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“A picture is worth a thousand words”…


Now Mr. President, did you actually buy my book or did you thumb through it at the bookstore???

It seems quirky politicians are in abundance these days and Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona could certainly be counted among them. While I’m sympathetic to her passion for enhanced border security, her application at times is a bit shall we say, off the cuff…

That said, there has also been  a bit of talk over the last three years about the President’s thin skin. The truth is we political junkies have been watching this for some time. For all of his rhetorical themes of coöperation and bipartisanship, it’s been President Barack Obama who has led the obstructionist charge right along. His Chicago brand of politics and elitist underpinnings are there to see for anyone not blinded by ideology. The events on the tarmac with Governor Brewer the other day fit a pattern of quasi bullying by the POTUS if he feels he has been mischaracterized or “insulted”.

I read the Governor’s book and while none of us were at the meeting between her and the President, we only have to read Mr. Obama’s litany of responses when asked about our Southern border to make a fairly accurate assumption concerning Brewers version of events. And while I agree that one must show respect for the high office, the President of the United States should know better than to “diss” an elected Governor on her home turf right in front of the cameras and her constituents. I thought it was not only rude, but sexist and arrogant the way he simply thrust her note into his pocket, and with a few course words immediately moved on to shake some hands in the crowd.

Now I know this may seem a bit trivial to some, but in recognition of recent news events highlighting Rep. Gabby Giffords and her decision to leave Washington to focus on her extraordinary and inspirational recovery, and the soaring speech the POTUS made in that very state following the tragedy, we are left wondering if this President fully understands the finer nuances of governing, particularly as “leader of the free world”. Undoubtedly, leadership by example should be high on that list.


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