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For the children...

2012 is sure to be remembered by historians and political junkies as a defining year. Many things I thought would surely be part of my son’s lifetime are somehow coming to pass in my own. I would not profess to be able to explain this, but will admit it is disconcerting for me to bear witness to it at times.

With my pessimism as a backdrop to this New Year’s Eve, I ask my readers to consider something other than the present tonight. I ask that you consider and then promote a future solidified by the ideals and principles on which this great nation was founded. Accepting our faults and frailties, and in the interest of our posterity and legacy as a nation, let us celebrate our exceptionalism and all that has allowed us to triumph in the face of adversity while thriving in the acknowledgement of (one culture) come from many.

My faith tells me of a certain inevitability for which I should always be ready. Every day I do my best to aspire to that faith. However, I also look at the gifts we enjoy as a country and wonder how we may control that which we can. I respond in writing daily to the questions of politics in the 21st century. I argue the finer points of my beliefs and ideals until my fingers and neck hurt. But when all is said and done, I keep coming back to the same question that haunts me, and which seems to define all the rest. I ask myself how a child anywhere in this modern world can go to bed hungry. What are we doing wrong?

So as we begin the 12th year of this 100, shame on those who see this analogy as overly majestic or hyperbole. For my part, I think that if I do anything right in 2012, it will be to steadfastly pursue an answer to that question.

May God bless and keep all of you this New Year…

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Campaign 2012, let it begin…

As we get ready for the Iowa Caucuses I must admit it has been an interesting campaign thus far for the Republican nomination. Once again however, I get the feeling we will have to accept a certain candidate because the media has either destroyed the others or they have destroyed themselves. There is one thing that has always frustrated me though, and that is Republican’s never seem to be able to make the case for the social issues without stepping in it. Ironically, the Democrats don’t have this problem. It’s always easier to run from the Left because anything goes and the base will always support you no matter any questionable personal short comings or views. They get a pass. Their only primary issues seem to be reconciling “John Kerry like corny theatrics” against the real issues of the day. Republicans however always seem to be running against themselves. I know this sounds like a bit of an oxymoron in a primary situation, but they just keep stumbling over each other grappling for that “Conservative” mantle when all they really need to do is admit imperfect, albeit human status, and make the message about aspiration or the pursuit. Now before my readers hammer me on this one, let me explain.

We are all imperfect. The advent of modern media has made our lives an open book, especially in the public eye. Therefore, it is pointless to try and weasel out of a past admission or regrettable position on any issue, social or otherwise. One is far better off explaining that position (without lying about it) and how one has come to believe what one does now. We all make mistakes. Very often it is because we proceed from bad information and don’t necessarily do our homework all of the time. It is part of that “pursuit” I mentioned and “We the People” will always find out and make up their own minds.  I’m often reminded of my youth and my beach cleaning dolphin loving days by those within “the circle”. We often laugh at how my Dad’s wisdom eventually sunk in, along with the truth so many in Washington don’t want you to know.

Anyway, my message today is for the man who will inevitably be, (and yes, who I have decided to endorse and will explain why later), the Republican nominee for President of these United States: Wipe that deer in the headlights look off your face Mitt and stop acting like every debate is a war. Your debating skills are evident but prepare to make the upcoming campaign about the real problem, that being the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Reconcile who you are now, where you’ve been and where you feel the country needs to go to the camera, and promise the American people that you will do your level best to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help you God”. Political expediency at the expense of our (your) children’s futures is no longer an option.

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Taliban legitimacy???

