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Pardon me if I do not get all uncomfortable and outraged when I read about some Marines stepping outside the lines a bit in Afghanistan. Look, I am certainly on board with “appropriate” disciplinary action corresponding to the actions of these boys, but let’s apply a little context here. First of all, any thought of placating to the “Islamofascist” element by way “punishment that does not fit the crime” would be foolish and counterproductive. Also, is this the same Taliban that I have written about so many times highlighting the manner in which they treat all who cross their ideological path? What I mean is do I have to run down the list of atrocities these clowns have committed against their own people, to include medieval beheadings, “actual” torture and the targeting of women and children with maiming and often lethal explosive devises to make their point. This is to say nothing of their “treatment” of prisoners of war. I simply do not have the patience for folks who want to gloss over the fact that this group is comprised primarily if not completely of murderers and despots proven capable of the most heinous crimes imaginable against humanity.

Did our boys do wrong, you bet? Might their minds have been a bit clouded with the losses of their friends and compatriots to an enemy who prefers to fight in the shadows by way of deceit and cowardice, absolutely? Punish them accordingly but within the context of a bloody war against a merciless enemy without soul or conscience. But know this, that same enemy is watching closely and will use any overreaction or politically correct notion to embolden their band of murderers. And American soldiers will certainly die as a result of any poorly thought out miscalculation on the part of our apologist leaders. Where is old “Black Jack” when ya need um????


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The Journey…

Truthfulness should never be simply a “talking point” bandied about as a means to a personal end, but rather should be simple, instinctive and defensible with fact… “FCJ”

I write stuff like this all the time to remind me of my own faults as they relate to life’s lessons and what they teach us. In terms of a single life changing moment, some folks can certainly experience something like that, though I think we all have numerous epiphanies along the way. I know I’ve had many direction changing experiences which have all contributed to the man I am today. As I look back, it is easy to see them and be extremely thankful for the ones that have led me to my current station in God’s world. Over the last few years I have written much about my surprise at how fast that world is changing and how I never would have imagined much of what is occurring at the moment. From Europe, to the Middle East, to our own national dynamic, events of the greatest consequence to our posterity are definitely in play. Consequently, it is easy to be overwhelmed if you are truly concerned about the future. Searching for an understanding as well as a means by which to be part of the solutions(s) is daunting to say the least. Not surprisingly, I’ve had another one of those “epiphanies” I mentioned earlier regarding just that issue, turns out the answer is in fact, history.

Now I know I have said this many times, but the answer is much more involved. So much so that it wasn’t until two recent personal interactions and one local news article gone national, that I realized just exactly how involved. One of those interactions was with co-worker and friend “Scott” who reminded me of how the simple omission of a particular phrase with regard to one’s patriotism located within the header of my original political blog page (the new one is still under construction), was probably the reason for the recent uptick in my hate mail. The other reminded me of how some folks would lie to the “Almighty” Himself if they thought it would better their position, and moreover how that kind of unabashed vitriol usually comes at the expense of every blind fool within earshot. And finally, the story of a young woman who professes to be an atheist, with “help” from the ACLU, won her battle to remove a religious banner from the halls of the high school she attends in Cranston Rhode Island, have all caused me to believe that I may now actually “get it”.

Anyway, this posting will certainly not be ready for a bit as the content is spilling out of me like the Kool-Aid from my son’s glass as he attempts to describe his day at school using only his hands. But please stay tuned because it is sure to ignite some controversy. Truth be told, I have always taken great care to be inclusive with regard to the discussion. Admittedly however, I have also taken a pass at times when I’ve had what I perceived as a proverbial clear shot at the enemy. Not so with this coming post. If there is one thing that can now be said with clarity, it is that simply skirting the issues and causes without addressing the truth forthrightly is a luxury we no longer can afford as a nation…



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