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Cutting in a little early, but I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday week. Just an observation that made me pause though, I noticed the United Nations flag is flying at half-mast in “tribute” to the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, Kim Jong Il. Now putting aside the fact that hundreds of thousands of North Korean’s are currently dying of starvation in forced labor camps as I write this I have to ask, is there anyone home at the U.N.???

The United Nations continues to fly in the face of decency and humanity under the guise that they loud the very same things. But how can that be when they would consider anything that might be perceived as tacit recognition of this room temperature murdering bastard? How can Secretary General Ban Ki-moon look in the mirror of his luxury office, paid for primarily by the American Taxpayer? Have we not reached a level of disgrace where we may dismiss this quasi Socialist organization which chastises the decent and back slaps the despots of the world? Wouldn’t it be more prudent and proper to fly the flag at half-mast to honor Il’s victims instead? I mean really folks, close the doors and kick these fools off American soil.

Warning, Right Wing Rant:

Even more alarming is listening to liberals like Bob Beckel defend this type of foolishness when they know damn well it is ridiculous to do so. Clearly it is meant only to bring the Left/Right debate to the forefront of every issue whether it belongs there or not. Shameful Bob!


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