I suppose on its face a peace accord of some sort in Afghanistan would be a good thing and might bring about the speedy return of our brave Soldiers to their families, but let’s step back and look at this for a moment. Would this mean “negotiations” with the Taliban by chance? Would this be the same Taliban which supports the subjugation and brutalization of women within their twisted society, and enforces that support by way of beheading, stoning and hanging? Would this be the same Taliban which abhors any and all Western influence, with “individual freedom” at the top of that list? Would this be the same Taliban that supports education only through the “Koran” and forbids any other with beatings or worse for those non-compliant? Frankly speaking, is this the same Taliban in direct conflict with everything America stands for? Well it seems they are exactly who the Obama Administration intends to cast in the light of international legitimacy. Heck, we are even going to release enemy combatants who have most likely killed American/Coalition Soldiers as well as innocent Afghan men, women and children in the name of “Sharia Law”. At this point, one does have to ask the POTUS what the heck we are fighting for over there.

Now I know there will be those from the Ron Paul circle, who email me till their fingers bleed about 9/11, al-Qaeda, justification for military action, and all that crap. But in the end, if we leave behind the same breeding ground for murdering despots and would be dictators, what will our brave men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice have died for? It makes absolutely no sense that we “negotiate” with those who are clearly our enemy in every possible way they could be, so that we may facilitate some uneasy and/or false peace. Remove Karzai and his corrupt government and allow our military to do their jobs “unhindered” until the mission is complete.

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“Out of control” spending…

[yframe url=’’] I thought it was interesting that “FOX NEWS” was the only major network broadcasting the President’s stump speech from 2008 where he characterized President Bush as “unpatriotic” for using a “credit card issued by the People’s Republic of China” to raise the national debt ceiling. I wonder which credit card he’s using to double that very number now. I wonder which one he is using to chain our great-grandchildren to the yoke of international debt at the cost of their own futures and freedoms. Isn’t it ironic that something so glaringly obvious is so conveniently overlooked by the “main stream press” when reporting on President Barack Obama?

Now while we have come to expect this from most of the media today, sadly there are many partisans and sycophants who will ignore this type of blatant hypocrisy by our President and support him in spite of the facts. Moreover, they deny as if it were not reality, his total failure to accomplish anything but the most ideological of initiatives as our nation’s Chief Executive.

I wonder if Americans are just simply numb to the fact that this Administration is on par to eclipse $20 trillion in debt even before the new health care law is fully enacted. My God, “asleep at the wheel” of a hurtling tractor-trailer without brakes is an understatement when used to describe the registered voters who are still polling this President in the high forties.

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Cutting in a little early, but I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday week. Just an observation that made me pause though, I noticed the United Nations flag is flying at half-mast in “tribute” to the “Dear Leader” of North Korea, Kim Jong Il. Now putting aside the fact that hundreds of thousands of North Korean’s are currently dying of starvation in forced labor camps as I write this I have to ask, is there anyone home at the U.N.???

The United Nations continues to fly in the face of decency and humanity under the guise that they loud the very same things. But how can that be when they would consider anything that might be perceived as tacit recognition of this room temperature murdering bastard? How can Secretary General Ban Ki-moon look in the mirror of his luxury office, paid for primarily by the American Taxpayer? Have we not reached a level of disgrace where we may dismiss this quasi Socialist organization which chastises the decent and back slaps the despots of the world? Wouldn’t it be more prudent and proper to fly the flag at half-mast to honor Il’s victims instead? I mean really folks, close the doors and kick these fools off American soil.

Warning, Right Wing Rant:

Even more alarming is listening to liberals like Bob Beckel defend this type of foolishness when they know damn well it is ridiculous to do so. Clearly it is meant only to bring the Left/Right debate to the forefront of every issue whether it belongs there or not. Shameful Bob!


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Tax lies and coal in Sheriff Joe’s stocking…

I know I said I would be back after the holiday, but there are a couple of issues which demand a response before I go. I understand the President will read a few letters today which he and his class warfare WH have solicited two days before Christmas, concerning what some Americans could do with the forty or so dollars they might lose if the (“temporary” “tax holiday”) payroll percentage reduction is not extended. Now maybe the President should be asking what some of those same Americans might have been able to do this Christmas had the shovel ready jobs he promised panned out, but I digress. The truth of the matter is the “temporary” tax break is something the President never intended to be permanent in the first place but is now championing like he somehow supports (tax cuts). FLASH: this President has spent more of your money than any in U.S. history and is on par to raise taxes (if elected again), to levels no American could possibly fathom. Many words come to mind as I ponder this whole debate and the President’s as well as the Liberal Democrats roles in it, but there is only one I can use to describe them in light of my stated “blog decorum”.


