Campaign 2012, let it begin…

As we get ready for the Iowa Caucuses I must admit it has been an interesting campaign thus far for the Republican nomination. Once again however, I get the feeling we will have to accept a certain candidate because the media has either destroyed the others or they have destroyed themselves. There is one thing that has always frustrated me though, and that is Republican’s never seem to be able to make the case for the social issues without stepping in it. Ironically, the Democrats don’t have this problem. It’s always easier to run from the Left because anything goes and the base will always support you no matter any questionable personal short comings or views. They get a pass. Their only primary issues seem to be reconciling “John Kerry like corny theatrics” against the real issues of the day. Republicans however always seem to be running against themselves. I know this sounds like a bit of an oxymoron in a primary situation, but they just keep stumbling over each other grappling for that “Conservative” mantle when all they really need to do is admit imperfect, albeit human status, and make the message about aspiration or the pursuit. Now before my readers hammer me on this one, let me explain.

We are all imperfect. The advent of modern media has made our lives an open book, especially in the public eye. Therefore, it is pointless to try and weasel out of a past admission or regrettable position on any issue, social or otherwise. One is far better off explaining that position (without lying about it) and how one has come to believe what one does now. We all make mistakes. Very often it is because we proceed from bad information and don’t necessarily do our homework all of the time. It is part of that “pursuit” I mentioned and “We the People” will always find out and make up their own minds.  I’m often reminded of my youth and my beach cleaning dolphin loving days by those within “the circle”. We often laugh at how my Dad’s wisdom eventually sunk in, along with the truth so many in Washington don’t want you to know.

Anyway, my message today is for the man who will inevitably be, (and yes, who I have decided to endorse and will explain why later), the Republican nominee for President of these United States: Wipe that deer in the headlights look off your face Mitt and stop acting like every debate is a war. Your debating skills are evident but prepare to make the upcoming campaign about the real problem, that being the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Reconcile who you are now, where you’ve been and where you feel the country needs to go to the camera, and promise the American people that you will do your level best to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help you God”. Political expediency at the expense of our (your) children’s futures is no longer an option.

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