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“Come on man”..!


It should come as no surprise that our eight year olds are being indoctrinated as opposed to educated within the public school system today. The topics more closely resemble brawls I had with some of my professors of “higher” Ed back in the day. Fact is, the extraordinary influence of the (Teachers Unions) is undeniable and has been chronicled across the country over the last decade or so. I am personally compelled to monitor my son’s education in ways I frankly would not have imagined were necessary just a generation ago. As a result I struggle every day with the cost of private schooling as an alternative, but remain on the sidelines as my boy has grown attached to friends and location.

Anyway, it still irks me when I hear some disingenuous bureaucrat spouting off about this controversy surrounding a song, allegedly written and performed by some little ones about the “occupy protests”. Now I may be a bit out of touch, but the topic of class warfare as it is being argued in the arena of partisan politics, is hardly an issue for 3rd or 4th graders. (http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/top-stories/school-defends-occupy-song-for-8-year-olds.html) My little guy is nine and smart as a whip to be sure, and I can tell you that while he is definitely attune to his daddies political leanings, the NE Patriots, “Call of Duty” and someone named Gabrielle are the real focus of his day.

So I think my message to Virginia School District Representative Phil Giaramita with regard to “Part of 99” as sung by the Woodbrook Elementary 3rd Graders, and his assertion this was exclusively the efforts and ideas of these little “crumb crunchers” is —- “Come on man”!!!!

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