Warning, Right Wing Rant – Please feel free to fill in the blanks “off post”.


To borrow the POTUS’s worn-out line, “let’s be clear” about something: Sheriff Joe Arpaio has done and continues to do his duty. He is enforcing the law of the land and keeping his jurisdiction safe. In doing so he has interfered with the Obama Justice Department’s policy of appeasement and amnesty with regard to illegals living on the U.S. side of the Southern Border. Now there will be those who trumpet the upward tick in deportations on Obama’s watch, but those numbers are quickly negated by the scores of illegals allowed to move freely about the Southern States in direct violation of Federal Law. Enter the high profile Arpaio and his like-minded Lawmen. In doing his job on behalf of the citizens and as he is sworn to do, Arpaio has brought the wrath of a Federal Government embarrassed and agitated by the fact most Americans side with Sheriff Joe. Not only has the border issue cost this country time, money and the blood of innocent Americans and their Border Agents, but it has become the pivot point concerning any comprehensive immigration reform on the table at this time. Now, Eric Holder will waste additional boatloads of taxpayer cash attempting to paint Arpaio as a racist in Federal Court, money which could certainly be used to enhance border security. Again we see this bunch of college upstarts flying in the face of common sense and justice with lies and Progressive propaganda, and using your money to do it!

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Christmas 2011…

The sound of little voices singing Christmas music conjures up the spirit like nothing else for me. There is something magical and uplifting that comes from listening to children singing about the Christ Baby, a quiet innocence that speaks to the purity of God’s gift to his people. It’s times like those when I reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and my role to play in this life. I think about my own sins and faults and struggle with how to get hold of them. I wonder if we are not missing an opportunity to teach our own children something by way of history. And I consider the future in ways I don’t necessarily the rest of the year.

Now I don’t know about all of you out their reading this, but I am finding it hard this year to see a bright future. And no, not because Barack Obama is President, and not because we are still battling the Islamofascist murderers, and not even because you are more likely to be injured or killed trying to secure an “iPhone 4s” as a Christmas present than you would be if you were driving in the Daytona 500. No, it is because our value system and those things we cherished just a couple of generations ago seem to be fading from memory.

I’m not quite sure what an argument over the public display of a manger scene or what to call a Christmas tree would have looked like back in the days of my parents, or if it would have even taken place. I’m not sure if Americans would have entertained the notion of leaving behind the value set, decency and common sense which provided for the freedom that guarantees the right of the argument itself. And I question whether some Americans today have the same resolve as their forbearers to defend the principles which have guided us through generations of strife and success.

Usually I am able to put aside my pessimism and reach for the good in humanity this time of year. Christmas has always given me hope. Regrettably, and as I take stock of national and international events, it is proving difficult in 2011. I cannot help but tie my faith to this analogy because I feel if we continue to turn our backs on the ideals which have made us who we are, and continue to redefine our successes in terms of just what we have,  inevitably we will continue the backslide into complacency and blissful ignorance up to the point that the America we see is America in name only. At that point, both sides will agree for good or bad, the means we somehow justified led us to the end.

I suppose every generation has its “Great Depression” or “WWII”, and every generation endures the pain of growth in some form or another. America is no different and the road to “Super Power” has not been without bumps. But it occurs to me that our strength has always lied in our collective ability to recognize the good and true things about ourselves and our country. This has allowed us to persevere where other nations have collapsed and or descended into the darkness of indecision and anarchy.

