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“Congressman” Allen West vs. Big Bad Bob Beckel…

Wanting to jump through the flat screen and school Bob Beckel in reality is something I live with every day. So when I hear Congressman and retired Army Lt. Colonel Allen West square away the portly pundit, my heart swells. Beckel is the poster child for the clueless Liberals out there who literally make it up as they go along. Ideology replaces common sense regularly and facts are cast off as obstacles to the Progressive agenda when he speaks. All things bad are the products of 43’s time in office, and Barack Obama was dispatched from the hallowed halls of academia to save us from ourselves. All this is often served up with heaping loads of condescension and disdain for all who disagree.

I actually watched the episode of “The Five” in question and truthfully I wasn’t taken back by Beckel’s “commentary” on a speech West made stating how he felt the message of the Progressives belongs in Europe and not the U.S. What really got me was how Beckel became incensed during the discussion and even refused to refer to West as Congressman or Lt. Colonel. God help us if the tables were turned and West was a Democrat. The cries of racism and disrespect would have been blood curdling.

In the end, Congressman West is asking for but will not receive an apology from Beckel. Not because of Beckel’s politics, but for the blatant and angry way he stated he would not even call him by his hard-earned military rank. It is always ironic but expected when we see the Left’s true colors regarding the military. Appropriately, Lt. Colonel West fell in with his soldiers as he has many times before, and reminded the “FOX & FRIENDS” cast this morning that he had spent 22 years of his life defending Beckel’s right to say the things he does and live in freedom.

In the end Congressman West said it best in a phone interview with FOX: “The days of the Liberal Left using Republicans as punching bags are over”.

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