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At a time when the Middle East is in turmoil and “tolerance” is talking point #1 on the lips of many a hypocrite, Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani may have already been executed for his Christian beliefs in Iran. In Afghanistan the Taliban has whipped up a fervor of anti-American and anti-Judeo/Christian sentiment over the inadvertent burning of Korans at a military air base, which threatens to destabilize that struggling country. Now I have gone over the word tolerance and its definition time and again and I’m pretty sure I understand the concept. The question I think, is does the Islamic community understand it?

Now I have been called a bigot, anti-Islam, and other vile things by my detractors when addressing the media and political double standard applied in the area of religious freedom, and that’s fine, as I know their way is to demonize as opposed to recognize and/or compromise. But my questions have always been simple ones. Where are the ringing voices of condemnation from those within the Islamic communities, both here and abroad? Where is the outrage when a good and decent family man may be hung or beheaded simply because he worships different than you? Where are those to speak on behalf of two decorated American Service people shot like animals in the backs of their heads while they were trying to help the Afghan people? And what do we tell their families when they ask, why?

The patronizing and placating of one religion at the expense of any other is a travesty. And while I have always believed that organized religion leaves complex voids in application and discipline, I do believe one’s (personal faith alone) in a higher power should never be a reason for final judgment by the hand of man.

These are the times when the moral compass of a nation founded and nurtured in freedom must be at the forefront. Not as the world’s policeman, but as purveyor and standard bearer of the flame of liberty, religious and otherwise for all mankind. These acts of violence, rooted in “human” intolerance, should be condemned publically by “all” who see them for the injustice they represent.

Now I’m not so naive to think that a perfect world is possible in this context, but it will always be easier when intellectual honesty and common sense are part of the equation. To look inward no matter what you believe and speak out for what you know in your heart to be decent and right, is the single best hope not only for America, but for the world.

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A stake in the game…

On the matter of “class warfare” and the Obama “fair share” doctrine, I think it is interesting to note (again) who pays most of the taxes in this country, and that 49% of Americans pay no income tax whatsoever. I’m quite sure that I will never convince the hard-core Socialists among you that for any individual to see the problem he/she must have a stake in the game, no matter how small or big. Having said this however, the equation of “tax the rich” has a shelf life, and that is as long as the money is there. What happens when the rich become the poor? What happens when those risk takers and entrepreneurs are taxed out of existence? Who shall we work for then, the government?  

There is a balance folks. Do not be blinded by the puppet master holding up a caricature of someone to blame for your lot in this life. That ideology has failed civilization time again throughout history. Let’s all get in the game and work for a flat tax across the board, with the less fortunate exempt until they may bring themselves up. Let’s help those who need it and not subsidize those who don’t. You know I’m right, and time is running out…

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Karzai is a criminal…

Why is it that our President is compelled to apologize at the drop of a hat when Muslims are “allegedly” wronged, yet walks away from an opportunity to set the record straight with regard to the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the fact that they are responsible for 70% of all civilian casualties in country? Why is it that while Christians are being shot and burned in their churches he is silent? And why does he not draw the distinction between how these Taliban animals react to events such as the Koran burning, and how a “civilized people” should voice their anger. Two more Americans are shot dead today and we are left to wonder what the heck we are defending these people for? If we can’t get this right by God, what can we get right??

Death to America? Really? It’s time clean house or get out!

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Popular vs. Legal…

On the matter of Constitutionality, I read recently of the divide with regard to interpretation of this unique and special document. The words “popular and legal” come up quite a bit with a good segment of the judicial community coming down on the side of legal interpretation. Once again I will defer to the “popular” reading of the document and the emotional tone and time in which it was written. Never in recorded history, have so many sacrificed their lives and fortunes to provide for the survival of that which is framed in the Constitution of the United States. And while there is no doubt the Founders themselves acknowledged a need of legal definition for posterity sake, it was never to come at the expense of the basic ideals and principles which are its foundation. One only need put down any legal briefs or modern definitions as put forth by agenda driven judicial ideologues, and pick up the letters and writings of the men who actually wrote the Constitution to understand this. No symposium/seminar chaired by the so-called scholars on the matter can match the feeling and fervor of group of individuals pledging everything in this life for a cause greater than self. Think about that…

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The way we were…

I seem to remember a lot of discussion about “diplomacy” in the Middle East, and how it would be preferable to the so-called “Bush Doctrine”. Since that time the current Administration has actually been operating on both sides of the proverbial fence.

