Thank you!!!

 Thank you all so much for your patience during the transition for this blog of mine. The re-construction should be complete this month with some truly entertaining add on/side bar stuff as well as up to date plug-ins. The blog and the basis for it have progressed like I could not have imagined. It has truly taken on a life of its own, and you all are the reason for that. Please remember though, I receive many more comments than I could ever post, and my “real job” often prevents me from reading all of them at this point. I have posted a few from folks I know as a test run and I am getting used to the new software. I hope to able to post more soon so please keep them coming and check the archives for those I simply can’t get to.

Once again, thank you for all of your letters of encouragement and support, as well as the critique and criticism. It all works like a massive dose of caffeine when I’m feeling “politically tired”… :)  Onward in 2012…

God bless,,,

Fred “Patriot64”

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