“Out of control” spending…

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyLmru6no4U’] I thought it was interesting that “FOX NEWS” was the only major network broadcasting the President’s stump speech from 2008 where he characterized President Bush as “unpatriotic” for using a “credit card issued by the People’s Republic of China” to raise the national debt ceiling. I wonder which credit card he’s using to double that very number now. I wonder which one he is using to chain our great-grandchildren to the yoke of international debt at the cost of their own futures and freedoms. Isn’t it ironic that something so glaringly obvious is so conveniently overlooked by the “main stream press” when reporting on President Barack Obama?

Now while we have come to expect this from most of the media today, sadly there are many partisans and sycophants who will ignore this type of blatant hypocrisy by our President and support him in spite of the facts. Moreover, they deny as if it were not reality, his total failure to accomplish anything but the most ideological of initiatives as our nation’s Chief Executive.

I wonder if Americans are just simply numb to the fact that this Administration is on par to eclipse $20 trillion in debt even before the new health care law is fully enacted. My God, “asleep at the wheel” of a hurtling tractor-trailer without brakes is an understatement when used to describe the registered voters who are still polling this President in the high forties.

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