On the one hand they have been ventilating al-Qaeda types over the Pakistani Boarder to the tune of about a one or two a week. And they wasted no time “double tappin” Osama’s sorry ass when the opportunity presented itself. On the other side of that coin however, their gun shy approach to Egypt, Iran, Libya and now Syria has left few options on the table in the face of some of the most critical and pivotal international events in recent memory. Our current standing in the world is no longer one of peace through strength, but rather more likely we are perceived as weak and indecisive, as well as hobbled by enormous debt and other economic woes.

America’s place within the international community has always had its foundational roots in superpower status, (and) the fact we would walk the walk if need be for that sake of sound principles and ideals. Indeed millions have died along the way to do just that. Today it appears we will pick and choose our battles in terms of some sort of perceived or classroom diplomacy, and to heck with what we stand for. In the meantime we have allowed windows of opportunity which may have saved lives on both sides to close.

I am not advocating for additional boots on the ground to be sure. But it’s the reason I’m not that bothers me. Simply put, our moral compass as a nation is off kilter and we’re broke… Sad but true…


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Green energy farce…


Make no mistake oh faithful of the blogosphere; rising fuel costs will have a dramatic and undoubtedly negative impact on an already struggling economy this Summer. Whatever anemic improvements and trumped up media hype surrounding any so-called recovery, as framed by this White House, will be consumed by massive inflation brought about by the price of oil and massive debt. It appears to be just one more nail in the coffin of the grand Obama experiment.

Ideology aside, it remains difficult for me to understand the mindset of “We the People” inthe face of such economic Armageddon. How can so many be so easily manipulated by the failed tactics of class warfare and division, spun by those who claim to champion the poor yet have done little but to keep them in a state of perpetual entitlement while enabling a George Soros funded and massive effort to secure their generational vote? How can so many of my time accept the watered down Obama version of our father’s American dream, and be content no less, to make that the foundation for their posterity?

I was debating these and other questions with a political rival recently at a Campaign 2012 event and we landed where we usually do, agreeing to disagree. But putting aside idealistic stuff for a minute, I asked him one more economic question at the end of our discussion which seemed to catch him a bit flat-footed. I asked: even if one were to subscribe to “Obamanomics”, how could one ever reconcile what has been spent these past 3 years against what has been gained? How will we ever pay it back? And how do we explain to our children that we’ve mortgaged “their children’s” future? Before he could answer I answered for him. “We can’t”.

The facts are simple. Unless we dramatically alter our national course, and move to fix what’s broken with a purpose and expeditious diligence, rooted in a common desire to leave a better country for our kids, all will be for not. Anyone, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, who claims to love this country and yet refuses to recognize the perils of proceeding with ideological blinders firmly affixed, must be guilty of at the very least gross complacency and generational neglect. (I made those up for effect, but I’m serious…)

In the vein of intellectual honesty I will tell you, this is about change from the lowest to the highest levels, from your city councilman to the President of the United States. And at the risk of being accused of melodrama, do your homework and choose wisely this Fall. The vote you cast will have significant implications which are sure to affect you and your family directly.


I can’t think of a President who so effortlessly contradicts himself and does so with such emotional conviction. As if it makes it any less disingenuous. This fact is exasperated by modern media where his contradictions live eternal. Take for instance the many times then Senator Obama slaughtered the Bush Administration for $1.89 gasoline. Today we here the same man attacking Republicans for raising a similar issue,,, must be an election year… And get this, he wants to “double down” on green energy spending and promote the use of “algae” as alternative fuel… Yikes, what are they smoking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Look, the problem is things are far worse today when taken in context, and yet the “main stream press” is devoid of (equal opportunity questioning “bashing”). Not once did gas prices come up in last night’s debate. Come on CNN, at least make some effort to look objective. Sadly, as we are finding out that the Keystone project would in fact generate millions of barrels of added oil productivity directly into the Midwest for U.S. consumers, and merely entertaining (broadcasting) the idea of drilling the vast resources available to us right here in our own country would scare the Saudis and company back down to about 70 bucks a barrel, we must acknowledge a simple truth. This Administration could care less about what you pay for gas. The tactic is obvious, that being to use inflated fuel prices as a means to promote their energy plan which will contribute readily to the downfall of America as we know it, and quick. Sigh…

NOTE: Clean green energy has a place in America’s future to be sure, just not next week…


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I like this…

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President’s Day 2012…

I think that as we witness the glaring hypocrisy of the “main stream” media when covering the President of The United States in modern times, I thought it would be nice to reflect on the nation’s two greatest leaders. Men who were flawed as are we all, but possessed conviction and strength of character which allowed them to rise above petty differences and lead for the greater good. Men who understood the importance of freedom framed by sacrifice and honor, and who subsequently defined the times in which they lived. And men who understood the significance of their potential contributions and acknowledged a “power greater than their own” necessary to fulfill that potential. My, times have changed….


