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Smack down…

I’m not quite sure how better to say or write it, but the numbers continue to speak for themselves. Once again, any minuscule economic improvement is almost immediately followed by the inevitable reality smack down when it comes to the Obama economy. As I predicted, jobless claims for benefits are up sharply this week. But much more alarming are the “continuing claims numbers”, which are also up again from 3.61 to 3.63 million, the highest per capita number of any American Presidency.

I think what frosts me more than anything though, is hearing the Democrats trying to cast this economic nightmare in a positive light. Abysmal retail sales at the end of the holiday shopping season only reinforce the sad reality of a failing economic plan which threatens to set our nation back 20 years. My God, how can anyone put politics in front of so menacing a situation as this???

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“Clause” and effect…

I still love my home State of Rhode Island...

I have always said that in order for us to better understand the words and meaning of our founding documents, it is necessary to “be in the heads” of the men who wrote them. Such is true for the “Establishment Clause” of the 1st Amendment. Now I will not put all of you to sleep with my interpretation of Jefferson’s “Wall of separation” letter, which was actually drafted by Madison, nor will I dissect the myriad of legal challenges to the so called “separation” which have arisen over generations. What I will say however, is that if one is a true study of history and desires to be intellectually honest, one must admit to the central place of the church and its influence within the fabric of early American history.

Mind you I am no zealot, nor am I qualified to speak to the problems of religion in our world. I am also certain that any theocratic approach to governance “applied by the hand of man” is dangerous to freedom. But it occurs to me there were some very basic foundational beliefs shared by a majority of folks back in the day which most certainly would have shaped their opinions, complete with every nuance and caveat. Having said this, and accounting for all the whims and contradictions which defined Jefferson’s life and work, I think that when one “Atheist” young person, who is most likely unsure and/or at least unclear on the many changes of opinion she will surely express in her long life, is allowed to rip the cultural and foundational rug from under the common sensibilities of the collective majority, then this can only be part of that slow and steady unraveling of our future I write about almost every day. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/11/federal-court-orders-rhode-island-school-to-remove-prayer/


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Romney’s America…

I think Mitt Romney’s sometimes contradicting and confusing resume in many ways personifies what is troubling America today. I don’t mean this as a negative per-se, but more as a window into what I see as the nation’s posture in 2012. To put it mildly, there are far more Americans willing to turn a blind eye to societal and socioeconomic decline today, than at any time in U.S. history. “Middle of the road” politics or the so called “Independent” vote shaped the election of Barack Obama as President in 08 and will certainly factor into Election 2012. The willingness of many Americans to forego the ideals and principles of their fathers and grandfathers, by way of political correctness or some perceived social acceptance clause, has paved the way for the slow and steady erosion of our American culture, a culture that once defined “We the People” to the world. Moreover, that indifference has trickled into many important areas and aspects of our lives, as well as every corner of American government, from the halls of Congress to the Judiciary.

Now I’m not suggesting that Governor Romney is the cause exclusive of our national woes, however it is clear that the division within the Republican Party regarding the way forward is shaping the debate. In a manner of speaking, the Right/Left pull “within” the GOP mirrors what we will hear on the campaign trail once the nominee is chosen. Unfortunately this plays right into the hands of the Democrats who have no such primary or candidate vetting issues in this election cycle and are loving the head start.

Personally, I’m an old school political junkie who still believes the primaries are a mechanism to examine each candidate and their belief systems before making a decision. I’ve always thought that was the intended purpose. Sadly, the “main stream” media and the 24 hour news cycle have transformed the primary into a focused blood bath highlighting a manufactured negativity in ways it would never been highlighted before. Inevitably, it will be up to whoever emerges from the ashes to reshape the message into one which appeals to the “likely voter”, that voter who is cognizant of reality and truly concerned about their children’s America. I can only hope there are enough of those folks left to make a difference.

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