I think what I’m trying to say here is that if I were allowed to give one present to the nation, it would be the gift of clarity, clarity without the filters of unmovable ideology so we might see and more clearly understand the basic tenets of this free Republic which has changed the world for the better, despite the “professors” revisionist “opinion”.

I know this sounds very “pie in the sky” and has a “miraculous” tone to it. But if I have come to understand anything about Christmas, it is that He makes all things possible. So with that in mind, and as I listen to the children singing about the “good news”, I pray that we have not completely closed our hearts and minds and that we would recognize and acknowledge the fundamental issues which have contributed so much more to our current“condition” than I think most would like to admit.

Anyway I’ve gotten off track and don’t want my message for the Christmas Holiday Season to be lost. So please take a moment to remember our Soldiers in harms way and all of their families back home this holiday. God please keep and protect them so they may return to their families when the mission is done. Please also remember those less fortunate and all the parents who will spend their holiday in the hospital by the bed of a sick child.

Please remember the reason for the season and I pray and wish all of you a very Merry, safe and healthy Christmas. I’ll be back before the New Year with my thoughts moving forward…


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Happy Hanukkah…

Let us take a moment and join hands with our Judeo-Christian brethren tonight as they begin the “Festival of Lights”. I am convinced this holiday season, that the fundamental bond which joins our two faiths must remain unbreakable if the principles this nation was founded on are to endure. Happy Hanukkah.

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Rich? I'd say...

If I hear one more Liberal whining about how the rich keep getting richer, or how there is some grand conspiracy to facilitate “Corporate rule”, I’m gonna vomit. Turns out the truth is richer Americans, those making in excess of $340,000.00 a year are the most volatile and most likely to lose it all group of all the “classes”. Moreover, a number of studies now confirm that lower-income brackets are far more likely emerge from recession with lesser percentage losses than the “rich”, with the higher income folks more often going completely belly up. This debunks many of the Liberal talking points like “the rich are rich forever, inherit their money, and/or benefit from some exclusive tax code”, while certainly not working for their money. Unfortunately, this has and will continue to be what the Left is taught and subsequently what they embrace. For this reason, and as we’ve seen recently, many of them will wind up protesting one thing or another with the luckiest among them going on to become Massachusetts politicians instead of making the most of their God-given freedom to succeed, each according to their will and effort…

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Shoe sale…

Focus Joe, focus...

From Axelrod claiming the GOP is “screwing up the economy” for President Obama, to Biden saying the “Taliban are not our enemies”, one has to wonder if the wheels have finally come off the “hope and change” train. I think I’m willing to give Axelrod a pass as he is clearly frustrated with the failure of his Bosses vision for a new and more European United States. The Presidents chief advisor is wholly representative of the “blame everyone but ourselves” gang who have occupied the halls of the White House since 2008. Biden however is a different animal.

I have commented many times on this guy’s ability to find any shoe in the room and stick it right in his yap. His haphazard and callous way with words has led me to believe he was not so good at ad-libbing when necessary. But after hearing that he feels a group, who for so long has reiterated its hatred for the “crusader enemy”, and who has backed up that hatred by spilling the blood of our brave soldiers on the fields of Afghanistan primarily by way of trick weapons and booby-traps, is now somehow not our enemy, I’m convinced that the Vice President of the United States is an imbecile.

It pains me to say this as I am aware of VP Biden’s son and his contributions as a combat veteran. With that said however, the assertion that the Haqqani network is not a clear and present danger to the interest of the United States, demonstrates a critical disconnect which should never exist at that office level during time of conflict. There are men and women in harm’s way who know with clarity the enemy they face, and this Vice President would do well to join them on the battlefield for a “hands on” tutorial. This is to say nothing of the obvious and fundamental human rights issues which place the U.S. and Taliban on very different and ultimately conflicting paths.

This is war Mr. Vice President, please do not confuse the issue any more than the “main stream” press has done already.


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