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Projo rocks!!!

Every so often I will print a response to one of my articles or “letters to the editor” of the newspapers I write to, and then my rebuttal. They are interesting and sometimes even funny.  In this case it is my home state of Rhode Island and the Providence Journal. I simply can’t respond to all of them, but some just beg to be educated. Read on: (Last names omitted)

Anthony xxxxxxxx: Comella’s vendetta

Anthony xxxxxxxx: Comella’s vendetta

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February 15, 2012 9:33 am

The tone and content of recent letters by Fred Comella suggest he has a vendetta against President Obama. He whines about about a whole litany of tribulations that include our financial woes and our soldiers fighting and dying. It wasn’t President Obama who started two illegal wars based on lies that will carry a price tag of over $1 trillion before they are finished, besides the tragic loss of life and suffering resulting from these conflicts.

It wasn’t President Obama who gave a $700 billion tax break that mostly helped the top 1 percent. These events along with others sent our economy into a free fall. I wonder if the name George W. Bush rings a bell with Mr. Comella? President Obama did accomplish what Bush couldn’t: the extermination of Osama Bin Laden, who must have been Comella’s worst nightmare.

Comella seems to exist in a state of constant terror. With Bin Laden gone, his imagination appears to conjure other demons to dread.

Anthony xxxxxxxx
West Warwick

Now while I have been told that contributors letters to the Providence Journal should not attack the author but rather the content of his/her writing, it seems the Journal has made an exception in my case. Nonetheless, they have always been fair with me and printed many of my letters so I bear no ill will.

Regarding the content of Anthony’s letter, let me respond in kind and for the record. George W. bush enforced UN Resolution 1441, and subsequent resolutions with majority support of the Security Council and the U.S. Congress. Additionally, the Afghan War was initiated to seek out and destroy the forces which launched the attacks of 9/11. Once again facts are cast aside and replaced with (Bush hatred) and Left wing Rhetoric. Moreover, for all the Lefty vitriol concerning President Bush’s intelligence, he must have been pretty damn smart to fool all those Democrats of superior intellect in Congress. And I won’t even begin to address how many of those “lies” are now being vetted and proved correct. Frankly, the notion that our brave men and women have died in vain, as it seems Anthony is suggesting, is outrageous. I would add here that Seal Team 6 killed bin-Laden after receiving the “proceed” order from President Obama, and as initiated by yes, President Bush.

And would those tax breaks Anthony mentions be the ones President Obama has signed off on yet again this past year?

I am not asking that The Projo print this as simply a rebuttal, but rather in the vein which they have done so in the past, that of fairness. This is America and we are all entitled to our opinions, hence the Op-Ed page. And while I’m certainly not frazzled by the volume of email I receive, some of which can be “very negative”, sometimes the discussion begs both sides. I do not live in a “constant state of terror” Anthony, but I do fear my son’s America will look very different if this President’s policies are allowed to take root unchecked by our Republic, that’s all…


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And yes this is from FOX. Prove it inaccurate...

I think that when you have a media outlet claiming to be a journalistic watchdog but receiving monetary assistance from the likes of George Soros and other far Left radicals, there are understandably questions. And when you throw in the fact that this media outlet enjoys tax exempt status claiming to be an “educational entity”, there are more questions. And when that outlet circulates internal memos highlighting how its members should search out and destroy the characters of members of a another particular media outlet which they see as having “opposing views”, there are even more questions. And finally, when that media outlet is in bed with a branch of the federal government in the way that “Media Matters” is in bed with the White House these days, one has to ask what the hell is happening to journalism in America? Are certain agencies now simply mouth pieces for the government? It does not take a history major to see what’s coming with another four years of the Obama Administration.

It is ironic though, that when we Conservatives bring attention to the important issues of the day and question this Administration’s policies regarding those issues, we are labeled as hate mongers, obstructionists and partisans with a “vendetta”. And yet when the Left wing attempts to blame the fall of Rome on George W. Bush while simultaneously  attacking the personal lives of those who would challenge the so-called “main stream media” version of things, they are hailed for their journalistic prowess by the Arianna Huffington’s of the world.

Every day it becomes more apparent that this election will be about much more than just the economy. Rhetoric rules the day and cold hard facts are ignored for the sake so-called bi-partisanship. You can be sure there is nothing bi-partisan about anything going on in Washington. Things are changing right before our very eyes and there are some who are content watch our founding principles slip away, and others still who wish to hasten America’s decline…

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