat. And to the Democrats who are now holding up this young woman as a cause celeb for no other reason than to silence Limbaugh, shame on you for your indecent and uncaring willingness to use her as a prop for your political gain.

Oh, and I will continue to post a listing of those who abandon Limbaugh, and urge all of my readers to “drop” them as well.

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