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Iraqi freedom…

Our troops performed admirably and have accomplished their mission. Our brave men and women may return home with heads held high and to a well-deserved hero’s welcome. For the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and too those who will suffer the ailments of war for years to come, let us pledge our unending gratitude by way of the proper and necessary support they deserve immediately.

Iraq as a nation has elected not to be part of any “Persian Empire” as promoted by rogue Mullah’s like those who currently rule over Iran. A quarter million have signed on to protect Iraqi sovereignty from just such a threat, and the murdering tyrant who ruled over her with a bloody hand for so long is no more. The politics of the war itself will certainly be debated for generations to come. The above are facts however, and they are undeniable.

This brings me to the question of whether the President may take any credit for the victory, and for that matter whether or not he should even address our troops regarding the war in Iraq. I would only say that Barack Obama is our elected Commander-in-Chief and therefore has a “responsibility” to address and thank the brave men and women of the United States Military for their sacrifices and a job well done. I would say however, that his speech to troops at Fort Bragg the other day was certainly over the top. His soaring and majestic references to the conflict and our role in it, were clearly in direct contrast to his well-publicized positions regarding the onset of hostilities in Iraq and subsequent surge.

I would only hope politics be laid aside for the time being and the focus be squarely on the returning soldiers and their families, so they may re-acclimate and receive all they need to carry on. President Obama must understand this and be cognizant of his role. Simply put, the POTUS has every right, and certainly a responsibility, to declare victory in the name of those who fought and died in “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, but using that victory as a political tool considering his stated ideological positions is something he should consider very carefully in terms of perception as well as his legacy.

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