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Religion when it suits him…

So now our “Separation Clause” President is gonna weigh in on what Jesus would think about taxes. Yup, it seems the President of the United States has called out Christians implying that Christ would have supported his redistribution efforts. Oh brother…..

I must tell you, there are days when I have great respect for this man’s intellect, and then there are others when I question his ability to reason his way out of a paper bag. As many of you know, I very rarely jump in the religious fray because it is simply above my pay grade. But I am a believer and have read enough of the Bible to know that the POTUS’s “implication” is nothing more than a cheap political ploy. Jesus also spoke personal responsibility and self-reliance, and the Bible has many passages proclaiming the goodness of “work and success”. I mean does he take us all for fools???

I’m gonna leave this one be, as my Pastor will have my “you know what” for going down this road. But I would ask this Progressive President to adhere to that which his party celebrates and (can it) with the Jesus references. Disingenuous does not do this crap justice… This is gonna be a rough 10 months…

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Donation shell game???

The Susan G. Komen Foundation (SGKF) seems to be making some headlines these days. As a rule, I really try and stay out of the women’s issues as I am obviously not qualified. That said, I can and do support several, what I believe to be worthy causes, and while SGKF may not be one of them, I think there is a certain legitimacy to the question of how they disseminate the donations they receive. One would have to assume they would target areas which could show a documented effort in the fight against breast cancer specifically. Why then is Planned Parenthood receiving money? I have done a little homework on the issue and it appears that most of the diagnostic and subsequent treatment of breast cancer issues is farmed out by the controversial agency. Moreover, I think it is fair to say that Planned Parenthood is much more oriented toward “family planning” as they like to call it, with far less emphasis on complex health issues like breast cancer.

Now as I have indicated, this is certainly not my area of expertise, and I do not wish to denigrate and or minimize in any way, the vital work being done by many well-intentioned folks associated with the SGKF. Having said that, I do have strong pro-life political views and will tell you I despise what goes on these Planned Parenthood places. So I guess my question would be why was the SGKF giving money to Planned Parenthood in the first place? And why after stopping said funding did Nancy G. Brinker appear to be a complete and total hack by bowing to political pressure and reinstating those funds?

Let’s just put it this way, if you feel strongly about pro-life issues, you would be well served to take a closer look at the SGKF to be sure that as the preeminent entity in the battle against breast cancer, they are not be distracted or persuaded away from the goal for which you give your money to see forwarded. I think this is fair.

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